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Call of Gods by Aeria Games

Updated on April 29, 2011

Your Own Personal Castle

Call of Gods is a browser game hosted by Aeria Games, where players fill the shoes of a general set in a dangerous world of magic to lead your own personal army consisting of various species of heroes and warriors. Also, you are provided your own personal castle, whose degree of management corresponds to how a player fares in Call of Gods.

Call of Gods
Call of Gods


You are required first of all to establishing resources ranging from lumber, iron, stone and copper, the currency involved in building upgrades. Below is a list of said buildings and their corresponding resources:

  1. Lumbermill - Lumber
  2. Quarry - Stone
  3. Iron mine - Iron
  4. Copper mine - copper

The more upgrades every building receives, the more resources it is capable of producing. The alternative, more convenient means of obtaining the resources listed above is by completing quests which may or may not reward you with cards for every resource.


Build a warehouse to enhance your castle's storage capacity for lumber, stone and iron derived from their respective mines, while upgrade your palace in order to accommodate the ever needed rise in copper, in the process reducing building time by a specific percentage.


Build and upgrade dwellings so as to accommodate the ever rising population of your castle, which consists mainly of units of your army.


Build and upgrade your barracks to recruit military units for your army as well as unlock new units. Units include:

  1. Swordsman
  2. Archer
  3. Cavalier
  4. Monk
  5. Archangel
  6. Templar Knight (enhanced version of the swordsman)
  7. Marksman (enhanced version of the archer)
  8. Paladin (enhanced version of the cavalier)
  9. Oracle (enhanced version of the monk)
  10. Seraphim (enhanced version of the archangel)

Recruitment and upgrades require specific amount of resources. Also, it should be noted that various units occupy a certain number in population.

Tower of Truth

This is where technology and magic are researched. Technology includes:

  1. Royal Decree, which determines the number of heroes you are able to recruit
  2. Klaxon Call, which enables every hero to command an additional 15 units with every level
  3. Salvation, which revamps the regeneration rate of unit losses
  4. Dominion, which boosts the storage capacity of your warehouse
  5. Imperial Expansion, which boosts the limit of your castle's population
  6. Heraldry, which boosts the number of recruitable units
  7. Logistics, which enhances your temporary storage capacity;

whereas Magic includes:

  1. Honed Steel, which enhances the attack of your units
  2. Shield Wall, which enhances the defense of your units
  3. Boots of Haste, which enhances the agility of your units, the determinant of who gets to move first in the battlefield
  4. Divine Protection, which enhances the vitality, or health of your units

In my case, I focused on upgrading Royal Decree, in consequence increasing the number of heroes under my command; Klaxon Call, so as to increase the army size under the command of every hero; and Imperial Expansion, in order to accommodate the consequently amplified population of the castle.

As for magic, I concentrated on upgrading Honed Steel in order to improve the strength of my army and Shield Wall to stack up on defense.

Smithy and Royal Stable

Build a smithy in order to improve the refresh time of recruitable military units, and a royal stable, to gain access to calvary units, including both cavalier and paladin, as well as flying ones, such as archangel and seraph; and at the same time, lower the refresh time for recruitable military units.

Call of Gods is a war-based browser game among a host of others hosted by Aeria Games set in a deadly world of magic where only the fittest reigns supreme. To play, simply click here.


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