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Call Of Duty Nazi Zombies Shi No Numa Gun Glitch

Updated on August 14, 2010

Nazi Zombies Perk Cola Gun Glitch

Shi No Numa is the the second map pack available for Call Of Duty World at war's Nazi Zombies. There is a very easy glitch to do on this map to get multiple guns. You can potentially get as many as you want, but you will need at least more players if you want to get loads of weapons. This glitch should not be patched and I do not see it ever becoming patched. It is relatively easy to do except in a few situations that I will explain.

First off, this is the only map where you can get more than two guns using the perk cola method. The reason being is because when the magic box changes and goes to the huts it close to a perk cola machine. When you first start out the magic box is located downstairs on shi no numa. When enough players use it, it will go to one of the huts on the sides of the map. Look for a yellow light to indicate its location if you did not know this.

It does not matter which perk it is, BUT it may be easier to do this glitch on fishing hut and doctors quarters. I will explain why it is easier. This does not mean you can not do the glitch on all of them, but it is harder.

You can only do this glitch if the magic box is near a perk machine so keep that in mind and do not accidentally get a perk if you did not intend to. Okay here is how to perform the glitch on fishing hut and doctors quarters

1.Make sure you have enough money to buy both the perk and a gun from the magic box. The cheapest is if you get lucky and its a quick revive.

2.Go to the magic box and open it

3.Quickly run back to the cola and drink it then IMMEDIATELY run back to the box and before your done drinking the cola press X

You should now have an added gun that was in the box. The game thinks your trading the cola for the gun, but you still have the perk. This can also be done on comm room and storage, but is much more difficult. You have to make sure you have a gun you can run with NOT a machine gun and run to the box as quickly as possible without running into anyone. It is possible to do, but like I said can be hard for some. Make sure no one is in the way or it will mess you up. The only thing I can suggest is press X while your running and before your done drinking press X at the magic box as soon as you get there. You may fail, but you will get the hang of it eventually.

FISHING HUT (easy to do glitch on cause box is near perk)

Perk Cola Gun glitch

Other things you may want to know is that if you want to do the glitch again you can either wait for the magic box to go to another area or get downed. Tecnically you could only have a maximum of 6 guns using all the machines, but it might be easier to get down and have someone pick you up. You will not lose your gun and you can do the glitch again. Its also much easier to do this multiple times on fishing hut/doctors quarters anyway. This can not be done solo cause getting downed is a lose. However, you may do the glitch solo, but once you get it you will only be able to do it once on the other machines as long as the magic box is also there.

If you do choose to do the glitch again make sure when you get downed and someone revives you that you have enough money for the perk and the magic box. The easiest is having a quick revive which is only 1500 plus the 950 for the box.


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      zombies is amazing!! 6 years ago

      very good glitch, thanks for clear discription it really helped =)

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      nice 6 years ago