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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3: Survival Guide

Updated on December 30, 2012

Survival Mode

Hello, and welcome to a guide to the all new Survival Mode in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3! In this guide we will be discussing the different weapon types, the maps, the enemies you will be facing, strategies to implement, and some helpful tips!

First, let's discuss the weapons that you can use in Survival Mode. There are many categories you can choose from, including handguns, submachine guns, sniper rifles, assault rifles (My Favorite), light machine guns, and shot guns. You usually start off with a hand gun, either the Magnum .44 or the Five-Seven, unless you are doing the more difficult levels, than you will start of with a MP5. In the easier levels, the beginning enemies start off with model 1887 shotguns, this is a great weapon to pick up for the early rounds. Once you accrude 3000 dollars, you are able to purchase an assault rifle from the weapon armory. These are my personal favorites because they allow for rapid killing, and have good clip sizes/ammo. You could also use Submachine guns for greater mobility and fire rate, but you are sacrificing damage and ammo. Shotguns are the best weapon when you are faced with Juggernauts, which are soldiers who have a suit of "armor". Handguns are pretty useless after the first four or so rounds, so i wouldn't bother purchasing one at the armory. Sniper rifles are hard to use in Survival, as you are usually moving around a lot, however if you are playing with multiple people (a team) than you could be the designated sniper and have the other players cover you and protect you if the enemies get to close. However, they are very difficult, and foolish, to use during solo play. Light machine guns are good to use for they have amazing clip sizes and do good damage, however they cost $7000.

Now, we will talk about the different maps in Survival Mode. This game mode features the same maps as the multiplayer game mode, including Resistance (battling it out French Style), Dome, Carbon, Bakaara, Outpost, Village, ect. These maps are split into different difficulty categories, ranging from Easy to Insane. There are many differences between the difficulties, such as the enemies that you face (They get harder as you go up in difficulty), the weapon you start with (From the Five-Seven pistol to the MP5 submachine gun), and the type of enemies that you face. The harder the difficulty is, the more different enemies you will face.

Now, the different enemies that you face. In the easy levels, you face Bomb Squads (Which are guys with C4 strapped to their chests as well as attack dogs with C4), Regular, non-explosive Attack Dogs, Choppers (Which can either be shot down or blown up with a Predator Missle), and Juggernauts (Which are airdropped about every 5 to 6 levels, to keep you on your toes), and of course you will always face regular infantry troops, which get more advance and harder to kill as you progress onto higher waves. To effectively defeat the Bomb Squads, you simply need to shoot them before they reach you. Once you shoot them, they will glow red, meaning their C4 has been activated, now just stay away from them, and they will blow up. You can even time it so that the explosion kills other troops. The attack dogs, and the exploding attack dogs can be dealt with by a timely knife attack as the dog jumps on you, or they can be shot. However, if you let the exploding attack dogs tackle you and you have to break their neck, make sure you get up and run fast, for when you break their neck, their C4 activates. In the Regular levels, the enemies are quite similar, however there are some few variations. There is now the introduction of Chemical Warfare, which are guys similar to the Bomb squads, but with chemical gas tanks, who also set gas traps up like claymores. You also have Riotshield Juggernauts, which are just Juggernauts with riotshields, who usually come every other Juggernaut round. The Hard and Insane difficulties share the same enemies; also they share enemies with the easier difficulties as well. You still have attack dogs, but all of them have C4 strapped to them, you still have bomb squads, chemical warfare, juggernauts, attack helicopters, riotshield juggernauts, but also with the addition of claymore experts, who plant claymores throughout the level, mainly around the different armories.

Now for the fun part; strategies. They are many different strategies for each level, so i will only highlight a few. One excellent strategy that you can implement is on the Resistance level. It requires two or more people, so make sure you are playing with a friend, or someone you can communicate with. What you do is once you have enough money, have one player purchase a regular auto sentry turret, and the other player purchase a grenade-launching turret. Then go up to the top right of the map if you are facing the equipment armory (Up the stairs and straight back, to that corner). Here you set up both turrets facing the street (where the stairs are, and where the street curves). Then one person lays in between the two sentries and can shoot at will at the enemies, while the turrets are also killing them. The other player must then guard the only other entrance, which is on the left side of the corner. If you are able to hold out in this position, using the time between rounds to get more ammo, you should be able to make it very far.

Fun Tips: Here we will discuss fun tips for Survival Mode.

  • Delta Squads come in handy, but in the later rounds, they aren't very effective, and your money is best spent elsewhere.
  • Predator Missles can be a quick way to kill Juggernauts!
  • Always make sure you have enough ammo, its always smart, if you have the money, to refill your ammo after every round once you have reached the later rounds.
  • Picking up enemy guns is a good way to get higher level guns if you can't buy them. The harder the enemies get, the better guns they carry.
  • Always keep a shotgun with you, they are invaluable when it comes to fihgitng juggernauts.


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    • profile image

      Joe 4 years ago

      u got some info wrong

      u start with a five seven or a usp, not a magnum.

      in hard, u start with an mp412, and in insane u start with an m16 and a five seven.