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Call of Duty WWII: Operation Neptune Offense Tips and Strategy Guide

Updated on November 25, 2017
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John has been writing video game strategy guides for seven years in addition to publishing gaming videos on YouTube.


Operation Neptune is arguably my least favorite War map. With that being said there are some tricks that I will discuss below that will help you win games on offense when playing war.

Objective 1: Capture the cliff bunkers.

If you are not working as a team this objective may be where the game ends. Before the game starts, you and your team should have a clear way of how you are going to tackle capturing the cliff bunkers.

There should be 1 sniper on offense, maybe 2 at the max, but there is no need for more than 1 sniper. The other players should be focused on moving up the beach. If you are attacking the left side first make sure most players are staying to the far left. This forces enemy players to expose themselves and allows the sniper on your team to take them out.

Smoke grenades are also a must. If you can place smoke grenades in front of the bunkers, your team will have no issues making their way to the bunkers. Frag grenades are also fairly important as if you can injure the players that are in the bunker, and get in there quick enough you will have a big advantage over them.

If you are going to be storming the bunkers I highly suggest a shotgun with incendiary shells. You potentially could clear an entire bunker with the 4 incendiary shells on the combat shotgun, also allowing you entire team to enter the bunker and assist with you.

Objective 2: Destroy the communications equipment.

When you are destroying the communications equipment please note that some pieces you can destroy without entering the bunker. These should be eliminated first to help your team succeed easily.

Frag grenades are also extremely important at this section. Every time you spawn you should be throwing a frag grenade in the general area of where the equipment is stationed. This is free damage that you are able to put on the communications equipment and will help your team in the long run.

Your whole team should not be entering through the same path. It will help split up the enemy players if you can continuously force them to split up, and continue building different walls. You should also focus on continuously destroying all the walls that the enemy places. If at the beginning you go and destroy all the walls simultaneously the enemy is not going to know which path you are using to enter, and is going to force them to spend valuable time re-building all of the walls.

Unless there is only 1 or 2 pieces of equipment left, when entering the base you should be first focused with trying to clear the room, and kill the enemy players. If you can manage to take half of them out, this may provide you with extra seconds when destroying the equipment, which is potentially all you may need to take out a few pieces. If there is only 1 piece left, then it may be safer for the whole team to focus on charging in and attempting to take this last piece of equipment out.

Objective 3: Destroy the artillery guns.

This last objective is also going to take team work, and I personally suggest taking out the left gun first. Typically enemy players will send most of their team to the right side, and only a couple of players will go to the left gun. If you can manage to take this location out first, you will also have multiple entry ways into the right base.

Smoke grenades are extremely important on this objective. Throwing a smoke grenade onto the artillery guns will potentially allow you to get the bomb planted, as well as potentially killing the enemy player who is sitting attempting to guard the artillery guns.

Shotguns and close range weapons are a must if you are attempting to attack the artillery guns. A sniper can also be useful if they are sitting inside the house providing over watch via the 2nd floor window. Having someone in this location can significantly help allow your team to successfully destroy the right artillery gun.


While in my opinion this is arguably the most annoying map to play war on, if you work together as a team you should not have many issues overcoming and winning the game.

© 2017 John Reid-Roberts


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