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Cardfight!! Vanguard: How to Play Part 3

Updated on August 30, 2016
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Cardfight!! Vanguard  
Skill List  
Skills with Videos Tutorials
Skills w/out Video Tutorials
Counter Blast
Perfect Guard
Soul Charge
Persona Blast
Soul Blast
Dual Clanning
Quintet Wall
Mega Blast
Limit Break


The following list of skills are the ones that will have video tutorials after the written explanations as well as links to forward you to units that use the said skill just you don't want to watch a video tutorial

Counter Blast

This skill is done by turning the required number (as indicated by the unit) of face up cards in your damage zone face down.

Counter Blast Tutorial

Soul Charge

This skill is done by taking the designated number of cards (as indicated by the unit) from the top of your deck and putting it underneath your Vanguard also called putting it in the soul hence the term soul charge.

Soul Blast

This skill is done by taking the designated number of cards (as indicated by the unit) from underneath your Vanguard aka the soul and putting them into the drop zone or discard pile.

Soul Blast & Soul Charge Video Tutorial


This skill pertains to when a unit mets certain requirements and can force their opponent to remove cards from their hand or field and place them in the "Bind Zone" which is any area off of the playing field. The duration for the Bind skill lasts only until the end of the player's turn who used it, so that way their opponent can use the bound cards during their turn.

Bind Tutorial


This skill turns either your opponent's or your own cards face down until that player's end turn. For example if you lock your cards they are free when your turn ends & if you lock your opponent's cards they are free at the end of their turn. Now the lock skill prevents units from being used in any way. They are unable to boost, attack, intercept, use skills, be moved to the drop zone, move forward/backward in the rearguard circle. The Rearguard circle that the unit is locked on can't even be used, so you can't call other units to replace the locked ones units.

Say you have a front row rearguard locked and the unit behind your vanguard is locked. Because they are locked you would only have 2 attacks instead of 3 & you wouldn't be able to boost your Vanguard.

Lock Tutorial

Mega Blast

The Mega Blast are the skills with biggest costs in the game but also have some of the best effects. The costs for all the Mega Blast skills require you to Soul Blast 8 cards & then Counter Blast 5 cards. When each specific skill can be activated depends on the card itself.

Mega Blast Tutorial

Limit Break

This skill is unique to the Grade 3 units. While the full effects of Limit Breaks will vary between all the different units the common factor of all Limit Breaks is that in order to activate this skill you need to have a minimum of 4 damage before they can be used.

Limit Break Tutorial


The Following Skill of Vanguard I do not have video tutorials for because I don't own any cards that use the following skills but I will have links to forward those curious about the skills to a card that has the said skill.

Perfect Guard

This ability is activated by placing the unit from you hand into the guardian circle when you are being attacked. Once its in the guardian circle you then have to discard another card from your hand for the ability to activate. If you can successfully accomplish that it will prevent your opponent from making a successful attack with the unit you are guarding against regardless of how much power or how many criticals they may have.

Persona Blast

The Persona Blast skill has the required cost of discarding the exact same card from your hand that matches the name of your Vanguard.

This skill is viewed as the easier version of the Mega Blast. However because it requires to have the units on the field and in the hand in order to be used it is also considered to be more luck reliant than its Mega Blast counterpart.

Dual Clanning

Dual Clanning is a skill which enables a unit to be treated as both the clan specified in the normal clan ID location & as well as part of the clan that is written at the bottom of the card's text.

There are only currently 2 known units with the Dual Clanning skill.

Quintet Wall

This ability is activated by placing the unit from you hand into the guardian circle when you are being attacked. Once its in the guardian circle you then have to counter blast 1 for the ability to activate. If you can successfully accomplish that you can then call 5 (same clan as the Vanguard) units to the Guardian Circle. Do Note that this may or may not block the attack because it depends on the shield amount of the cards called.

