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Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Zombies TranZit Where to find all the perks

Updated on November 21, 2012

The Perks In TranZit

TranZit is a very confusing map and, with the five different zones, it can be quite challenging to find all of the perks that you really want to use. This Hub will help you to find where all of the different perks are and what the new perks do.

Quick Revive/Revive

Quick Revive is the multiplayer variant of the Revive Perk. It costs 1500 points and does as it says, it lets you revive quicker. If you are communicating with everyone in the game check to see if they are getting Tombstone because, if they are, Quick Revive becomes pointless as they will just kill themselves so that they can collect their Tombstone. Especially in the later rounds, Quick Revive is a necessity if your team is lacking Tombstone because it means that you can take advantage of much smaller breaks in the play to revive people. The single player variant of Revive is just Revive. It costs 500 points and you do not need to turn on the power to collect it in solo. Revive literally gives you one revive. When you go down you will take out Mustang and Sally, the upgraded starting pistol, and when you get back up you will have no perks. You can, however, only buy this perk 3 times then, after the third time, it will disappear into the sky and you will never be able to buy it again in that match. Revive is located in the starting room, before you even go outside, to the left of the door that you have to pay points to open.

Speed Cola

Speed Cola is found in the 1st town and the 2nd bus location. Speed Cola is the most expensive perk in Black Ops 2 so far, costing 3000 points making it a very expensive, but worthy investment, provided you have Jugger Nog first as it will help you live without wasting valuable points. It increases the speed of your reload and also increases the time that it takes to repair barricades. The second feature is only really helpful when you are on the bus and zombies are breaking in. The first feature is very helpful with all guns, but especially the Light Machine Gins as they can take forever to reload. It is right next to the MP5 however, be warned, it is very easy to get cornered there so make sure that you have some time and space before attempting it.

Double Tap

Double Tap is a very useful perk on the high rounds. It lets you shoot bullets a lot faster which means that you do everything quicker. It is really either this or Stamin Up is playing solo however, because of the amount of running in TranZit, I would have to go with Stamin Up. If you are, however, playing on a smaller map or planning to camp in one place Double Tap would win it. It costs 2000 points and is found in the farm, in the barn, at the back.


Tombstone is a useful perk when playing with people, however it literally has no purpose on solo. Tombstone lets you get everything back, including perks, except for Tombstone, when you go down. But you have to actually die. You can hold X/Square to let yourself die really quickly but, on the high rounds, you can find yourself getting very bored when having to wait 10 minutes dead. It costs 2000 points and is found at the Power Station, after going through the door away from where the Power Switch is built.

Jugger Nog

Jugger Nog is the most useful perk out of them all in this game, in my opinion and in many other peoples’ opinion. It lets you survive several more hits before going down and prolongs your life dramatically. It gets you out of many tight situations and has saved my life on more than a few occasions and is always the perk I buy first, when possible. It costs 2500 points, making it the second most expensive perk in the game but is also, by far, the most useful. It can be found in the 2nd town and the final zone, in the room to the top right of where the bus parks. If you jump out the bus, using the hatch, and go straight to the lava pit, turn right and then go into the building on your left (you need to go all the way to the far end then up some stairs) you will find Jugger Nog.

Stamin Up

Stamin Up is a very handy perk, especially on TranZit. This is because that it lets you run through the misty bits a lot faster, which means less of the zombies that jump on your face catching you. It also increases your overall speed, so walking is faster than sprinting zombies which is very handy when trying to run a train. It also increases the length of time that you can sprint for so it essentially lets you run faster and for longer, making it the ultimate perk when trying to go to the different zones without waiting for the bus. It is in the Bar, which is in the 2nd town and the final zone, and it is the building directly opposite the Bank, which is the building that you may go through when arriving by bus.


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