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Call Of Duty Ghosts Full Weapons List ( COD Ghosts )

Updated on October 5, 2013


In this guide I will give you a full weapons list for the game Call of Duty Ghosts. I will create a specific section for each weapons class, and give a description of what those weapons purpose are for each section and how each weapon will be used.

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Assault Rifles

Assault rifles are an all around good choice for experienced players, and a good choice for beginners. This will allow you to run and gun in a sense, and also allows you to camp if needed. The gun is typically good at any range, and is usually a go to choice for many hardcore players. With that being said let me get to the assault rifles.

AK-12 - Similar to many of the AK weapons, this was almost a sure bet in the Call of Duty Ghosts game solely because many players have always been such fans of the AK-47 in the past.

ARX 160 - This is an interesting weapon that is made by Beretta, and while I don't know how this weapon acts in the game as of now, I know realistically this weapon is a very accurate weapon from medium to long range.

FAD - Well this weapon is being brought back from the Modern Warfare 3 game, and from what I remember this had some very fast fire rate.

Honey Badger - A weapon with a built in type suppressor, and is made for close to medium ranges.

MSBS - This gun will be a 3 round burst weapon that will be effective like the SWAT was in Black Ops 2.

R5RGP - A very accurate 3 round burst weapon that will be effective to medium to long range.

SA-805 - This is another fully automatic weapon that became popular because you can change the barrel and caliber of the weapon with ease, and is extremely effective at any range.

SC-2010 - This gun has very little recoil allowing for increased accuracy.

Sub Machine Guns

This is personally always my favorite class setup as I am always a run and gun player. I like these weapons and find them extremely effective for my play style. These are also great for beginner players, and will allow you to learn how to play the game.

Bizon - This weapon is an older weapon that is very effective at close range with a high rate of fire.

CBJ-MS -This weapon is a high powered sub machine gun that will be effective in game.

K7 - This weapon also typically has a built in suppressor which makes this weapon very effective in combat situations. Although I am not sure how the setup will be in game, this is a very effective weapon.

MTAR-X - Well this weapon should be familiar. We have seen the MTAR in the apst in its daddy version as an assault rifle. Although the MTAR-X is a submachine gun that is compact and fires a smaller round. None the less a still effective round.

Vector CRB - The Vector typically uses a .45 caliber round, and is very effective. i assume this weapon will be similar to the effectiveness of the Peacekeeper in Black Ops 2.

VEPR - This is usually a controversial weapon as it can be an assault rifle or a sub machine gun. Although it is technically classified as a sub machine gun due to its size.

Light Machine Guns

Okay, So the next class of weapons is Light Machine Guns. While I typically do not use these weapons unless playing core, they are still effective. Being a hardcore player I tend to use a sub machine gun, but because I am so used to hardcore, when playing core I sometimes am forced to use a light machine gun.

Ameli - This is a typical Light Machine gun as I will say for most of these that is powerful at any range, but not suggested for any run and gun strategy.

Chain Saw - This is the rare weapon that I am curious to see how it is used in Ghosts as it is meant to be held at the hip kinda like the death machine scorestreak in past games.

LSAT - This is a LMG that we are all familiar with as it has been in many of the Call Of Duty games, and is a fan favorite that is being brought back.

M27 IAR - And lastly this weapon is another effective light machine gun, that will have a different rate of fire, but still effective.

Marksman Rifles

This is a new category of weapons that I am excited to talk about, but probably won't use much. You will see some of these weapons as sniper rifles as well, but essentially a marksman rifle combines the sniper advantage, but also the assault rifle advantage. THis would be similar to the SMR, or other single shot weapons from the past under the assault rifle category. Overall these weapons are extremely effective for any situation, and I am sure you will see a lot of semi-no-scope shot artists coming onto Youtube in a month when this game is released using these weapons.

IA-2 - THis weapon is very similar to the FAL we have seen in past games.

MK-14 - This weapon was in Modern Warfare (COD 4) and once again is a single shot effective rifle.

MR-28 - Another semi-automatic sniper that is going to be combined with an assault rifle style.

SVU - Well this should look familiar. Another weapon that was misused in Black Ops 2 is being brought back as a Marksman rifle.

Sniper Rifles

Sniper rifles is something we are familiar with. Now the Marksman class is going to be the semi-automatic snipers, and the Snipers are going to be more high powered for campers to hopefully allow people to provide support and not just simply camp and boost their K/D Ratios.

L115 - This is a standard bolt action weapon that will be good for low mobility but high damage, and great for long range.

LYNX - Very effective sniper that will be effective from the waist up, and will have a high scope for good power.

USR - Another weapon effective from the waist up, and also high powered.

VKS - This weapon traditionally has a built in silencer, but we will have to wait and see what happens when the game comes out.


Another class of weapons I only use when playing core. Traditionally I like high powered burst shotguns as I am a run and gun player that doesn't like to have to shoot more than once with these weapons. Although these weapons are popular among players, we will have to see how effective they are in Ghosts.

FP6 - Similar to the Remington this weapon will be very effective and powerful coming in with a 12 gauge shell.

MAUL - This is the standard semi-automatic shotgun that will be less powerful, yet still effective depending on the game mode.

MTS255 - This shotgun has a 5 round chamber that is unlike really anything we have seen in COD games, but will be interesting, and is essentially an old fashioned style shotgun.


Okay so pistols I also typically do not use, and did not even equip one on Black ops 2. In my opinion the only time I even used a pistol was in One in the chamber. Other than that I typically stay to bigger weapons, but none the less there are a decent amount of new pistols, including a new fully automatic one.

.44 Magnum - Standard revolver that we see in game. This weapon will be

M9A1 - We have seen this in the past COD games and is a standard pistol that has low recoil, and typically effective.

MP-443 Grach - This weapon has the highest fire rate in the pistol class, not considering the fully automatic pistol that I also put below in this class.

P226 - This pistol will feature a high magazine capacity, and will be very effective in game.

VBR - This is the new fully automatic pistol, that some may classify as a sub machine gun, but to be honest I classify this as a pistol. It will be effective, and probably widely used.


Typically I don't use these either. I usually suggest using these only to take out aircraft, or only when someone drives me crazy, which may require a launcher.

PANZERFAUST - The panzerfaust is a free fire weapon weapon meaning that you can shoot it at whatever you want. This will be similar to the SMAW or many other similar weapons from past COD games.

KASTET - This is going to be the new free noob tube that we will see in game.

MK32 - This is going to be another grenade launcher that is similar to the scorestreak from Black Ops 2.

Riot Shield

The riot shield we have all seen before, and will be brought back once again. I don't think this will work like the deploy-able riot shield from Black Ops 2, but I am not sure yet.

My Black Ops 2 Footage


Overall I do like the classes that I am seeing for weapons this year. I will make a better assessment once the game officially comes out, but as of now I do like what I see. If you would like to comment on the guns, please feel free to do so below, and let me know what you think.


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