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Defeating George A. Romero in Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies "Call of the Dead"

Updated on November 16, 2015

How to Defeat George Romero in Black Ops Zombies "Call of the Dead"

Defeating the demonic director, George Romero, in Call of Duty: Black Ops' new zombies map, "Call of the Dead" can be easy if you have the right weapons, plenty of patience, and of course...ammo!

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of many players (including myself). the most succesful manner of taking down the director of doom has been discovered and its instructions can even be found on the Xbox Live Dashboard via an IGN's Jessica Chobot.

So how do you kill this zombified director of the living dead? It can be easy, or it can take you all day, depending on which weapon you choose to take him down with. It was originally rumored that only the upgraded VR-11 would kill him, but the plain truth is that any old weapon will do.

The best weapons to use are the new wonder weapon, the Scavenger, or the old classic upgraded Raygun. With enough power to take out George in 1 1/2 clips, the explosive Scavenger is your sure-fire way to take him out fast! You will know he is close to dead when his glowing stage light turns orange and eventually fizzles out.

If you plan on using a measely shotgun or M14 rifle, you will probably not survive the new breed of psycho zombies, especially the new sprinter zombies.

Once you achieve victory, George will walk away all sad-like and leave behind for you the most lovely of gifts; a random Perk-a-Cola and the friendly Death Machine!

Unfortunately, George returns the following round just as miserable and sensitive as ever. That can be a good thing if you want to stock up on points and free perks. Afterall, how are you supposed to survive all of those living dead zombies?

George Romero vs. the Scavenger

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    • profile image

      VampircJAD 5 years ago

      Well it takes me a full clip of the Hyena Infra-Dead to take him out. But you may or may not know this but George is also supposed to have 400,000 of health per player so that's probably why it takes my team a full clip of the Hyena and some ray-guns to take him out. I just love the Scavenger. Especially avfter being upgraded except that I don't like the upraded vision to much. I also heard that an upgraded sniper can help damage him with headshots. Also the VR-11 doesn't necessarily kill him it just makes him retreat for a few rounds. Anyway's thanks for the info.

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