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Call of Duty 2017 is World War 2

Updated on November 11, 2017
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Craig has been a writer on HubPages since 2013. He is currently studying for Marketing at Nottingham Trent University—in the land of Robin.

Call of Duty: WWII - your brethren needs you, and remember - "no sacrifice too great"
Call of Duty: WWII - your brethren needs you, and remember - "no sacrifice too great"

The Hype is Real On Call of Duty: WWII’s Multiplayer

Call of Duty: WWII has hit the video-game market with astonishing results, and on the day of launch on 3rd November, 2017 the game sold double what Infinite Warfare (COD 2016) sold last year on its initial launch date. This may not be too overwhelming for video-game analytic enthusiasts since Infinite Warfare was Call of Duty’s worst selling title of all time, but it still went on to become the top selling video-game for 2016.

The real message to the people comes from the actual experience playing the game itself, and Call of Duty: WWII (here on out referred to as simply “WWII”) has perhaps the greatest multiplayer mode that I have ever seen on the next-generation consoles. In WWII’s multiplayer mode there is a lot to get your gaming mind into, and the war mode stands as one of the most proud game modes to ever be introduced into a Call of Duty multiplayer experience. On the war mode, there is a series of objectives that must be accomplished in order of winning the match, and to take the pressure off in the war mode there is no kill-to-death ratios or scorestreaks.

Why play “WWII”’s war mode?: There are three exclusive maps available on the war mode in “WWII”, and the only map that I want to play is Operation Neptune, the mode that gives the attacking team of players the opportunity to storm the Normandy beaches to take control of the entry into the country. The opposing team (the defenders) gain the opposite control of the axis forces whereby the first objective requires you to mow down the US soldiers as they land on the beach front, and this is a shocking scene that would have actually happened at the start of the US’s entry into World War 2.

Everything Great About Call of Duty: WWII’s Multiplayer

Top 10 Things About the “WWII” Multiplayer Experience

No.1 - The war mode: Honestly, the war mode is a must-play game mode that features in the “WWII” multiplayer playlist, and the only shame is that there are only 3 maps available exclusively for the game mode. What is so unique about the war mode is that it has only ever appeared on Call of Duty’s World War 2 set games, making the last war mode experience before “WWII” the online mode for World at War (COD 2008). The brutality of the mode is unbelievable, as on certain objective stages like the building of the bridge stage on the Operation Breakout map, the attacking team is literally massacred on the battlefield as player soldiers make sincere effort attempts at doing the actual building of the bridge. Expect a real hammering on the Operation Neptune map, as the attacking team spawns with a whole heap load of AI allies on the beachfront, and this makes for an easier job of getting off the beach alive, but also serves as a reminder of the great numbers of lives that were lost on the Normandy beach. The final map, Operation Griffin, is one that seems to pop up the most on the matchmaking board, and it has a great starting objective for the attacking team of players that are tasked with escorting three allied tanks down the road to the next objective point on the map.

No.2 - Domination is still king: Those familiar with the Call of Duty franchise, more specifically the multiplayer side to the franchise, will have come across the domination game mode at a significant number of times, and the mode is defining for the “WWII” multiplayer experience. Quick FYI: Every multiplayer game mode other than the war mode counts the kill-to-death ratios, and has maps that are small to medium sized. Playing domination is simple, there are 3 flag points spread across the map, and the allied/axis team must secure each of these flags in order to dominate the match and bring a victory home. Domination is the perfect game mode for players who are new and are looking for something to play that will offer them the most possible opportunities for getting some easy kills and to earn the maximum amount of XP to rank up as quickly as humanly possible. Keep capturing the flags (earns a considerable amount of XP - 3 times the amount of XP for a single kill), keep spamming grenades at flag point B, and spray the gun fire around corners to take enemies off guard to rack-up some easy early match kills.

No.3 - Hardcore might be for you: The hardcore mode in Call of Duty multiplayer modes have typically been seen as considerably more difficult for players to dominate the match and rack in all of the kills, but this may be quite the opposite in “WWII”. Why play hardcore mode in “WWII”? Well, for a start all of the YouTube Call of Duty streamers seem to have opted for this playlist in WWII, and that includes such popular channels as HollowPoiint, Korean Savage, and Ali-A. In hardcore mode, there is no hit-marker assists, health regeneration, mini-map, and kills are instant - but you’ll have to be sure to watch your corners otherwise there will be the instant death.

No.4 - 9 multiplayer maps in total, and they are all amazing: This one is a rarity in Call of Duty, as there has always been those pesky maps that you simply dread playing, but this is all about to change in 2017’s Call of Duty take on World War 2. Every map is satisfying to play in “WWII” online, and just when a map gets bigger the fun becomes even more-so endless. Sledgehammer Games (developer studio for “WWII”) can do no wrong, and their multiplayer maps are some of the best in Call of Duty history, and what clearly makes them the greatest is the satisfying gameplay experience.

