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Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies Moon: Bio Dome Ray Gun Strategy

Updated on August 30, 2011

The Bio Dome is a great place to fight the hordes of the undead in the latest map called Moon for Call of Duty Black ops Zombie Mode. This strategy will work best with 2 players. The reason being is because more players will make more zombies spawn. And this strategy requires you to run around constantly - other players may get in the way, but it is possible with more than 2.

The Bio Dome is located on the top of Moons surface. It is a large structure that has jumping pads inside it. Yes, you can use these to escape from the zombies, but if you miss a pad, you may go down. PHD Flopper will allow you to take falling damage though - which is located inside the Bio Dome.

In order to find the Bio Dome, you must either go through the tunnels on the left or right of the spawn room to make it to the power room. The power room has a giant pyramid in it, where a teleporter is also located above it. From the power room, go up the stairs on the right, which are near the pyramid.

You need to go through the labs to get to the Bio Dome. There are a total of three doors that need to be opened in the computer labs to make it inside the Bio Dome.

Black Ops Zombie Moon Bio Dome Strategy

Running around Moon's Bio Dome

The bio dome is very large and allows you to run around freely. You have a lot of room to distance yourself from the zombies. Two players can run around the rocks in the room and have zombies follow behind them. There will be zombies in front of you as well, but not as many if you keep circling around the area multiple times.

I hear people refer to these strategies as a zombie train. Basically, it means that you gather a group of zombies behind you, and shoot at them while running. A large group of them behind you makes it easy to line up and fire at them!

Using the Ray Gun in the Bio Dome to make Crawlers

Using a ray gun will make running around the Bio Dome even easier. The ray gun can make crawlers when you shoot them in the lower body. Crawlers are slow, which makes them less dangerous. You can shoot the groups of zombies behind you and turn them into crawlers. For every crawler you kill, another zombie will spawn. Making crawlers makes it easier to run around the Bio Dome.

This strategy can you get up to 30+ rounds. This is time consuming however.

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Call of Duty Black Ops Moon: Bio Dome Ray Gun Strategy - Tips & Tricks

  • Keep moving in circles around various areas of the Bio Dome to gather zombies around you (a zombie train).
  • For every crawler you kill, another zombie will spawn, so watch out for zombies that may appear in front of you
  • Besides the ray gun, the Wave Gun is also very effective.
  • To maximize points, use a weapon like the HK21 or RPK. The ray gun and wave gun do not make as many points.
  • The jumping pads can also be effective in this strategy, but do not use them without PHD Flopper. Juggernog will also protect you, but not 100%
  • Make sure not to kill the last crawling zombie if you need to get a new weapon. There are no weapons in the Bio Dome, except the mystery box sometimes spawns in here


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      Djq 6 years ago

      Can two people have the wave gun in the moon?

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