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Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Zombies - Solo Play Tranzit Strategy

Updated on June 18, 2013

The Beginning

Alright... You're at the bus station. Instead of paying $750 to go out of the glass door, do this: Look for 3 parts, a mannequin, a fan, and a phone. Take one part, and go to the workbench, which is to the right of the glass door. Build one piece at a time. The finished product will be a mobile wind turbine. Now, go get a self revive from the blue machine. Go back and pick up the turbine. Put it next to the door that is to the right of the work bench. The door will open. Right when you step through this door, look to your right. There will be either a ladder, a plow, an emergency exit hatch, or nothing at all. You want the exit hatch. If it's not there, keep restarting until it is. Get it. Now, you can put this on the roof of the bus, but don't. You will be using it for another purpose later. Before you leave, make sure you have $1200. Get on the bus. The bus will go through a tunnel. keep looking at the right wall of the tunnel. About halfway through the tunnel, you will see a gun on the wall. It is an M16A1. Very quickly, jump out of the bus, get it, and jump back on the bus. The bus won't stop. Next stop is the diner.

The Diner

You're at the diner. You're current loadout should be an M16A1, an M1911, a self revive, a wind turbine, and grenades. Note that before you can complete all of these steps, the bus will leave. Don't get on it. Hurry and get these steps done so that you can get back on it the next time it comes around. Start by getting $750, and then $950. Open the door that has a box with question marks on it inside. That box is the Mystery Box. It gives you a random weapon for $950. If you don't want to take your chances of getting a bad weapon, just get the MP5 from inside the diner. Make sure you replace your M1911, and not your M16A1. Now you have 2 decent weapons. Open the door to the diner. You still have that escape hatch, right? Go to the end of the diner closer to the bus station. Look left, and look on the ceiling. There should be a vent-looking thing up there. Build the hatch there. Don't go up now, you will go up later. Next, go out the door closest to the random weapon box and step down to the bottom of the steps. Turn 90 degrees to your right and look forward, and there will be a shed a little ways away from your position. Go to it. Take your turbine and put it in front of the door. The door will open. Look in the front-left corner of the building. There will either be a ladder, a plow, or nothing. If there's something there, put it on the bus. The plow goes on the front of the bus, and the ladder goes on the outside of the bus, and on the back-left. Next, rack up a cool $6000. Go up that hatch you built in the diner. Turn around right when you climb up it. Buy the galva gloves. These shock the zombies when you melee them. Wait for the bus to come back if it hasn't already. Get back on the bus. You are now headed for the farm.

The Farm

The farm is pretty simple. Just open the gate to get into the farm. There will be a shed that is behind a tractor trailer. Open the shed with your turbine. Inside will be either a ladder, a plow, or nothing. Get the part if there is one. The ladder is on the outside, back-left part of the bus, and the plow goes on the front. There is nothing else you need to do here right now, so you can leave. Next stop is the power station.

The Power Station

Here is where you turn on the power. There is an outhouse, you can't miss it. Open it up and drop inside. The bus will probably leave quickly, so be very fast in doing this. Look for 3 parts. Go to the work bench. Build one part at a time. There will be a power switch directly to right of the bench when you finish. Now, turn on the power! Behind you a huge machine will slowly put part into the ceiling. When that part hits the ceiling, a door will open. Go out that door, and make your way back to the bus. Before we move on, beware of "Him". Him is dangerous. When you turn the power on, a storm will appear. In the center of the storm is Him. Him is an electrical zombie that blasts electricity at you. If you know another way to defeat Him, go for it, but the only way I know how to do it is to dodge his attacks and stab him. He goes away, but he comes back. Be careful. Lets move on to the town.

The Town

The Town is the 5th and final stop before you loop back around to the bus station. When you get off of the bus by exiting through the doors, you will see that you are confined to a small space unless you open a door. Open that door. There will be a vault door inside of the bank that you just walked into. Blast it open with a grenade or other explosive. There will be another vault door, Blow it open the same way. Behind that door is a small room. On the right wall is a power symbol. That is actually a door. You cannot blow it open. I will explain how to open it when you can actually open it. Next, step out of the first vault door you just blew open. Look right. Through the wall of the bank and across the street is a building. Get inside by going up some stairs and through a door. There will be a brown-looking drink machine in there. Get the drink. It is juggernog, and it gives you more health. You are finished with the town for now. Get back on the bus to go back to the bus station.

