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Discount Care Bears and Accessories

Updated on August 18, 2015
Flickr image by amanky
Flickr image by amanky

Care Bears

Care Bears were a set of cute characters that were once used by American Greetings on greeting cards in 1981, but in 1983, the brightly colored characters were turned into the plush bears that are so common, even today.

Each bear has a different insignia on its belly that represents the bear's duty and personality. The insignia make the bears more personal and marketable to children of different personalities.

Once the Care Bears craze was in its height, other types of "Care Bear Cousins" were created. You'll find the lion, monkey, dog, penguin, rabbit, and other characters that have the same basic style and belly insignia as the original Care Bears.

In 2002, the plush Care Bears were expanded to other toys, such as aerobic bears, glow in the dark bears, and bears that had light-up bellies. Not to mention all the new and old Care Bears movies, Care Bears games, video games, books, and Care Bears home d├ęcor, that were being released.

Then in 2007, Care Bears were relaunched for its 25th anniversary.

Care Bears Characters

Main Characters

The ten original Care Bears included:

  1. Bedtime Bear
  2. Birthday Bear
  3. Cheer Bear
  4. Friend Bear
  5. Funshine Bear
  6. Good Luck Bear
  7. Grumpy Bear
  8. Love-A-Lot Bear
  9. Tenderheart Bear
  10. Wish Bear

As time passed and Care Bears gained popularity and were relaunched in 2002 and 2007, more characters were added, in addition to the Care Bears Cousins.

Some of the other Care Bears characters included:

  • Share Bear
  • Cheer Bear
  • Funshine Bear
  • Grumpy Bear
  • Oopsy Bear
  • Champ Bear
  • Good Luck Bear

Villain Care Bears (Yes, there were "bad" Care Bears that came about in the Care Bears videos.)

  • Professor Coldheart
  • Wizard No Heart
  • Beastly (Wizard No Heart's apprentice)
  • Shreeky (Wizard No Heart's niece)
  • Nicholas and the Evil Spirit
  • Dark Heart
  • Wizard
  • Dim
  • Dumb
  • Rat King
  • Evil Vizier
  • Sir Funnybone
  • Grizzle

There are many Care Bear characters to choose from. Many children tend to fall for the personality that is more like them. These bears come in many colors, so they're fun and exciting for children.

The bears even make a fun collectible item. If you're a collector, try to collect them all. And, don't forget to check out all the other fun Care Bear items and gifts, that include stickers, movies, sheets, bed sets, pillows, blankets, and much more.

Flickr image by KM.
Flickr image by KM.

Care Bears Theme Song


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