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Candy Crush Sage - Tips and tricks for moving on in the game

Updated on December 10, 2012

What the 'board' looks like as you level up

How it begins

Like most people I LOVE playing those mind numbing games that one can find on facebook and other social Medias. It gives my mind the break it needs from thinking of other things – yep, that’s why I play them. For the most part I play several levels then kind of get stuck on one level only to return once in a while, if ever again. With the help of my daughter and her fiancé` I’ve managed to discover a couple tips and tricks for moving on and actually passing a lot of my friends on the game!

They’ve heard me curse at the ‘Doom’ Bubbles from ‘Bubble Witch Saga’ many times so they’ve kind of taken to watching me play over my shoulder. One of these games caught their eye. As I was saying out loud “Gotta get the Jelly” (you must stretch out the word jelly to understand it properly) they stopped for a minute to watch. I had to take a break to refill my coffee cup when the fiancé` sat down in my seat to play. One round and he was hooked.

Since I only have one computer in the house and they both have those fancy phones that allow most games to be played, they downloaded it and began their own ‘saga’.

Board game? Not!

Candy Crush Saga is set up similar to that of a board game in its design but it is anything but a board game!

You start out with 5 lives, the first few rounds seem so easy that you might even think it’s a dumb game that anyone can play and win. Matching up 3 or more colorful candy pieces will move them down similar to that of the ‘Bejeweled’ game. You need at least 3 to make a match either up and down or side to side. Getting 4 in a match is a little harder but the reward is greater, you will gain a piece of candy with stripes. Matching 3 across and 3 down at the same time will net you a piece of ‘wrapped’ candy. Matching 5 will net you a sprinkle covered chocolate ball.

What to do with all of these prizes!!

The Basics

The candy with stripes when matched with 2 other of the same color will clear out the line in which it is on. If the stripes go up and down it will clear the entire vertical row, the same goes for horizontal.

The wrapped candy will explode taking out 6 – 9 spaces around it, then when it lands in it’s resting spot it will pulsate and explode again taking out a smaller area.

The sprinkle covered chocolate ball is kind of like a ‘freebie’. It doesn’t need anything to match it. Whatever you switch it with will remove all of that color from the board.

What to do with those candies you've made!

Sounds pretty basic right? Now comes the fun part!

Two striped candies of any color will make a ‘match’ and take out those lines in which they are pointing!

A striped and wrapped candy matched will make a big bomb that clears out about 1/3 of the board.

Matching a wrapped candy and sprinkle covered ball will make a good sized bomb.

Matching 2 sprinkled balls in the center of the board will clear the entire board.

Matching a striped candy and the sprinkle covered candy will cause ALL candies of that color to become striped and in turn clear out all lines in which they are in! This is how you get the high scores, clearing out the entire board.

More about the game as you move up

I can see now that had I not discovered these neat little tips or tricks I would have been very frustrated and quit the game around level 33.

As you move on to clear the ‘Jelly’ (again stretching out the word) some levels require that it takes 3 times of making a match to completely clear out the jelly from that space.

A few levels will have the candy pieces ‘caged’ in black licorice to remove these cages you must make a match with the piece that is in the cage OR using a striped candy above or next to the cage to wipe out that row.

Once you get into the higher levels you will discover chocolate playing a part. Until ALL the chocolate is cleared it will spread with each non-hit turn you take. To remove the chocolate you must make a match (of 3 or more) directly above or next to the chocolate.

Once discovering the use of these little bombs you will only have to spend a few times/lives before clearing each level.

It's good to have friends!

This is a game that requires friends to play. In order to move beyond level 20 you will need friends to pass you ‘train tickets’, 3 is all that is needed to move to the next 15 levels.

I've discovered that if I get stuck on a level, I go back a few levels to try to improve my scores. At times you can ‘win’ boosters from doing this. Level 70 is going to require a booster of striped and wrapped candy or making your own to get thru it.

I hope this helps you in your quest for pleasure from those mind numbing games!!!

Now go and get your "Jellllliiiieee"


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    • Sweetsusieg profile image

      Sweetsusieg 5 years ago from Michigan

      LOL Oh it had me from the word 'candy' as well!! I am having oh so much fun with this game!!

    • drbj profile image

      drbj and sherry 5 years ago from south Florida

      The game seems promising, susie. But then any game with the word candy in it and little chocolate balls would appeal to me, y'know.