No.5 - The prestige emblems look amazing: There has been a lot of criticism in the past for the prestige emblems in various Call of Duty titles, as they simply do not feel rewarding enough for the player experience online. This could not be an issue more distant from the topic of “WWII”, as the prestige emblems get better and better in the WWII multiplayer ranked experience. There are 10 prestiges in total, and the final prestige has a legendary prestige emblem that is unlocked at prestige 10 - level 56. At prestige 10, the player has 1000 levels that they can make their way through before they completely finish the multiplayer ranked experience.

No.6 - The guns are a part of divisions - and it actual works for the better: Call of Duty has long done the create-a-class system in their multiplayer mode, but in “WWII” there are divisions, and this is a similar system, only now the player must pick between the divisions for assault rifles, sub-machine guns, sniper rifles, light machine guns, or shotguns. These divisions allow certain abilities that are unique to the division, and each division can be prestiged in order to unlock added extras for the weapon type. Take the airborne division: This is the division for sub-machine guns, and the perks include a suppressor, climbing quicker, and running quicker, and these abilities have all been designed to help the player enhance their skills with the specific division in question. Then again, maybe you like using the sniper rifles, and for this you’ll require the mountain division, and the abilities include the ability of holding your breath longer whilst aiming down the scope of the sniper rifle.

No.7 - Headquarters base is actually good: There has been a lot of talking about the new headquarters social space for players to go in-between matches, and the overall consensus is that it is a good idea, and even better in practise. In the headquarters base (set on the beach side), a player can join friends to watch them open supply drops, do 1v1’s, test scorestreaks, compete one another on the firing range, prestige divisions, unlock new contracts, and at level 55 prestige your soldier at the top of the hill. There are even some fun quirks in the headquarters base where you can pick up a ball and play catch with friends, sit and slide down the hill, and commend your fellow brethren for great work on the open battlefield. Uwwhh, and there is also the theatre where you can watch MLG contests, and also check out the latest Call of Duty information.

No.8 - The Brotherhood is Back: Something that pleased so many Call of Duty players from the golden years between 2004 and 2008 was the World War 2 locations and time era setting, and it has made a grand return in 2017 with “WWII”, and the setting really makes you want to watch your buddy’s back in the online action. Seeing the brotherhood back for a run with Sledgehammer Games at the helm has been exciting, and the gameplay experience is everything that no one was expecting, since there had been so much scepticism around the return to World War 2. This may have actually worked out for the better, as the experience was unbelievably defined, and has to be better than Treyarch’s World at War. Now that’s a question, but from going from pure memories, I would have to not hesitate in saying that 2017’s “WWII” is the best.

No.9 - Supply drops are back, and they are the best yet: There has been so much controversy over the past few years since Activision included micro-transactions in the more recent Call of Duty titles, but for the first time the supply drops seem fair through and through. Earning supply drops in-game is easier than ever, and as far there has not been any new weapons added to the supply drops, and even if there were Sledgehammer Games are using a similar supply drop model to Modern Warfare Remastered, so there shouldn’t be any convoluted plots to steal our money. It seems that Sledgehammer Games are going to be adding operations to their supply drops, and for the most part they seem great, but fans of the game are feeling somewhat touchy about the possibility of supply drop weapons (so this may still be a rising issue in the near future). Before you prestige, you should have enough unlocks to satisfy just about anyone, and in terms of the supply drop system for “WWII” it has been a resounding applause of a success.

No.10 - Secret unlocks guaranteed: In the game files there has been so much revealed to the “WWII” community for as to what they can expect at a later date, but there is no need to wait until the next big update for new items in your immediate unlocks. Once you have prestiged any division 4 times you will unlock a secret hidden weapon, and for the airborne division you unlock the rusty MP40, and the weapon arguably plays better than the ordinary MP40 sub-machine gun (stats are the same though, must be a feeling). Really, there is a lot of items that are hidden in the game, and at first you have nothing unique - but before you know it you have some seriously cool soldier uniforms (my favourite - the screamer II). On a plus note, never ever purchase contracts with your depot credits as they are a waste of your savings, and it is far more wise to keep these credits in reserve for expensive items that require unlocking.

Everything I Was Hoping For

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    • Craig Easom profile image

      Dreammore 5 months ago from British Empire

      Hey Poppy,

      The game is amazing. Plus, around Christmas there will hopefully be a winter themed map for multiplayer. The online divisions are great. The Headquarters online space is great. The prestige progression is great. The maps are all great. Call of Duty: WWII is basically a great game.

      Thanks for commenting.

    • poppyr profile image

      Poppy 5 months ago from Tokyo, Japan

      Waiting to get this for Christmas. Can't wait.