Legion Symbol

The Legion Symbol are the 2 sword like figures that form a Yellow V after the words
The Legion Symbol are the 2 sword like figures that form a Yellow V after the words | Source


The Legion Skill is the newest skill to be released in the game. This skill allows 2 cards to be on the Vanguard circle but they are both considered to be only 1 unit. Legion activates by returning 4 cards from your drop zone back into the deck. Once the cards are returned to the deck you search your deck for the "Mate" card that is written in the red within the text of your Vanguard with the Legion Skill & then place it to the left of your Vanguard. Once together they are known as your Legion Mate unit. When you attack with your Legion Mate unit their powers are added together for a stronger attack.

Unique Aspects:

  • these cards are they share the same artwork as can be seen when they are placed side by side
  • They each have half of the Legion symbol. Bottom Left for the Legion unit & Bottom Right for the Mate unit


The Forerunner Skill are exclusive to Grade 0 units. In order for this skill to be used the Grade 0 with the Forerunner skill has to be used as the starting Vanguard, otherwise nothing will happen. If your starting Vanguard does have the ForeRunner skill what occurs is when a unit of the same clan rides said Grade 0 you can call that Grade 0 unit to any RearGuard Circle.

NOTE: That all newer cards will say Forerunner (ex Stronghold of the Black Chains, Hoel) while some of the older cards won't say Forerunner but will say When another <clan name here> rides this unit, you may call this card to the Rearguard (ex Wingal Brave)


Those units that have the sentinel skill are the units that can use the Perfect Guard or Quintet Wall skill. The sentinel skill is similar to the heal triggers in the way that you can only have up to 4 units with it. This also includes having any combinations of four such as 2 perfect guards & 2 quintet walls, etc. Basic rule of thumb if your combo is more than 4 its no good.

The Perfect Guard & Quintet Wall Grade 1 units are the only units released thus far that have the sentinel skill.


The Restraint skill means that That particular unit cannot attack until you met the cost to release or remove (for that turn) the restraint skill. The necessary requirements to release the restraint vary per unit but it is usually the use of a Counter Blast or Soul Blast.

A special note of units with the Restraint skill are they can generally be seen with an attack power that is greater than other units of that particular grade.


The Lord skill is something that is unique to Grade 3 units, those with generally 11000 Power. However this isn't really so much a true skill as it is a restrictor. That is because units with the Lord skill are prevented from attacking if you have any unit that isn't of the same clan as the Lord unit's clan.

For example if you have a Vanguard with the Lord skill that belongs to the Shadow Paladin clan but have a Rearguard that belongs to the Narukami clan your Vanguard will be unable to attack until you retire the Narukami unit or ride to a different Vanguard.

Cardfight!! Vanguard Skill Facts

  • Counter Blast flips cards in the damage zone from face up to face down
  • Soul Charge places the top card of your deck in your soul (under your Vanguard)
  • Soul Blast places cards from the soul to the drop zone
  • Forerunner skill is unique to Grade 0 Units
  • Forerunner units have to be used as the starting Vanguard to use the effect
  • The Perfect Guard Units & Quintet Wall Units are sentinel units & they are unique to Grade 1 Units
  • You can only have any combination of 4 cards with Sentinel. In other words you can't have more than 4 cards with sentinel written on them
  • The skills Lord, Mega Blast, Persona Blast, & Limit Break are exclusive to Grade 3 units
  • The Lord Skill prevents that unit from attacking if there is a different clan unit on your side of the field
  • Mega Blast requires the cost of a Soul Blast of 8 & Counter Blast of 5
  • Persona Blast requires discarding the exact same card from your hand to use
  • Limit Break requires a minimum of 4 damage before it can be used
  • Restraint require either Counter Blast or Soul Blast to be released
  • Bind prevents your opponent from using cards until your turn ends
  • Lock prevents you/your opponent using cards until that person's turn ends
  • Dual Clanning lets a unit be a part of 2 clans
  • Legion lets you call the described mate to the Vanguard circle after the cost is paid

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