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Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies Strategy - Shangri La Tips

Updated on August 12, 2011

Black Ops Shangri La

Shangri La is a zombie map that comes with the Annihilation map pack for Call of Duty Black Ops. This map is very large, but not quite as open as Call of the Dead was. There are many tight spaces where the zombies can easily trap you, especially underground. The map takes place in the day time, but if the lunar eclipse is activated for the easter egg, it will appear dark for a period of time.

One of the most challenging things about Shangri La is that there are a lot of traps that can get you killed by the zombies. There are two spike traps on the map that can damage your health and slow you. There is also quick sand that slows you down.

On top of that, two new zombie enemies are featured in Shangri La. The first is a shrieker zombie that runs around very fast and screams at you -- making it difficult to see when you are screamed at. Then there is the napalm zombie that walks slowly, but will explode if you get to close.


During the first few rounds of Shangri La, you should be focusing on making points. Utilize your knife and throw grenades in the barriers if too many zombies show up. Only buy a weapon off the wall if you really need to or are playing with less than four players. If the game is full with four players, each player can defend a barrier with their knife & pistol relatively easy.

It is possible for a shrieker or naplam zombies to show up early. If this happens, buy a weapon off the wall, and/or use your grenades. These special zombies can make a distraction and possibly allow zombies to come out of players windows, which will ultimately make it very difficult to survive due to being trapped. If the zombies are overrunning your team, open one of the barriers on the sides -- either direction will lead you to the power room.

Shangri La Rounds 6-12

Before you leave the spawn area, look up into the sky to find a blue cascading light. This light indicates where the mystery box is located. You'll probably want to open the side where the blue light is so you can use the mystery box earlier on.

During rounds 6-12, your primary focus should be turning on the power & getting good weapons. I highly recommend buying the bowie knife before round 10 because it can kill zombies in one hit! You also make more points!

Main Key components during rounds 6-12:

-Buy juggernog perk first
Use the mystery box until you get a good weapon-
-Buy the bowie knife (optional)
Open all the barricades on the map-
-Buy semtex grenades (located underground)
Buy Spikemore claymores (in power room underground)-
-Upgrade weapons (if possible early on)
Buy other perks if you have enough points-

Black Ops Shangri La Rounds 13-20

During this time, the zombies become much stronger, and there will be more of them. At this point, it will be very difficult to stay in one area very long -- even if you have a ray gun or another good weapon. You should be moving around the map with your team -- shooting the zombies that follow behind, and ones that appear in front.

Main Key Components of rounds 13-20+

- Upgrade your weapons (pack-a-punch)
Turn zombies into crawlers to give you time to open & use the pack-a-punch-
- Use the mine cart to escape from the zombies for a while
Use the geysers underground if you are getting trapped underground-
-Use the water slide as well to make distance from you and the zombies

These are just some of the main things you should keep in mind when playing Black Ops Shangri La. Every game will vary depending on what weapons you receive from the mystery box. The perks also have different starting points every game. And the mystery box will move when used a certain amount of time.

Just remember, this is a tight map, it's very easy for zombies to get you stuck in between entrances etc. Run in the same path so the zombies converge behind you (in later rounds).


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