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Call of Duty World at War Reviewed

Updated on May 29, 2009

Call of Duty World at War the newest installment to the series. The game is probably going to be compared to the previous ones, mainly the release prior to this one Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare. However, it is kind of hard to compare those two games to each other since the newest is based in World War II style of combat versus the modern day warfare of Call of Duty 4 so it is hard to compare those games. Like most games this one does have quite a few positives that make it a highly acceptable game to purchase for playing enjoyment.

The main positive is the graphics that were brilliant in Call of Duty 4 are present in this new release, except they are ten times better. The main difference that I noticed while playing the game was the characters seem more authentic looking with more natural movements than before. The other big thing that I noticed is that the grass and flags and such will be flapping in the breeze and they will be moving in the proper direction compared to some other games that the breeze is not taken into account.

Another positive is that the game play is a lot smoother than in other games. Unlike some where you are bouncing from place to place you run smoothly into an American operation then to a Russian operation. The hardest thing about this though that I found is remembering that when you're in which outfit the weapon type. Now that may or may not sound like it is hard, but when you go back and forth constantly after completing each mission. The weaponry while mostly is a rifle or machine gun you have to remember that the Russian arms and the American arms all had different strengths and weaknesses.

Now some of the drawbacks that I found for this game is the game can be glitch at parts of it. I know I was in a couple of missions and the game just totally froze and would not unfreeze causing me to have to reboot. This happened a couple of times, but each time it was as I was near the end of the mission that I was on. That is what ticked me off the most about the freezing.

The other thing that I find as a drawback like I said before was the missions switching back and forth. I understand that the game was trying to make it compatible with time frame, but if that was the point then it would have been smoother to let people choose if they wanted to do the American or Russian campaign first. That could have been on the game, but I just started playing right away out of excitement before looking at the options available.

Overall I would have to say Call of Duty World at War is one of the better games for this series. Now like I said before if you liked Call of Duty Modern Warfare because it was more modern then you might not care for the return to World War II. However, I know that this game is a great game to play and well worth the money for the challenge and fun play.


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