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Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Zombies: TranZit Finding the GalvaKnuckles and getting onto the Diner.

Updated on November 20, 2012

Getting on to the Diner

Being able to get onto the Diner is very unknown, but it is actually possible access the roof of the Diner in the first town. To do this you need to have the hatch that lets you get onto the roof from the inside of the bus but do not use it on the bus. If you are lucky then the hatch will be in one of the first two areas where the bus parts can spawn. Getting on to the roof is very cool but the zombies can jump up from outside to get you.

Is Survival on the Diner Possible?

I found that, although people say that it is impossible to go up there and live, I found that it is possible to train them because of the MP5 ammo in the diner that you are on top of. Having Jugger Nog really is necessary just because that the situation can get quite dangerous. There are several vents that stick out of the ground which you can run around to train the zombies. If it is getting too tight then jumping down the hatch actually is not that much of a problem because the zombies tend to just do epic jumps from the ground on to the roof. If you use the area as a whole, then training can be done quite effectively however, if you jump down run around on the ground a bit before jumping back up because if you go to the same place twice within a very short space of time, some of the stragglers tend to still be there and can stop all chances of your survival.

The Special Bonus- Galvaknucles!

Another bonus of going on top of the diner is Galvaknuckles. Galvaknucles cost 6000 points and are basically like the Bowie Knife, but better. You still get 130 points a kill but it is one shot for longer. I find that getting on to the roof is more of an accomplishment rather than something you would want to do every game. By this I mean that it feels special to access it but afterwards I would probably just stick to putting the hatch onto the bus.


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