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Case of Stormwind's missing moonwell World of Warcraft FAQ

Updated on February 21, 2012

The case of stormwinds missing moonwell

With the advent of the devastating cataclysm sweeping through the lands of Azeroth many places under went dramatic changes. Many were wrought by Deathwing himself with his flight of destruction even more were caused by the many earthquakes that his escape caused.

You can see the damage in Stormwind, two still glowing claw marks glow atop the towers above Stormwind's main entrance bear witness to where Deathwing touched down briefly. Also totally gone is the former park area of Stormwind the ruins of which can be seen in the sea where it once was.

One of the more useful things that was located in Stormwind park and particularly of use to tailors was the Moonwell where players with the tailoring profession could make mooncloth and primal mooncloth. Although no longer in great demand it can be a good way to get a few points on your tailoring skill particularly if felcloth is cheap on your server. It has also caused the Druid trainer to relocate to the near the lake just outside the Dwarvern district.

map of Duskwood, Eastern Kingdoms

X marks the Moonwell's location
X marks the Moonwell's location | Source
Duskwood moonwell
Duskwood moonwell | Source

Seek and yeah shall find

Moonwells are usually associated with the Night Elves and druids and plenty can be found in Kalimdor sadly the same cannot be said for the human and dwarf kingdoms in the Eastern kingdoms. If you are in search of a Moonwell the nearest options are as follows:-

Since Mooncloth is a 250 skill tailoring recipe there will be no really low level players wanting to access one. The nearest Moonwell is to be found in the Twilight Grove area in the Duskwood zone. This is most easily accessed on a flying mount though it can be access via land where a longer trip is involved as you must enter the Twilight Grove at the southern point. The map below details the location.

If you are a druid or mage you have the option of teleporting to Moonglade or Darnasus respectively where Moonwells can be found. Of course players also have the option of persuading or paying a mage to open a portal to Darnasus for them. The Moonwell at Darnasus is where you portal too in the Temple of the Moon making it easy to locate. The Moonglade one is located in Nighthaven on the shore of the lake.


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