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Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Zombies- How to get to round 30+ on Town

Updated on December 5, 2012

Getting to the High Rounds

Please note in advance that this strategy only works with 3 or 4 players, preferably who you are in constant communication with.

For this strategy to work, you must decide who will fill up each role within the team. There are 3 main roles: The Reviver, The Top Player and The Killer. If you have 4 players then decide if you have 2 Top Players or 2 Killers.

The Reviver

Because of the nature of the Reviver, no one needs to get quick revive, except for perhaps one player in case the Reviver goes down. He will, essentially, have upgraded Ballistic Knives, which become a tool for reviving because if you shoot a downed player they get revived, and another light gun with decent ammo. This can be an upgraded Ray Gun or even an MP5 from off the wall but it cannot be something like an RPD. His role in the team is quite self explanatory: he revives everyone who goes down. Because of this no one needs to get quick revive which means that you can have a different perk in its place. The reason that you do not take a heavy gun is because that you cannot be going down often because maybe only one other player has quick revive, so going down is a nuisance to the whole team. If the reviver goes down a Monkey Bomb should be thrown unless he can be easily revived.

The Top Player

The Top Player is basically someone who you can rely on to live. He may not get the most kills but, if everyone else is down, he has the ability to train and revive at least one member of the team. He may, perhaps, be very good at solo zombies because this means that you can rely on him to survive a round by himself, if all else fails. He should certainly have at least one light weapon because if you need to revive and you are the only one left, a Hammer is not going to help you get the revive. He definitely has Monkey Bombs, but will be more focused on the fast firing weapons rather than the instant kill weapons. It is advisable for him to have either a upgraded Executioner or an upgraded Python because they can get you out of almost any situation and you can run very fast if you have either of these weapons out and, unlike the Ray Gun, the do not have the ability to down you if the zombies get to close. The Top Player is someone that you can rely on to get the job done, but he may not be the fastest at getting the round over, focusing on safety rather than speed.

The Killer

The Killer has all the right tools to rack up the kills. He should have guns of upgraded Ray Gun standard, or upgraded RPD standard and almost certainly Double Tap. This means that he can get the round over with quite quickly and can even save his team mates if they are surrounded. Upgraded starting pistols may be advisable for him as they turn into mini rocket launchers and they can blast a whole in any wall of zombies. You just have to be very wary of the tremendously high Splash Damage.

Some General Tips

  • Everyone should have Monkey Bombs. EMP grenades are a no-go because of their tendency to disable perks. If you all have Monkey Bombs then you can have a maximum of 12 at a time. The only thing is, you need to coordinate the shots!
  • Do not buy Tombstone. If you buy Tombstone then, apart from being extremely bored on the late rounds, you will not be there to save your team. It is better having no perks but an alive man on your team!
  • Always save your points. Do not waste them because you have so many. If you go down then it may cost around 9000 points to re buy your perks. Do not get into the "Circle of Depression", which is where you have no perks and no money and, in extreme cases, no ammo. If you allow yourself to fall into the Circle then it will be a few rounds before you can start doing anything whatsoever except for go down.


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