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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 - The "Best" Gun?

Updated on March 26, 2013

What is the best gun?

I've been playing Black Ops 2 since shortly after it's release, and I had my idea of what the "best" gun was. I had the perfect one all setup just for me, and I was really good at using it. I had attachments I wanted on it, and when I entered a match, I knew I would do well with it.

A few weeks later, I saw a video on YouTube that told me what the new "best" gun was in the game! For this person, it was a completely different gun with different attachments, and it was kicking butt, big time! I tried it out and was surprised to find that it was good, but not as good as what I had been using.

Then, suddenly, the gun I had been using wasn't working out so well, so I chose a new set of gun and attachment combos, and suddenly I was doing well again! I had a new "best" gun!

At first, I was very happy with my choice of the Skorpion EVO. It had high damage with the fastest default RPM of any gun in the game. If I was close to a target (which seemed to happen almost all of the time), I would get a good spray on them, and they would go down. Then, I started getting picked off from far away, it seemed, so I switched up to the SVU-AS. This sniper rifle didn't have the highest damage output per shot, but I could fire multiple shots on target fairly quickly, so it became my new favourite! The video I'd seen said that the Type 25 was the best! Another said the MSMC, and yet another said that the M27 had to be the best one of all!

... So what you're saying is...?

There is no "best" gun in the game!

Oh sure, you'll have this person or that person tell you that there is one that is the best for a given situation, but the truth of the matter is that it all depends on you and your play style!

I've seen people who can run around with a sniper and one-shot everything in site with deadly accuracy. They can even get two, and sometimes three kills with the same bullet! For them, the Ballista seems the perfect choice. They quick scope and BOOM! You're gone! I can't do that. I have tried to learn how to quick scope, and I simply have not figured it out. It's a difficult skill to master - for me, at least - and so I stick with a different method of sniping. Yes, that's right, as a sniper, I camp, somewhat. Mostly, I run around with my pistol drawn, and figure out where the bad guys are, then setup my shot. That's my style! It's not the "best" style, it's just what works for me.

Other people can run and gun with SMGs and take down a whole team in a matter of seconds. Another can run with the SMR and be equally proficient! Personally, while I can occasionally do well with an SMG, I find that I am too wild at aiming to be effective with them, especially at long distance, and medium distance is hit-and-miss. Short range - well, let's just say that my aim goes all over as I panic fire! It ain't pretty!

The options that work for me are SVU-AS with the Ballistics CPU and Suppressor, but once I get it back up to Level 9, I prefer the Dual-Band Scope for picking out enemies from far away. On my LMG class, I use Toughness and Flak Jacket, as well as Hardline, and for attachments, I like the Fore Grip to reduce recoil, and the Target Finder - yeah, I know, a lot of people hate the target finder, but I like to lay down cover fire from a distance when I use it, so having a way to find the targets to shoot at helps. Then my team can wade in and take care of the stragglers as the enemy is being held down. I also like my SMR with Select Fire and FMJ, and I use the KSG with laser and extended barrel - when I get back up to level 52, I intend to use the M1216 again. Four shots in a row is some good death dealing!

Is There a Best Gun for Different Modes?

Again, that is a subjective question. Everyone plays differently, so there are many answers. The answer for me is not the same as the answer for the kid down the block, or your best friend. I like different classes for different modes and different maps. For example:

  • Hijacked: Shotgun or my LMG class as noted above. As you run around the narrow lanes on the map, you often run into someone, so having a shotgun to smack 'em down works nicely. But if you have a team that is spawn trapping, or holding onto a specific sniping point in the middle, the LMG with target finder works nicely for me.
  • Slums: Sniper or my LMG class. Slums has some long lanes that enemies come down, so they are excellent places for picking them off at a distance. Of course, you need a good team to cover your backside, or they will walk in from a side lane and take you out while you are scoped in and oblivious to your surroundings!
  • Carrier: Sometimes I like to use the Sniper class to pick off juicy targets from far away while hiding in the twisted metal. Other times, I like to run and gun with an Assault Rifle (If I'm not running my SMR with select fire, I occasionally use the M27 or the SWAT-556). I am also a fan of the B23R, and like to run around with it in hand as I try to find a location that is ripe with targets.

I mostly play Team Deathmatch, but if I play modes like Hardpoint or Kill Confirmed, I usually use an SMG with either fast hands, or fast mags so I can run and gun and pick up tags without getting destroyed while trying to reload. But I have not yet found the best possible combination for all situations, maps, or play styles.

Do You Have a Conclusion?

I do! I conclude that, while there are many options that will work for any given individual, I don't believe there is any "best" gun, class, attachment, or perk. It is a matter of personal opinion, and each of us needs to decide what works best for us in a given match. I have been in matches where my first choice of gun had worked in the previous match to the tune of 21 and 5, and in the next match, I am flustered (possibly screaming at my opponents in impotent rage) and end up switching to a completely different class that works against this group better than against the previous group.

Get out there and experiment with the different weapons. Get good with all of them, or as good as you can, and determine what works best for you! Not only will you become a better overall player and more rounded, you will gain an appreciation for why different people choose different "best" combinations.

Do you have a "best" combo that you love to use? I would be happy to read about it in the comments section. If you want to read my thoughts on League Play, go to this link.


-- Slyde


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