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Call of Duty black ops Moon zombies initial strategy for first few levels

Updated on August 28, 2011

First few levels strategy ON SOLO

Ok so the new zombies map has been out for a few days now and a lot of people are telling ways of getting a pack-a-ounched gun at start or juggernaut at the start. This can be helpful but is not necessary for the first few round especially since you can come back here at any time.

If you are playing by yourself, you should easily be able to get 2000 point in area 51 (the first area before the start of round 1). If you wanna go right to the teleporter that's fine too. Once you are one the moon is where strategy varies. The BEST strategy i know is DO NOT unlock the doors before round three. This will just let zombies come in behind you and will make it hard to knife. With that being said round 1, and 2, you should simply use your knife. There is NO need to waste pistol bullets or grenades. I also suggest letting the zombies come out of the window so that you can A- rebuild for more cash. And on round 1, 9 times out of 10, a Max ammo will be dropped if zombies come out of the window. After round 2 you don't have to make a crawler but now is when i suggest you moving and getting an olympia, or an M14. I personally take the shotgun, but it does not matter this gun won't be used passed level 5. After round 3 you can start pushing further along. Make sure you keep enough points so that when you reach the power room you have 950 for mystery box or if it is not there, then 1500 for the stakeout shotgun. If the mystery box is not there, then things get A LOT tougher for you as the game progresses but have no fear it is still doable. From here you should try to just hold your ground with the stakeout if the mystery box is not there. By the end of level 5 you should have enough money to make it to the moon, or the dome to use the mystery box. And there you have it. The first few round are done and practice and technique will get you further and further on. Below you will find my team strategy.

Team first few younds strategy

If you are attempting this as a team then i do not suggest playing around in the beginning and going for juggernaut or pack-a-punch. Although doable it will be difficult with everyone running around and typically someone will go down. So i suggest everyone making there way to the teleporter after about 25 seconds. Once you go through the teleporter and on the moon, with 4 people you should be able to survive in the main room until level 5, with 3 people until level 4 maybe 5, and with 2 you should not stay no longer than level 3. After that you should each go get better weapons downstairs but fend off for another round to save up a little bit of extra money to move downstairs. Once you start making your way down you should only take 1 path, and have enough money for everyone to hit the mystery box if it is in the power room. if it is not in the power room then everyone should grab a stakeout and fend off the power room for a level or two until you have enough to move up to the moon, or the dome. Once you have moved up to the moon or the dome depending on the location of the mystery box, You should hold that area down until everyone has there gun preference and then i would suggest camping the moon, Not only can you move around a lot, but you can also get on the teleporter to get the pack-a-punch if need be pretty quickly. The moon is a good place to camp, unless you would like to take your mask off then the dome is a better place to camp until the excavator hits it. BUt there ya go, a very basic strategy for you to follow to get the early levels out of the way.

I will be creating more guides as i have time now, and i will show you how to get, ALL THREE songs that are unlockable, i will do a guide on the easter eggs, i will do a strategy guide for you to follow at a later levels, and i will do guides on some of the devices and new toys that are put into this game including QED's, and many of the other new fun items in the game. My guides will mostly be on video games like Black Ops, the new Modern Warfare 3 when that is released, and i should be uploading more and more hubs as time goes on.


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    • Johnrr631992 profile image

      John Reid-Roberts 6 years ago from Boston, Massachusetts

      My problem is, i could do cheats for all my guides, but i personally am not a fan of them

    • profile image

      Mateo 6 years ago

      You should tell how to get the cheat for the moon level