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Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Zombies Grief Tips

Updated on November 22, 2012

Grief Mode

When I first got the new Call of Duty, the first thing I looked at was the zombies. I wanted to see what the maps were and the different modes available and different things like that. It was then that I noticed Greif Mode. Grief Mode was the 4v4vZombies mode that I had heard about. It is a lot of fun, especially with lots of friends. With 8 spots in a game and 8 spots in a party you can just play Grief mode with you and your friends filling both teams. This is just my hub of hints and tips for when playing Grief for the first few times.

Conservation of Points

When playing Grief you cannot try and conserve points in the first couple of rounds. Just go for the fast knife to get the kill. Try and look for where zombies are spawning and if you are the only one there then you can shoot several bullets into them but remember, there are now seven other people playing this so the chances of you getting your kills stolen are very high. If you cannot find any zombies make it your priority to kill the other teams’ zombies. Even just use your pistol. When it is Insta kill, forget the knife, just shoot them if you still have pistol ammo because everyone else in the game is going to be trying to do the same thing.


One of the key things in this mode is that when you knife someone on the other team they go backwards almost in a daze. If someone on the other team is camping on a ledge, knife them off. One of my favourite examples of this is the random box in Farm because it is right next to a gap in the fence and you can knife them off the edge and then block the door so that they cannot get their weapon. This gets most annoying when reviving, especially when people do not know the trick. If someone is prone then the knife does not affect them. When reviving, always remember to go prone otherwise you may struggle to revive. Always remember to abuse other people’s stupidity. If they are not going prone, knife them so that they cannot get the revive.

Point Watching

Always check out the points that members of the other team has. If someone has 2000 points on round 5 then it probably means that they are saving up for Jugger Nog. If you then buy the door to Jugger Nog when they are that close you are missing out on the opportunity to save 750 points. Watch the other players’ points and try and make logical connections to what they may be about to purchase.

Train Watching

If you see someone else running a train then go over and steal as many kills of it as you can. No point in them getting all these points that you could get just as easily. This also means that running your own trains is much less effective. You must remember to run the smallest and most concise of trains and to not let it grow to a huge size otherwise, chances are, someone will nick it and your hard work will have been for nothing.

Team Players

Being a team player in Grief is very important. I have found that, when not revived, many people just rage quit instantly, putting you a man down. Also remember that you are running with 8 player zombies so try and revive at all costs because it is very difficult to survive unless you have lots of players on your team. One time, all 3 of my team left but I still kept on going and then, at round 19, after 2 members on their team had died the previous round and the other was not in the best shape, I just simply could not solo round 19 8 player zommbies because they kept on dieing. Eventually the host left and I lagged out during migration but we must have attempted it about 7 times and it was almost impossible, because if I went down because of one mistake, that was it. It was over.


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