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Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies Moon: Rock Strategy by the Teleporter & Mule Kick Perk

Updated on October 23, 2011

There is a great strategy for the zombie map "Moon", for Call of Duty Black Ops. I actually found this out the first day I played this level. The strategy involves running around a rock on Moon's surface to dodge attacking zombies. There is low gravity outside, which means zombies will move slower. This can be a great advantage, but also a disadvantage because if you jump into a zombie you will slow down, as a result, you will take more hits. However, the advantage is that zombies will be easier to kill on low gravity because they are much slower.

Call of Duty Black Ops Moon: Heading to the surface

Before you can run around Moon's surface, you need to open a substantial amount of doors. There are two routes that you can take to travel to the Moon's surface. Tunnels are located on each side of the Moon Base Spawn Room. The left side (where the Olympia is) is actually a shorter route, it only takes 3 doors to find the power room. The right side (where the m14 is) takes 4 doors to open, but has semtex grenades in one of the rooms. It is your decision.

Once you arrive in the power room, you are actually directly below the moon's surface. You need to go up the stairs beside the large pyramid until you get to the room where the mp5k is. In the computer rooms, you can actually find a hacker device, which will open doors for a cheaper price. You can get to the Moon's surface by opening cheaper doors, but the hacking device takes a while to use, and you can not wear a space helmet when you have the hacker.

(Area where strategy takes place)

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Black Ops Moon Rock Strategy by the teleporter & Mule Kick Perk

Once your out on the Moon's surface, note the rock outside. You can run around the rock and make a "freight train" of zombies follow behind you. A freight train of zombies is essentially strategically grouping up zombies so they are easy to line up and eliminate.

Since there is low gravity in this area, zombies won't be able to run at you as fast. Being outside does require a helmet though. You will die without a space helmet eventually.

If you are in need of a weapon, you can buy the ak74u and buy ammo when needed. Simply circle the rock and shoot the zombies that follow behind you and in front of you. Also, the mystery box spawns in this area too! On top of that, the mule kick perk is near the rock. The mule kick perk allows you to carry a third weapon!

Running around the Moon is easier with two people, but it is possible to run with four. It might be a good idea to have two players running outside on the Moon' surface and have two players in the Bio Dome running around using the jumping pads. In this fashion, the zombies will not be contained in one area. Sometimes it becomes difficult to run around the rock outside when there is a full game of players and everyone is nearby.

Example video of rock strategy

Black Ops Moon Rock Strategy Tips

  • Keep buying ammo for the ak74u to make more points. The ak74u is a pretty good weapon.
  • Keep moving around the rock, do not stop too much, or zombies will catch up to you.
  • If there are a large group of zombies, throw frag grenades to make crawlers.
  • Use the teleporter if it becomes to difficult to kill the zombies because of ammo or other players have died etc..
  • The juggernog perk makes it much easier to run around without going down.
  • Pick up power ups dropped by zombies to increase your chances of survival.
  • If you or other players have a gersch device, throw them so they get sucked up by the black hole!
  • The astronaut zombie will come out here, do not let him grab you, or you will lose a random perk and be teleported! Move back on the movement stick if he grabs you to escape!

Additional Tips (Mainly Optional)

  • You can the hack ak74u to make upgraded ammo the price of normal ammo! Since you can not have the hacker and space helmet at the same time outside, you will need someone to revive you when you go down because of lack of oxygen.
  • The mystery box can also be hacked when it is out on the Moon, but you will need a player to revive you. Also, the mystery box spawn location can also be hacked, so the mystery box spawns for one spin!
  • Buy the mule kick perk so you can have a third weapon.You will lose your third weapon that you are holding if the astronaut zombie hits you.


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    • profile image

      lupe 5 years ago

      add me MrEcko1345

    • profile image

      Kai 6 years ago

      Nice and well written. Im an very experienced player but what i first do is stay in no mans land until i have bought juggernog and pap'd m. and s.

      then wait till each player has at least 10,000 points so then when you go to the moon each player already has a pap'd weapon and juggernog. This is a huge advantage. you can get outside on the moon by round one. My solo is 164 for moon and died because of a lag.with 4 players is 241 and died by getting overrun. my friends are also very good players. after you do this, then do this guys strategy.

    • profile image

      sup 6 years ago

      add me ps3DeBull44

    • profile image

      h4zzer123 6 years ago

      i never kney u could hack the spawn thanx lad my x boz gamertag is h4zzer123 soz ps3 players

    • profile image

      ThisRandomGuy 6 years ago

      with the upgraded ak strategy you can actually hack the ammo and run back inside by the helmets without dying if you go fast enough

    • profile image

      brit 6 years ago

      just the typical hoarding strategy

    • profile image

      MassaPax 6 years ago

      Yer all missing the point.

    • profile image

      snipergod123 6 years ago

      Add me on ps3 my name is snipergod123

    • profile image

      Stryker 6 years ago

      You state the obvious too much, also some of your information is wrong.

      1) Astronaut zombies only take one perk, not all of them.

      2) Because of the Gersch device glitch it can hinder you if you use one near an astronaut zombie, they should only be used in an emergency.

      3) You can hack the mystery box and still have time to get to the airlock without going down.

      Also.. "The juggernog perk makes it much easier to run around without going down."

      "Pick up power ups dropped by zombies to increase your chances of survival."

      Was it really necessary to add these points in?

      You may as well say that sprinting makes you move faster.

    • profile image

      creed31 6 years ago

      is the moon the best map i have all the others my fav is call of dead

    • profile image

      josh 6 years ago

      hey, friend me on ps3 murkadurkaa

    • profile image

      Benconquerer 6 years ago

      I have also found that in Co Op, in case of emergency and you just want to survive, when the bio dome has been excavated through you can jump on the same platform continously. To do this start off jumping either on the platform that is nearest to the teleporter door, or the platform by flopper, then jump from platform to platform, eventually you will reach a platmor that will send you to the platform on the ground nearest to the lab door, all you hve to is, as soon as the platform jumps you toward the next on press in the direction of the platform to land on the same one, thi sis the only platform that it works on but if done correctly you can stay there until your friends wave off the zombies, then they can hack you points and you can get settled in again. also if you want to be a good partner you can get a launcher or any explosive weapon like the law, china lake mustang and sally, and shoot downward at the zombies. In some instances the astronaut will be left standing still in one place and not even attack anyone because of this.

    • profile image

      Chad 6 years ago

      Add me on ps3 my name is medalofhonor11

    • profile image

      ELIMINATOR0404 6 years ago

      Great good info can u give me sum advise I'm having a hard time trying to get on the moon rock thanks!

    • profile image

      VIPER-X117 6 years ago


    • profile image

      SPARTONWARRIOR3 6 years ago

      Dude add me I can do moon Easter egg for you if you wish! If you want to do it add me on xbox 360 my gamer tag is SPARTONWARRIOR3. My ps3 gamer tag is exactly the same as xbox 360.

    • Mikeydoes profile image

      Mikeydoes 6 years ago from Fl,IL,IND

      You got it down man. GJ on make your hubs. You really do a good job.

      -sidenote is my site I am working on using wordpress. It is getting close to done, but there is no content on it to this point. Because it is new. I just wanted to get that hub out there so it is one less thing I have to do. Thanks for checking out my hub.

    • VENZKHVAM profile image

      VENZKHVAM 6 years ago from Milk way galaxy, trying to find a more adventurous place in another galaxy with my great followers

      David ,