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Call of Duty 4 for Xbox Live 360 Hints Tips Tricks

Updated on November 8, 2009

Modern warfare? Hoo-yah!

Brief Intro

First and foremost, I'm creating my little list of tips for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare for those of you who have and play the game already, particularly in multiplayer mode over XBox Live on the Xbox 360 system. I realize that the game's also put out for Playstation 3, Windows PC and Mac OS X. However, I have no experience playing on those systems so I'll leave it up to you to decide whether my CoD4 strategies will work for those of you playing on those other systems.

If you want to learn more about Call of Duty I'll put some links to Amazon because I recommend them over any other place to buy the game and get decent reviews (you may even find MY review there!).

So just to be super clear, this review is for players who have Call of Duty 4, an Xbox 360, broadband internet connection AND Xbox Live service installed.

Whew! I hate disclaimers, you know? Let's get on with it!

Xbox Live - Worth YOUR Weight in Gold

5 Tips for Newbies

If you're just starting out playing online and you need a few quick tips to get you into the flow then you came to the right place! Here's five quick tips to help you keep your camo-clad butt in one piece out there:

Tip #1 - Learn the controls! I cannot emphasize this enough. The Xbox 360 controller took me A lot of getting used to because prior to playing on my roommate's 360, I'd had a Playstation 2. The 360's got more buttons and is way more sensitive. Before you can do well against the big boys, memorize those buttons. Remember: press the right stick down to stab enemies who are close enough, press the left stick down while moving to sprint (you run out eventually though!) and be SURE to utilize the left trigger to AIM your shots. This game really plays better if you look at your controller set up screen in the main menu and just memorize the buttons right off. It's going to be clunky to start, but you'll get it soon enough.

Tip #2 - Unless you're a seasoned gamer (particularly in the first person shooter genre), I really advise you to start with the heavy machine gunner class. You move a little slower but until you're familiar with the maps I think you ought to stay put any how. The heavy gunner gets to select light machine guns and gets a whole bunch of ammo. Since you're probably not going to do much damage right away it's better to at least be able to blow off a few dozen rounds while you swing your gun around trying to draw a bead. If you feel you're good enough (like my roommate) you might prefer assault. It's quicker but you need to be more accurate.

Tip #3 - Pay attention to your radar! Those red dots? Bad guys! So be sure to keep an eye on that radar as often as you can. You'll begin to notice when people are coming at you and you can get ready. If you stay totally still and don't fire your weapon, you disappear from radar briefly. However, the first gunshot will cause you to re-appear. That radar could save your dogtags from having to be implanted between your teeth if you know what I'm sayin'.

Tip #4 - Those stun grenades? They have some uses you might not have thought about. For me, I tend to get rid of my frag grenades rapidly so I don't wind up dying before I got to throw them. I used to think the other grenades (stun, smoke, etc) were worthless. Then I started using them not to maim my opponents, but to BAIT them. Hide in a good spot with a clear view and toss out a grenade. Chances are your enemies are going to come after that explosion and see what's going on. Eliminate them right then and there!

Tip #5 - As soon as you're able to, start playing in cooperative matches. Yes, I know it may sound like it's less fun than death match free-for-all's but you get more points when you play in teams. Plus, you can put that silly headset to use and strategize with your online pals. My roomie likes doing that, I'm pretty much silent when I play. The moment I switched over to team play (I was reluctant), my ranks rose rapidly. In two days of only a couple hours a day (I've got extremely limited windows of opportunity to play) I went up from level 7 to level 15. It took me off and on playing for two weeks just to get to level 7! That's a huge time saver I wish I'd known when I started out. Don't let it happen to you!

In Conclusion

I hope you get some good out of those tips. They're from my firsthand experiences and real frustration while trying to learn how to play without embarrassing myself on the battlefield. Call of Duty 4's definitely one the MOST fun games I've ever played online. If you're wavering about getting Call of Duty OR signing up for Xbox Live - QUIT IT! Seriously, just buy it and I absolutely guarantee you'll get 10 times the good out of your video gaming time. :)

If these tips help, I may do some for more advanced players, too. Feel free to leave your opinion as a comment below. And if it turns out you enjoy this page, feel free to bookmark or Stumble it or even send it to friends! I'm including some of my other sites below, also, in case you'd care to see what else I do on the web.

Thanks for taking the time to read this! Now get out there and whip a lil @$$! :)


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    • profile image

      Dave 6 years ago

      Would anyone know if you can play two player on XBOX Live COD4 on the same console?

    • profile image

      Stun Gun 7 years ago

      Stun Gun can really help you for your protection.

      Buy a stun gun now.

