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Carrot Track, Free Orisinal Online Game

Updated on December 19, 2010
For more charming free online games:
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Orisinal has a reputation for making games that are more than just games, they're more like moving meditations, little oasis of calm in the pew pew pew of most video games. Carrot Track is no exception to this rule. A game entirely sympathetic to the plight of the common worker bunny, Carrot Track guarantees relaxing online play for the whole family. Even the family you haven't met yet.

The premise of the game is simple. There is a track of, well, carrots. There is also a bunny, who rather predictably would like to consume those carrots and indeed, will continue to hop from one carrot to another entirely oblivious to the fact that it is conducting its carrot hunting business in a field fill of cute puppies running to and fro.

Your job as the player is to gently click on the puppies and use their leashes to pull them out of the way of the bunny so they do not harm it as it goes on its way. Though the game starts out slowly it quickly picks up speed and the player must be exceptionally vigilant to ensure that no dogs get in the way of the bunny. There are some power ups and bonuses that make the player's game easier, one is a whistle. When it blows, all the dogs momentarily stop moving, making the game considerably less challenging for a moment or three. Another bonus available is bunny ear helicopter mode, in which the bunny spins its ears and takes to the skies, avoiding the dogs altogether. The question of why the rabbit doesn't simply use this mode of transportation all the time could be asked, but not by me, because that would be cynical and fourth wall breaking and I don't like to do that sort of thing.

The best thing from a parental stand point is that Orisinal games (yes, Orisinal is supposed to be spelled that way) can be relied upon not to feature senseless violence and to engender a mellow spirit, which is more than I can say for many video games which, as we all know, make children foam at the mouth and chew through dry wall.

Graphically, Carrot Track is entirely adorable and the sound track, well, the sound track is nothing short of classic in many respects. It reminds one of lazy summers days back in 1842, before the invention of the fridge freezer and the iPhone, days when we were still innocent to the ways of the world.

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