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Updated on July 27, 2009

A great game for all strategy game lovers. By playing the game one can really understand that wars are not based on numbers but completely on strategy. Developed from the famous EA Games studio the game was released in 2003. A must play game for everyone who love war, tanks and love to be general some day. The game has three different campaigns having an excellent story baseline. I have discussed much here keeping skirmish in mind because that the place where you can actually test your commanding skills as a general.



 1) U.S.A. - U.S.A. comes with superior technology and tactics. The units are advanced and fast. Technologies like laser lock, spy drone, tomahawk missiles, carpet bombing are handled by the U.S. The US has superior air power when compared to China which has only the MiG planes.

 2) CHINA - The Chinese army filled with units defeat armies with their strong tanks and numbers. Filled with love for their mother country the Chinese tanks are a tough nut to crack but slow. The Chinese Artillery Tanks are weak but do serious damage to units in groups. China handles fire weapons as well as nukes. Technologically not that advanced but yet a strong mighty army to be an opponent

3) GLA [Global Liberation Army] – Just like any movie or a game the bad guys. The GLA or the terrorist comes with traditional method of fighting and really inferior technologies the GLA are still a real pain. All their fighting tactics are just like any other terrorists. Suicide bombers, hijackers are certain factors that add to the fun of playing as a GLA. The GLA mostly deals with toxic stuff which is really corrosive and do serious damage to both tanks as well as infantry.



Like most other strategy games, here also the teams run basically on cash. Cash is collected from resource depots provided in the map. Initially you start with a command centre and a dozer or worker (For GLA). The command centre is the main building of your country from which dozers are made and certain attacks are made. The dozer or the worker is responsible for all the construction works. As for GLA the worker can build as well as collect supplies. A single dozer or worker can build a building. To build structures as well as units (Tank, Foot troops, Dozers etc.) cash is the most basic raw material. For china and USA along with cash (supplies) power is also an important factor for them to run. Dozers can construct reactors that provide power.

To collect supplies from depots supply centre has to be made from which Chinooks (USA), trucks (china) and worker (GLA) collect supplies. Chinooks are fast and can also be used to transport units.


Foot troop are created from barracks which does not requires power but requires money. The basic foot troops for all the three teams are the Rifle Men and the Bazooka guys. Apart from these there are different other units for other teams which you’ll come across later after building tech buildings.



Tanks are created from War Factory for USA & CHINA and Arms Dealer for GLA. Each country has some basic tanks like the Scorpion Tank for GLA, Battle master Tank for CHINA and T90 for USA. Some vehicles can carry units also. Certain vehicles can carry barrack units like the US Hummer which is strong against infantry when filled with Bazooka units becomes effective against tanks too. The technical of GLA cheap, light and fast can accommodate 5 foot units, but unlike hummer the unit’s wont attacks. China has a non attacking troop crawler which comes with rifle units when created from the factory, can detect stealth units in the area.  Foot units can be transported fast using these vehicles.


Initially when you start a skirmish, the most basic thing one should keep in mind is to have a good defence. This can be done by building lots of tanks, garrisoning units in buildings that are not too far but somewhere close to your command centre or build your structures fast and create a lot of basic tanks. A combination of both tanks as well as base defence is the most effective. The Chinese defence includes bunker as well as Gatling cannons. Bunker garrisoned with tank hunters (Bazooka Units) provide the best defence against tanks. Gatling cannons are best against infantry.


Each country has a main tech building Strategy centre for USA, Propaganda Centre for China & Palace for GLA. These buildings unlock new units and buildings. New upgrades can also be purchased from these tech building. New units are also unlocked by building these tech buildings like the commanders for each nations, hijackers, hackers etc. Build it fast so that you can strengthen your enemy as well as your cash.


Long range weapons for all three nations are unlocked by building these tech buildings. The success of a battle totally depends on the damage that can be done in a short time suffering less damage. For this the best weapons are the artillery weapons. USA’s tomahawks are small and fast and once launched never miss their target but inflict damage on the target only, whereas china’s inferno & nuke and GLA scud launcher do much damage to a unit and the units around it.

Click thumbnail to view full-size




USA has a really good air power which includes raptors, stealth bombers, aurora bombers and Comanche helicopters. Aurora bombers are strong against buildings. Comanche’s are strong against both infantry and tanks but are careful not to put in area having anti air; you won’t even know when they all are killed. Raptors can carry up to 4 missiles and after firing go back to the airfield for reloading and repairing. A single airfield can hold four planes.



China comes with excellent tanks. The most powerful of them is the overlord tanks. This tank is double turret slow moving tank. Extra attachments like a propaganda tower can be made on it which can heal and repair nearby units and tanks, or a Gatling cannon can be made giving it protection against infantry or make a bunker on it and garrison it with tank hunters to make it even more powerful against tank. The overlord can crush other tanks by just running over them.