    • profile image

      Genocide1001 7 years ago

      great tips. movement is a key factor with cod4. have 2 days gameplay and camped at first with all my dying and bloodshed. now i move constantly from point to point. also cover and bounding with good team-mates is effective and fun, if you can ever get a team-mate to really back you up.

    • profile image

      Wesley 7 years ago

      I play modern warfare 2 but i have never played modern warfare, do you get to create a class

    • profile image

      what of it? 7 years ago


    • profile image

      CoD Blackops 8 years ago

      Great article. I heard Modern warfare 2 will be out next year.

    • The Gaming Guru profile image

      The Gaming Guru 8 years ago from London


    • The Gaming Guru profile image

      The Gaming Guru 8 years ago from London

      Hi there,

      Thanks for the tips! The is an amazing article.

    • janecidro profile image

      janecidro 8 years ago from Liberty, MO

      AMAZING! AMAZING! AMAZING! What a hell of an article! I have a website that offers used Xbox's and Xbox games for sale. Because of its continued popularity, we want to offer informative information like yours on our site. I would be very happy to provide you a free link on our site, so everyone can see this very useful information. You can write for my site anytime!


    • profile image

      S2KA EL ToRo 8 years ago

      hi im a pro at cod 4 im lvl 55 10th prestige, i have 50 days of gameplay on cod4 so... yea ive been playing cod 4 for about 1500 hours. right i would advise the m16 to u as an amazing gun its the only gun i use, whether your a newbie or not it shoots in 3 round bursts it is amazingly accurate . and on hardcore it is a 1 burst kill gun all though i would only advice this gun to people who play hardcore as it is a waste of time on core yes stun grenades can be a live saver use them! also when u play cod4 (hardcore) any mode is what you should play it doesent matter what you play but it should be hardcore yes you have less health but its so much easier to get kills and even if you where seen bye any enemy on core you'd still die without exscaping so the extra health boost is a waste of time never toob cause its pointless and you wont get players respect jugga is shit last stand is crap the best perks you can use is dead silence uav jammer RPGs bomb squad frag x3 claymores and that is pretty much it. only use silencers or red dot sight on any gun no toobs i myself would have a silencer on pretty much every gun because the only thing red dot sight is for is easier aiming so if you just get use to the normal sights (NO ATTACHMENT) THEN YOU CAN HAVE A SILENCER WITCH has saved my ass many off times um oh never camp either learn the maps very well 1 off the things that is very very important about cod4 is knowing the maps back to front it may seem immposible but trust me it helps to judge where enemys are going to go where they will shoot where they will camp snipe throw stunns do everything beleive me also don't be predictable don't go the same place and the same route and do the same things ove and over again because people will learn from there first mistake hen come back and kill u cause you went to the exact same spot but if u go somewhere else know1 will know where you are. get it so always stay moving allways just be stealthy about it. its little things that make a pro on cod 4 here's a few sensativity on 10 trust amazing aim before you shoot don't spray keep moving check your corners! use silencers so no1 knows where you are when you shoot. stay away from teemates travel alone teamates are different in every lobby so put in your mic and communicate team work! if your in a team hats all talking and working together as a team covering each other and different parts off the map garunteed you will rape at cod on the other hand if most your team are not talking cause there antisocial rejects travel alone most off the time teammates only give away your spot and get you kiled so travel alone my gamertag is S2KA EL ToRo so if you wanna add me plz do ask me anything you want ide love to help but if your a cocky twat and you act like a hardman over the mic then watch what the fuck you say to me cause it could be the last thing you ever fucking say ok! good

    • profile image

      Free Xbox Live Codes 8 years ago

      Thanks for the tips, I'll use them next time I play!

    • profile image

      Nonauthorityfigur 8 years ago

      I don't have this game yet but I liked what you wrote and clicked on a few ads so you can get paid for what you did.Maybe you will do the same for me

    • profile image

      gamer 8 years ago

      Those tips ain't that good. I've been playing for about a month and those don't mean nothing. You need to get a really bad gun and just practice on HQ and get good with it. Then go to an assault rifle and you will own!

    • prasetio30 profile image

      prasetio30 9 years ago from malang-indonesia

      Nice hub. I like playing this game.More strategy more fun. do you finish this game?

    • profile image

      Bighead 9 years ago

      GUys if you go to options when you start a mission on Xbox Live set your sencitivy up higher it will make your reation time faster but it does take some getting use to I play on lvl 8

    • ForTheLove profile image

      ForTheLove 9 years ago from Godforsaken, Iowa

      Man! Anything I've added in the way of tips you guys have *vastly* improved upon! Thanks a ton for speaking up!

