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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3: Kill Confirmed Tips & Strategy

Updated on November 12, 2011

Kill Confirmed is a new game type for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. It has some similarities to a traditional team death match, but is not quite the same. In order to win, you need to gather a total of 65 dog tags for your team. Kills do not count towards any points in this game type. You need to pick up other enemy's dog tags to get points. You can do this by either killing enemy players yourself or picking them up when a teammate failed to retrieve one. In Modern Warfare 3 Kill Confirmed, you can also pick up dog tags from team mates who died, in order to prevent the other team from getting a point (red colored dog tags are your team mates dog tags).

Getting kills is important in Kill Confirmed, but is not enough to win the game. Some players could careless about gathering the dog tags and just try to rack up kills. Kill Confirmed is more of a team deathmatch/objective game hybrid. You need to kill enemies so they drop their dog tags, but if you fail to retrieve their dog tags, then you will not be adding any points to win the game.

Modern Warfare 3 Kill Confirmed Tips & Strategy

  • Steady Aim Pro is a very good perk to use for Kill Confirmed. Since you need to gather dog tags before the enemy does, you will need to be sprinting a lot. With steady aim pro, you will be able to shoot quicker after sprinting. And of course, you can hip fire much better, so getting dog tags may be easier.
  • Sub Machine Guns like the UMP are an excellent choice for Kill Confirmed. They allow you to move faster, aim quicker, and etc. Sub Machine Guns are a good choice for Kill Confirmed because you will be in a lot of close combat when trying to retrieve dog tags.
  • Avoid Sniping, unless you are actually helping other players gather dog tags. If you kill an enemy player with a sniper from a distance, you will probably not have enough time to retrieve their dog tag before another enemy player gets it.
  • Another great perk to use in Modern Warfare 3 Kill Confirmed is Extreme Conditioning. This allows you to sprint for a longer period of time and would be helpful for gathering dog tags quicker before the enemy team does.

Modern Warfare 3 Kill Confirmed Additional Tips and Notes

For Kill Confirmed, it may actually be best to use the Support Strike Package. Mainly because it will help your team mates out more than the Assault Strike Package. Remember that getting kills in this game type does not directly help the team win, so the Assault Strike Package is not as useful. Of course, if you just want to get kills, then this does not matter. The Assault Strike Package in Modern Warfare 3 is more about helping yourself out to get more kills.

Try and retrieve dog tags as much as possible, but not at the expense of your own life. Meaning, don't just run around blindly trying to collect dog tags without watching for other players who may potentially kill you and collect your dog tag . Other enemy players may be waiting behind cover to kill you before you can pick up a dog tag(s). Make sure the coast is clear before picking up dog tags, most of the time at least.

Kill Confirmed is also a great way to rank up fast in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. You get points for gathering dog tags and getting kills.

How do you play Kill Confirmed in MW3?

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    • profile image

      Jgilmartin 6 years ago

      I find that the specialist killstreaks are really useful in KC. It allows for (on my setup)


      Extreme conditioning, hard line pro, and steady aim

      Specialist perks

      SoH pro, quick draw pro, and stalker pro (scavenger pro can be substituted for stalker if ammo depletion is a prob)

      SMGs are a must, I recommend mp7 for fire rate, and scores or mp9 as alt weapon

    • profile image

      WackyMattie1995 6 years ago

      a good tip for ranking up really fast in kill confirmed,you have to camp but its worth it, you have to have a tactical insertion and camp... when you die you spawn near your death and pick up your own dog tags wich give you 250 points

    • profile image

      KALOS 6 years ago

      I went 65-9 in kill confirmed a few days ago. Video is on YouTube on JrNBAballer for proof, but anyway, we only won 65-48. When you are using killstreaks like the Pavelow, you can't collect the dogtags from the people who die unless you find them on the map

      Conclusion: even getting huge killstreaks using the assault package doesn't help you team as much as using perk killstreaks and getting kills that way. I prefer to rack up the kills more than get the tags though lol

    • profile image

      Mother F man 6 years ago

      HOw do u get dog AND ON WHAT LEAVEL

    • profile image

      Joel 6 years ago

      These tips are pretty helpful, I got some excellent advice from the Modern Warfare Domination guide here

    • profile image

      moiurbd 6 years ago

      you have mention a nice topic