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Free Castleville Energy Cheats

Updated on February 6, 2012

How to get more energy in castleville?

Like other games of the ville series like Farmville, frontierville and cityville, castleville will also require you to have energy in order to play the game. Although the energy is gained automatically but it is a very slow process and you can’t have much energy at the beginning of the game. Every task you perform in the game like collecting taxes, chopping trees and fighting beasties will use energy. At the start of the game at level 1 you get only 10 energy points which will increase as you level up in the game. Once you use your energy a timer starts which notifies you that your energy will increase. But the timer is of 5 minutes that means that your energy increases by one point in every five minutes.

To get more energy in castleville you can use the following ways:

1. Ask Your Friends

Just like other zynga games, you will need many neighbors to level up. These neighbors can be of big help to provide you with energy. You can ask your neighbors to send you energy potions which will give you enough energy to play the game. You can also add people to your facebook friendlist from castleville fan pages (Although setting privacy settings for them is recommended!)

2. Craft Energy

It is a bit complex method to get energy but it is effective got getting free energy in castleville. In castleville you can craft a few items like hard-boiled eggs (which can be crafted in the kitchen) that can be consumed to get instant energy. The hard bolied egg gives you 3 energy points instantly.

3. Buy it from the Market

You can buy energy potions from the market in exchange of a few castleville crowns. The castleville crowns are the premium currency in castleville so it is not recommended that you spend them on energy potions as these can be used to unlock royal buildings which otherwise would be unlocked after reaching certain level.

Exploring Castleville

Explorations in Castleville

At the start of the game in castleville you have a small place that is bright and rest of the place is covered with dark fog. This dark fog in Castleville is called as the gloom. It’s your job to get rid of the gloom and to bring happiness to all corners in your kingdom. In order to expand your kingdom you will have to explore and push the gloominess away from your kingdom. In addition to expanding your kingdom it will also let you discover new characters and many more surprises in the game.

You will have to explore each area and remove the gloom to interact with things covered with it. To explore the area and to remove the gloom from your kingdom you will have to click the icon that appears when you take your mouse pointer to the area covered in gloom. You will need particular resources to reveal each area.

To explore areas in castleville you will need to be qualified to do that. That means that you will need to reach at certain level in the game to explore the areas. Other things that you need to explore are exploration crystals and a number of coins. You will need to spend the coins and exploration crystals to remove the gloom from the area you want to explore. Every zone requires different number of coins and exploration crystals for exploration. Only the adjacent areas to the areas that are already part of your kingdom can be explored. At start you will explore areas where you will find Raphael and Alastair.

How can you get Exploration Crystals?

You will be requiring exploration crystals in order to explore areas of your kingdom. You can get exploration crystals from the Workshop. The workshop in castleville is used to manufacture the exploration crystals. You can also get these by helping your neighbors. You get the Crystal Shards when you help your neighbor. Collect more crystal shards by helping your neighbors and you can explore your own kingdom quickly!

Which Crop do you harvest the most?1

See results

Farming in Castleville

Castleville has added some new features for farming that you will be learning through the farming quests. In the farming quest you can learn everything about farming in castleville. Features are new, but, the concept is same. You will have to purchase farm plots, plant seeds and harvest with the additional feature of irrigation. Farm plots and seeds can be purchased from the market

Here are a few crops with their harvest time payout and cost.

Crop --- Harvest time --- Payout --- Cost

Grape --- 5 minutes --- 50 --- 5 coins

Flax --- 30 minutes --- 100 --- 25 coins

Carrot --- 1 hour --- 150 --- 50 coins

Wheat --- 24 hours --- 550 --- 100 coins

Tomato --- 8 hours --- 400 --- 150 coins

Cabbage --- 12 hours --- 500 --- 200 coins

Cotton --- 14 hours --- 600

Cocoa --- 16 hours --- 700

Oat --- 3 hours --- 225

Chilli Pepper - 18 hours - 800

Potato --- 4 hours --- 600

Strawberry - 36 hours - 1000

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    • mohitmitm profile image

      mohitmitm 6 years ago

      @Mursu- If u use cheats in castleville then they will ban u

    • profile image

      Mursu 6 years ago

      You know, these aren't cheats, these are things ppl call "HINTS", not cheats.