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Candy Crush Obsession? Why is it so fun to destroy a bunch of Candies?

Updated on August 30, 2015

Candy Crush Saga: Fun or an Unhealthy Obsession?

I have to admit that when I heard about Candy Crush Saga, I vowed to never play it. I heard of people spending hundreds of dollars on the game, and people spending HOURS a day trying to break candies.

Unfortunately, I decided to break my little vow and give Candy Crush Saga a shot. So what came out of my little venturing?


Okay, it's a little Addictive

The first few rounds were a little too simple for me, and so I couldn't get why people liked this game so much. But then I kept playing another round and another round, and it started to get more and more fun (and more and more time consume). Eventually, I got through 20 levels, lost all my lives, only to be faced with the "You ran out of lives!" message.

I was a bit frustrated with this. It's like playing an awesome video game, and then having to input more quarters to continue playing it, even though that is so 1990s.

And if you want more lives, you have to Wait or Pay

If you want to continue playing the game, or if you're super close to winning the round and you only need one more move, you can decide to purchase extra lives or extra moves.

When I saw this, I thought the owners of Candy Crush Saga were absolutely mad and evil geniuses. Here they have an addictive game, and they try to bait their players into buying more cash shop stuff so that they can continue to enjoy the game.

I can imagine some people falling for this little trap, especially toward the end of the 400-some levels.

It's not uncommon for a person to get stuck on a certain level for weeks, so it's not surprising that if they get close to winning, they'll dish out a couple of bucks to get over that level.

This Lady Summarizes it All in a Hilarious Way

My Favorite Quote from this Video

"I think that's the legal definition of coercion!"

What's the difference between Candy Crush Saga and Bejeweled?

Long before I played Candy Crush Saga, I had purchased and downloaded Bejeweled, which is a game similar to Candy Crush Saga in that you have to swap icons in order to pop up. The higher the combos, the more points you get, and the more destruction you do.

Believe when I say that Bejeweled is 10x better than Candy Crush Saga will ever be.

While Candy Crush Saga is a little fun in the beginning, as you progress through levels, they get intensely harder and less fun. You start focusing on how you can get the candy to the bottom of the graph than on enjoy your time playing a video.

Bejeweled is a lot more laid back. The puzzles there have no time limit, and the ones that do are completely doable and do not require you to restart your game 50-60 times until you get.

Did I mention there's no move limits either?

Why not Get Bejeweled 3 Today?

Bejeweled 3
Bejeweled 3

It costs a mere $15.00 for hours of jewel-popping enjoyment. And you don't have to worry about the guy moaning "tasty" and "delicious" whenever you do combos. There's also no move limits whatsoever, and there's a zen mode that you can play when you just want to crush for the hell of it.

Does Candy Crush Saga have that? I don't think so!


What makes Candy Crush Saga such a Terrible Game?

There are so many reasons I dislike Candy Crush Saga compared to other games, and that doesn't include the millions of Candy Crush Saga requests you get on Facebook (we all know how annoying that can get).

The Game Gives you Only Five Lives

I believe if you enjoy a game, you shouldn't have to be limited to how much you can play. It's such a horrible experience for the player, especially since the amount of lives they have seems so short. I find myself losing my lives within 20 or so minutes, and I don't want to be shut-out when I'm just getting into the game!

Some Levels are Just Absolutely Ridiculous

There have been some levels on Candy Crush Saga that are just so hard to beat, it really makes you wonder how much money the creators are making from this specific level.

The Game Relies on Luck more than Tactic

For a game that appears to be something that requires methodical, tactical thinking, it relies a whole lot on luck. In order to beat some levels, you will need to create combos to help you beat the level, but sometimes you won't get the pieces you need, and no matter how smart you are for that level, if you don't get the pieces, you can't win.

This especially goes for levels where the board is broken, and you have to destroy the jelly pieces. I HATE jelly-clearing levels!

What is your opinion about Candy Crush Saga?

Do you think the obsession over this game is getting a little out-of-hand? Post below; I'd love to hear your opinion.

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    • profile image

      Louie 3 years ago

      Yes! Bejewled is a thousand times better! Every time I go on the appstore I say come on....why is it the number one app.....I think candy crush is very childish and brainwashing. should be ashamed of taking over some people's lives.