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Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Zombies :Mob of the Dead Playthrough Guide

Updated on June 11, 2013

Round 1

When you first spawn, you are in Afterlife, the new source of power in this map. Before you revive yourself, go through the big blue portal that is in this room. There will be an electrical metre in the small area that the portal leads you to. Zap it and then revive yourself. This opens a cell that contains a Double Points and this is very useful for starting out. However, do not collect it yet. Just knife all of the zombies without shooting. This is vital as you want to save your bullets for the double points.

Round 2

Once you see a zombie actually spawn, collect the double points and then try and make as much use of it as you can. At the end of this round, you want to buy the door in this room. When you open the door, it opens both sides so don’t worry about which side you want to open.

Round 3

In round 3, you can go out of either door. One way is safer and better for getting lots of points. The other way is more dangerous and will earn you fewer points, but will progress you further. If you go out of the door in the library, you want to go up the stairs and feed the first dog, using a B23R. If you go out the other side, you want to buy an MP5 and train there. It is relatively simple to do and will earn you lots of points. If you get the chance, you may even be able to collect the warden’s key and open the laundry room.

Round 4

If you are feeding the dogs immediately, then you want to move straight onto the infirmary dog as soon as the first dog is fed. You also want to open the roof whilst you are in this area. Once that dog is fed, you want to activate the Gondola and Get the key. You may also want to activate Electric Cherry if you have a chance.

Round 5

You definitely want to at least start feeding the dogs at this round. However, if you took the safe option, you should still go down the gondola first. When at the docks, you want to buy Juggernog and a Thompson and feed the dog at the docks, and then move onto the dogs in the main building. If you never spent time collecting points, then you want to build the shield and feed the docks dog. You also want to buy Juggernog and a Thompson. You then want to progress through the tunnels until you reach the Warden’s Office, collecting the Hell’s Retriever whilst you are on your way. Also whilst you are coming up through the tunnels, you want to collect as many parts of the plane as your team can carry, activating the Warden’s Office part whilst you are there.

Round 10

By this point you should have collected and built all of the parts of the Plane. You want to keep a final zombie and spend as many points as you can on trying to get a blundergat out of the box. You then want to collect all of the skulls to get a 2nd blundergat from the Warden’s Office (details on how to do this is in Part 3 of my Mob of the Dead Complete Guide). After this, you want to get on the plane with a goal to be back by the end of Round 14. Try and get the Hell’s Redeemer whilst on the bridge (once again refer to Part 3 if you are confused on how to do this).

Round 15

By the beginning of this round you want to be back on the island, with pack a punched guns and be preparing to get the Redeemer by next round. If you did not manage to get the Redeemer, you need to try and do this within the near future as it is the most powerful weapon in this zombies map. Once you return from the island once, all perks get powered so you can now go around and buy all your perks. Choose what perks you want in advance as you are only allowed 4 out of the 5.

Round 16+

You want to now try and decide where you are going to camp/train. A few good locations are the docks, there are 4 good locations there, the roof, especially if you are camping as a team, the cafeteria, which is especially good on solo and the bridge is often considered a good place to stay, however be warned that you cannot get drops whilst on the bridge, even if only 1 member of your team is on the bridge. The only drop you can get is from the first Brutus to spawn on the bridge, the drops in the cells that you get with your Redeemer, and, possibly, from any of the Brutus’ that spawn on the island rather than the bridge. Just remember to coordinate and communicate with your team so that they know that their back is no longer covered.

Hey there, thank you for reading this article, I hope you continue to read my future work. If you want me to cover a particular topic then leave a comment and I will try and write about it within the next week or so. If you have any feedback then feel free to leave a comment and I will do my best to act upon what you say. I am always looking to improve on my writing! )


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    • Mini Man Me profile image

      Mini Man Me 4 years ago

      Fair enough, but i find that camping gets boring faster than training and although me and my friends have used the gondola in the early days of MOTD, we quickly got bored and started training at the docks, so I overlooked this spot. Fair enough though, it is a good place to survive.

    • Johnrr631992 profile image

      John Reid-Roberts 4 years ago from Boston, Massachusetts

      Hey, How do you NOT consider the Gondola a good place to camp... I usually camp here starting at round 10, at the top location and they can only come from straight ahead of you.. Assuming you have the acid gat or someone does, they will never touch you or your teammates.. Either way I have never made it to any ound lower than 30 camping the gondola, although that is the camping spot I suggest in my guide..