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Call of Duty World War 2 How to Rank up Fast ( WWII )

Updated on November 21, 2017
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John has been writing video game strategy guides for seven years in addition to publishing gaming videos on YouTube.


When you are trying to rank up quickly in any Call of Duty game, there are ways that one can play to save time, and work more efficiently. I will discuss many of these benefits to save you time and allow you to rank your character up faster.

Game Modes

Game modes is an important factor when you are ranking up. If you are simply playing a game of free for all you may not be ranking up as quickly as you would like unless you are coming in first place each game. With that being said, objective based games if played correctly can generally allow you to rank up significantly quicker.

One example of a game mode that can help you rank up fairly quickly is the War game mode. In this game mode you will play through 3-4 objective on both offense and defense. Your kill to death ratio does not increase in this game mode, therefore many players are willing to rush the objective and go for the win. I was able to reach the first prestige on the weekend the game came out due to the ability of achieving an average of 20,000+ xp per game on war.

Domination / Headquarters / Capture the flag are examples of game modes where you can also gain a great amount of xp, and quickly rank up. The trick to playing these game modes is not only focusing on kills, but using the objective to your advantage. For instance, if you are defending an objective, typically you will get double the points if you are standing on or nearby the objective while getting kills. In domination if you manage to kill someone you will receive 50 points, although if you are standing on an objective when you kill someone you will get 100. This not only doubles your experience, but will also speed up your ability to get your kill streaks.

Search and destroy is another game mode that allows you to rank up quickly. This game mode traditionally offers significantly more points per kill. The reason being is that once you die, you do not respawn until the round is over. If you find some tricks in this game mode to increase your success you may be able to make your progression through the prestiges take less time than playing objective based game modes.


Challenges provide bonus xp when you complete a certain task. These can be very important to how quickly you rank up in the game. If you always use the same weapon, and same load-out you will eventually start getting less xp each game that you play. While you don't need to change your guns out after each game, if you unlock the gold camouflage on a weapon, it may be time to start a new one. Going through each of the getting gold camouflage on a weapon means all changes have been completed for that weapon. Achieving gold camouflage in the past would grant a player roughly 30,000 XP if you add up each step to getting gold.

The player challenges also will give you significant xp. There are various classes of challenges including Humiliation, Boot Camp, Expert. Each of these will have different challenges in order to complete the whole set. Each challenge that you complete will grant a bonus XP of anywhere from 500XP all the way to 5,000XP. Taking the time to complete the challenges that you are able to will help you rank up significantly quicker.


Contracts can be a decent way for you to get bonus xp as well. There are multiple contracts each day that will grant the user bonus xp on completion. While this can be a small amount of xp, it will still help you rank up that much quicker. Completing these can also give you crates that have the possibility of dropping double xp that will last a set amount of time.


Overall there are many ways to speed up the rate at which you rank up. Above are a few examples that is used together can save you time, and allow you to prestige a little quicker than normal. While everyone has their own play styles, and game modes they prefer, following some of these tips will allow you to take advantage of unlocking new weapons quicker as you rank up.

© 2017 John Reid-Roberts


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