Back to the Beginning

Now you should be at the bus station. Get another self revive if you need it, and also get a new wind turbine. If you still have your old one, put it down and wait for the zombies to destroy it. Do not use your new wind turbine AT ALL. You will have to buy your way in to the station, but that's fine because you should have plenty of money. Move on to the Diner. Don't forget to stop and get ammo for your M16A1 in the tunnel if you need it.

The Diner Again

Nothing much to do at the Diner. Just get some Speed Cola from inside the diner. You can't miss it. This drink makes you reload faster. Also get a gun replacing your other gun from the box if you think you can get a better one, or refill your ammo on your MP5. Head on to the Farm.

Back at the Farm

The farm is still simple. Just go into the upper level on the barn and get some double taproot beer from the machine. The drink makes all of your guns that aren't semi-automatic fire at a faster rate. Head on to the power station.

The Power Station 2

Here is an important part that must be done correctly. Right where you drop into the shed is where you should leave your turbine. You put it there because it opens that indestructible door at the town. Notice the power symbol? Once you put it there, it can either be destroyed or run out of juice, so get back to the door at the town ASAP.

Packing a Punch

Assuming you made it through that door, you will find yourself in a long hallway. There will be 3 parts in your current environment; all parts to the powerful Pack-A-Punch machine. Once it is built, pack a punch! It will cost a hefty $5000 per gun, but it's worth it. Also, if you want to pack-a-punch another gun later, you will have to get another turbine from the bus station and do that entire process again, except for building the machine and blasting the vault doors. Now, you should have at least 1 pack-a-punched gun, another gun, and 4 perks. The power's on and you know how to deal with Him... I think you're doing pretty good. Now just survive as long as you can. Don't forget to vote on the polls and leave a comment!


What's the highest wave you have gotten to on Tranzit?

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Just curious... Do you play Call of Duty Black Ops 2 on a PS3, an Xbox 360, on a PC, or are you waiting to see if it will be released on the Wii?

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If I made any mistakes or if there are any errors on this page, please correct me by posting a comment. Also, if you can think of any improvements that can be made to this page, please leave a comment. I'll be sure to give you credit.


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    • profile image

      TSG 23 months ago

      Plausible strategy... Works well.

    • profile image

      2 years ago

      U know u can shoot the zombies in the leg 8 times and knife on round one right just saying

    • profile image

      JayJ 2 years ago

      Which end of the diner is the one closest to the bus station?

    • profile image

      JayJ 2 years ago

      Which end of the diner is the one closest to the bus station?

    • profile image

      Common scence 2 years ago

      Diaro, you're really gonna play it on the wii u? Wow. I didn't know people liked that thing. And about the article, this works great! This is kind of the same thing in multiplayer, except the pack-a-punch is easier with friends, and the quick-revive being almost useless. Overall, this really helped out

    • profile image

      Dustin 2 years ago

      I do have a way of completing faster and doing all you just said in one round but first you have to rack up a bunch of points and deposit them into the place at the bank once you blow the door open once you have those deposited restart and make your way to the bank in round one and withdraw all your points you can get up to 35,000 doing this and get everything done follow the same steps and stay in round one and its easier

    • profile image

      shane 2 years ago

      Will this allow completion, or is there no end?

    • profile image

      Dave 3 years ago

      So this is just survival and not for completion?

    • profile image

      Troy 3 years ago

      Dario your stupid, for now just realizing the time he spent on this.

    • profile image

      Scott 3 years ago

      Use the electrical grenades to kill Him. But stay away from needed perks as they can be disabled as well.

    • profile image

      Wicked 3 years ago

      Wow DarioGamer, he took the time to post that article, and the only thing you can do is insult him over a Wii comment?

      Pure example of the path humanity is on. Great...

    • profile image

      bob 3 years ago


    • profile image

      DarioGamer 4 years ago

      Your really stupid Black ops 2 is released for WiiU you know the Next gen console