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Call Of Duty Black Ops Zombies Kino Der Toten Tips Part 2

Updated on December 5, 2010

This is part 2 for tips on the map called Kino Der Toten, for the zombie mode on Call Of Duty Black Ops. This will go into a bit more depth on how to survive longer. Every game will be different. It will depend on what type of players you play with. Sometimes some players are better at this mode, and etc. Many new players are often confused by the complexity of this map so you may have some confused players in a game. It also can suck when a player leaves a game. There will be more zombies depending on how many players there are. For example, if you were to play with two people(including yourself), then there will be less zombies overall. However, it can be very difficult to survive the beginning rounds cause there are fewer players defending windows. Once you get better weapons and perks, everything becomes easier on this map. ( any zombie map for that matter)

Defeating zombies efficiently

To save ammo, aim for the head of zombies. This will kill them much faster, and will leave you more ammo in the long run. However, if your goal is to make money, and ammo is not an issue, shoot them in the body to gain more points/money

Use grenades to make crawlers. Grenades are usually a good way of making zombies into crawlers. A ray gun shot to the legs can also make crawlers quite well. Throwing grenades into a barrier that has zombies in it also works well. Crawlers are important if you want to have time to do things before the next round. You only need one, but some players make more in case they bleed out, or are accidentally killed.

If you choose to run around the map in the later rounds, throw grenades at zombies behind you. This can take a large group of them out, and make crawlers. Turn around when its safe.

Use the electric barriers if you need them. These can be effective to hold off zombies in a direction for a while.(costs money/points)

There are automated machine guns in some rooms. If run into trouble, activate these and they will shoot at zombies for a while. (Costs money/points)

Thunder Cannon - best weapon


Call Of Duty Black Ops Zombies

Try to get the thunder gun out of the magic box. If you ever get this gun, KEEP IT. This weapon can take out a whole group of zombies in one shot. It blows them all away. This gun is devastating upgraded!

If you manage to get a thunder gun, only use it on large groups of zombies. Otherwise, you will be wasting it essentially. The thunder gun covers team mates really well. This is especially true, when someone needs to be covered to revive a team member.

• Teleport to escape zombies. You can teleport to escape the zombies for a minute or so. The teleporter sends you to a safe room. You can shoot zombies from the projector room here. Use this chance to upgrade weapons, or shoot down at zombies in the theater from above. The teleporter is free, but needs time to charge up again.

Shotguns are effective for defending windows. When defending barriers, you're always really close, this is a great opportunity to use a shotgun to kill the zombies breaking through. Save ammo in your other weapon if your defending barriers/windows.

Whats your favorite weapon of these chooses?

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