GLA tanks GLA has poor technology but once all upgrades are done and if commandeered properly is the most difficult to break. Playing against GLA is sometimes annoying as they have units which can really change the battle totally against us like the hijacker which can hijack our tanks and turn them against our army.



Each nation has a main commander unit Colonel Burton of USA, Black Lotus of China and Jarmen Kel of GLA. Each one has their own capabilities and only one can be made at a time. If u detect either of them anytime during the game be sure to kill them as soon enough or they can cause huge. These units are visible when they perform an action and be detected by base defences and stealth detecting units. Make sure you don’t make them enter enemy territory without properly analysing enemies defence and units.


Colonel Burton is USA’s commander, who is fast and deals with explosives and a powerful rifle effective against both tanks and infantry. He can place bombs on our buildings destroying them completely and sneak kill infantry. He is fast and can reach a destination fast by climbing impossible terrains which no other can ride or travel upon.


A non attacking commander yet so effective that can do a serious damage to enemies by capturing their buildings and stealing cash from supply centres. She can also disable enemy vehicles. When in enemy territory one can capture their building and sell them fast so that you can earn easy money.


Jarmen Kel is GLA’s commander and his only ability is disabling enemy tanks. Once disabled, these tanks can be used by making any foot unit enter the tank.

Click thumbnail to view full-size


 Each team has a super weapon which is the most costly to build and inflict a huge damage on units as well as buildings.   

USA’s Particle Cannon– uses laser rays from above for some time and can be controlled for some time. Particle Cannon take about four minutes to charge before firing again.   

China’s Nuclear Missile – Fires a nuclear missile. Takes six minutes to fire again. Radiations remains as an after effect causing damage to units.                                                                                                

GLA’s Scud Storm – launches a number of scud missile on the enemy. The toxic stays for some time doing damage to units which come in contact.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
scud stormparticle cannonnuke silo
scud storm
scud storm
particle cannon
particle cannon
nuke silo
nuke silo


 When you play you earn rank as you advance. You earn up to five stars. Each time you earn you unlock new attacks and skills like cash hack, apache strike, anthrax bomb, EMP bomb etc. These are deployed from command centre. Of these my favourite is China’s Artillery Barrage.



  • Fighting around your defences can be really advantageous.
  • If you go for a multiplayer game remember proper strategy and planning will only help you win. Unlike playing with PC when you play with a human opponent make sure you guide your units properly. Don’t just let them on the loose giving an attack command.
  • Long range weapons should always be kept after tanks, as they are weak and are easily destroyed.
  • Assign your army not in mixed groups but according to their type. For instance assign all tank units in one group and long range units in other. This can give you considerable control over units. Assign air units also so that you can call them any time you need to strike without searching the entire map for your airfield.
  • While dealing with China make sure you keep a lot of properly placed long units because tanks like overlord can’t be destroyed that easily. Also have a good air support against their long range weapons. Comanche’s are the best (make sure there are no anti air before you bring them in). As for GLA use of rocket buggies can be effective as they are fast and do considerable damage.
  • Two super weapons are required to destroy a single super weapon of your enemy.
  • Playing as GLA make sure you use hijackers and Jarmen Kel to the max. They can totally change the course of a war.
  • Attack economic buildings and units, this can slow the opponent to a great extent.




Overall the game is fantastic and a good experience for all those who love modern weaponry. The voice given to each unit is excellent and really fun to hear. For instance when you click a not so willing GLA worker, he will “Can I have some shoes?”, “Do not hurt me.”, “My hands have splinters .” and much more whichis really great to hear during the game play. As for our Colonel Burton he comes by saying “My hands have splinters.” and much more which are really great to hear during the game play.

As far I think even the might of teams are not balanced. CHINA seems to be the most powerful one, then US and in the end GLA. So one who takes GLA, will have to act fast.

Other fault I think is there are no sea units. The game only deals with land units. So Chinese tanks are more powerful and easily crush their opponents.

Apart from all these the game is superb and a must try. The campaign is also great. An addictive game for multiplayer lovers too.


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    • yuris profile image


      5 years ago

      Great to see another C&C related article! Followed this hub. You could check my hub about Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge:

      I used to play Generals and it seems to be more complex but pretty interesting too. GLA seems to be the most interesting team in terms of tactics and pretty similar to Yuri's army in terms of maintaining limited army against powerful vehicles.

    • dennithompson profile imageAUTHOR

      Denni Thompson 

      7 years ago from NEW GLASGOW

      You are welcome Adam, well i have used cheat only once it was a small cheat software that you had to run before starting the game. I forgot its name but once you run it used to make the money, generals rank and speed to the max.

      Frankly i suggest no need for cheat even GLA if you defense first then offense you can win.

    • profile image

      adam saider 

      8 years ago

      thanks for all of that informations

      can you please inform us how can we cheat ware factory speed when we play Gla toxic

      without icreasing the speed of the whole game (multiplayer game i mean )

      thanks alot


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