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Can't play games on my computer

Updated on June 18, 2013

Having this kind of problem? You've waited for weeks or months and save money to purchased a new game but when you get home it doesn't work on your computer. You will feel some regrets buying that game. This is a big problem on some hardcore gamer. They are very excited to try latest games not knowing if that one will work on their computers. I have the same attitude too. I'll search on the internet if that game didn't work, try to search for possible solutions and remedy to get that game working.

Anyway, just don't worry about that for a moment. Because I'll tell you the possible reasons why that game doesn't work and the possible solution to fix it. This steps are based on my experiences so it might work on your PC or not and its only basic troubleshooting guide.

Here's my guide:

-Know the specification of your computer like the graphics card, RAM, hard disk space, direct X version and all the necessary and basic information on your computer. Then check if the game is compatible with your computer (Sometimes you can bypass this one, it depends on the game. Some game works on lower computer specs. Some allows you to install the game if you have the right graphics card, RAM, hard disk space and direct x version)

-If you have purchased a disc, try to check if there's any scratches or dirt before installing into your computer. If you downloaded it try to check some comments if that games you download is really working. That's one of the basic try to check more comments as possible before you download the game.

-If everything is good, computer is really compatible with the game and no problem on the actual disc. Now, try to mount then install it. You need to check if all the components are installed properly if not try to re-install it again. Some components are necessary to run the game like direct x, .net framework and microsoft visuals c++. If you have successfully installed it let's go to the next step.

-Try to run the game, If you see some error message try to search it on the internet. Or try to re-install your graphics card driver or update it (this is the most common problem why the game doesn't work). Check if you have the right version of direct x, check if all the necessary components to run the game are properly installed in your computer Then restart your computer.

-Check also your monitor resolution. Sometimes if you have higher resolution on your screen the game wont work. Just change it into recommended settings.

-Search some patch or updates on the game.

-Try to use different computer. As much as possible use the same specs like your computer.

I tried all these troubleshooting step on my PC. If all of these doesn't work. I think you need to call your friends or a technician to check and diagnose your computer.


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    • xkamronx profile image

      xkamronx 5 years ago from Utah, USA

      Good information, but try to separate the steps better, and try to use more headers to for ease of reading! :)