    • profile image

      dip 9 years ago

      hey guys-

      been playing cod4 for a while now-pretty good level 20

      i like playing headquarters bcuz you get 5 points every 5 secs ur team has the headquarters

      gamertag: codking96

      ps i cudn't think of a better name lol..... add me!!!

    • profile image

      any glitches 9 years ago


    • profile image

      applepie000 9 years ago

      im a 'seasoned' gamer and when you reach this level it is good to us precision weapons like a g3 or a sniper with acog scope, the dragunov with acog is very good as you can use it at long and relatively short distances

    • profile image

      Gordon 9 years ago

      There's got to be "aim assist" at higher levels. These guys get on target too fast and stay on target while moving.

    • profile image

      Callofduty4gamer 9 years ago

      Hi im a 7th prestidge ive been playing for about 6 months and those tips are useful but i would recommend using assault to start cause they have good aim and after you get the red dot site there aim is 100% better and if you don't want to use assault use the sub machine guns with a silencer so you can be sneaky like a assaisin yeah there clips are small but you can get a lot of kills

    • profile image

      XBox Enthusiast 9 years ago

      Call of Duty 4 is awesome. I don't actually have it but I rented it for a month and I loved it. All of the Call of Duty games are really fun, especially on XBox Live.

    • profile image

      Sucks @ Life 9 years ago

      I have been playing on and off for a year. Level 55, I still come in last. Oh well.

    • profile image

      tonywales 9 years ago

      hi all

      just starting playing online but getting my but kicked cant shoot faster and trying tio control the helicopter tingy is just a waste of time for me any tips on this would be great thanks


      see you online

    • profile image

      Linkin161(xbox live username) 9 years ago


      I just bought my copy of Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warefare for the xbox 360. and it is apasoulutly amazing. i cant believe how good in detail, the fun, the killing, and the strategies the people use during online mode. I LOVE LIVE! I mean its no fun without online right? so yeah, the only thing i recommend that microsoft chances is that live is free online, no more 8 dollars a month just to play online, that's even worse than paying for your taxes during the month! :S

      ANYWAYS! i recommend any person in love with war games, newbies( :p) and maybe even people who don't even know what the game is about XDXD

      I'm acually a really good player online, and i already ranked level 27 in one day!!!!! yeah im pritty amazing. the other thing is that on xbox you can trash talk to other people just because your "PWNING!!!!!" them or just cuz they got some mental and social problems :(


    • profile image

      Jon 9 years ago

      Thanks, great tips. I just started playing, 3 days in and having trouble. It seems like I am slower to react then other players. Could my system be slow? Also does anyone know if I can play at a lower level? I consistantly come in last, painful.

    • profile image

      joshua morris 9 years ago

      yer there good comments and tips for call of duty but i would like to know if you know andy qlitches

    • profile image

      eric 9 years ago

      yeah like that guy said, the one about the grenades was helpful. I also never thought about playing with other people as a team

    • profile image

      BlasterBates 9 years ago

      Also if you really want to be cheeky and theres a big crowd of them use a silenced i recommend the mp5 silenced you can sneak up behind them and get a free head shot then you can go and do this again to his buddy next to him

    • profile image

      The Pork Pie 9 years ago

      Hi im 9th prestige on cod4 and have a lot of experience. One thing is good starter is the heavy machine gun camping inside a building where you see a lot of enemies at. Although you might die a few times, its a heck lot of fun :)

      Add me on The Pork Pie (i have 32k kills)

    • profile image

      cmdrbonduk 9 years ago

      Thanks for those great tips. always wondered what to do with the stun n smoke grenades.. makes perfect sense now though because I've been guilty of sniffing after a grenade to see why it was thrown only to get my head popped! thanks!

    • profile image

      FPS4ever 9 years ago

      Wow, great tips man! These helped meh tremendously, I've been doing free-for-all and getting owned o.O Thanks for the headsup about the heavy guns as well, not a fantastic aimer at this point (lv 10)

    • ForTheLove profile image

      ForTheLove 10 years ago from Godforsaken, Iowa

      Those are awesome tips, man! I totally do each of those things.. and who worries about fairness during lov.. I mean WAR, right? :-D Would you mind if I incorporated those tips into the hub?

      Lemme know!

    • profile image

      Rey 10 years ago

      Good tips!

      I like the one about using the grenade as bait. Also, sometimes just randomly throwing a grenade works (especially if it's thrown toward some red dots). And "cooking" a grenade is good, if you know where an opponent is and you don't want to give them a chance to run away from the grenade when it lands—instant explosion. But that's not playing fair–haha!


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