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Call of Duty Black Ops: Gameplay Preview

Updated on September 20, 2010

Call of Duty: Black Ops

What to Expect From The New C.O.D. - Black Ops

Call of Duty has been a very popular game for quite a few years now, and its about to get better. Game designers have released preview videos that show some of the new features that will be available in Call of Duty: Black Ops. From the looks of things so far, it looks like the graphics have drastically improved and perhaps the new game will feature quite a few new weapons, attachments and perks.

Game designers are very clear when they describe what they wanted to accomplish when designing the new video game: To make it as real as possible, and offer new features, new levels, new guns, and realistic graphics that enhance game play on XBOX Live. New weapons are expected, perhaps there are even new vehicles that will somehow be incorporated into XBOX Live. Its hard to imagine vehicles in Call of Duty, so perhaps that prediction is a little far-fetched.

A New Game Type for Black Ops on XBOX Live

Recent news indicates that there is a new game type that will be available on XBOX Live that is different from the career mode and standard XBOX Live games like team deathmatch and Domination. The new game type allows gamers to set a wager of how much they are willing to bet that they will finish in the top 3 at the end of the match. If you do not come in at the top 3, you lose your wager and apparently the rewards are distributed among the top 3 ranks in that match.

There seem to be a few other features that make this type of game play unique.

  • One In the Chamber - This is a game type that allows each player one pistol with one bullet. The goal is to use that one bullet to hit your opponent and not miss. If you do miss, you will be forced to melee your opponent to win and your opponent will face the same reality. This means that accuracy is crucial. However, if you do hit your opponent with the first shot, you will be able to collect his bullet and continue looking for more enemies. THIS SOUNDS LIKE A LOT OF FUN!!!
  • Multi-Gun Battle - This is a game type that gives each player the same type of weapon and you can continuously upgrade to a better weapon during game play by killing the other player. Eventually, a certain player will win the gun battle by getting to the most powerful weapon. This type of game type seems to reward players that can consistently win battles with different kinds of weapons.

Preview of Call of Duty Black Ops


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    • profile image

      DAVEYBOY672 7 years ago

      I cannot wait for this game to come out it looks a lot better than medal of honor.

    • profile image

      Call of duty sniper 7 years ago

      I can't wait for black ops to come out. I'm sure the new maps will be amazing