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Cataclysmically Delicious World Of Warcraft Achievement For Alliance And Horde

Updated on May 13, 2011

For this achievement you need to eat 48 of the Cataclysm foods. Twenty-six of the foods you cook with your cooking skills, if you have the cooking profession. Twenty-two of the foods can be bought from NPC vendors. Some of the foods that can be bought from vendors are also drops from mobs.

Where To Find The Vendors

These are not the only vendors you can buy the foods from. The Innkeepers all have several of the foods. This guide will take you to the vendors that sell most of the foods in one place, that way you don't have to travel much.

Alliance Start in Stormwind in the Trade District.

Innkeeper Allison in the Gilded Rose Inn sells Pine Nut Bread, Buttery Wheat Roll, Sour Green Apple, and Highland Pomegranate.

Ben Trias at the Trias' Cheese shop sells Smoked String Cheese and Highland Sheep Cheese. This shop is the last shop on the left as you are leaving Stormwind from the Trade District heading for Elwynn Forest.

Next head to Old Town to the Pig and Whistle Tavern. Innkeeper Maegan Tillman sells Violet Morel and Scarlet Polypore.

Next take the portal to Twilight Highlands. Facing the portal after you arrive head to your left into the keep. Before you get to the stairs going up to the next floor go right. The Inn is through the door in front of you. Inside to the right you will find Innkeeper Francis. He sells the Tropical Sunfruit you need.

Next go to the other side of the keep, facing the portal go right. Turn left after you enter the keep and there is another Inn. There you will find Innkeeper Teresa. She sells the Gilnean White and Hardtack.

Then go out of the keep and over by all the trainers and traders you will find Evan Silvia, cook. He sells Stewed Rabbit, Roasted Beef, Massive Turkey Leg, Simmered Squid, Sliced Raw Billfish, and Grilled Shark.

Horde Start in Orgrimmar in the Cleft Of Shadow.

Standing with your back to Ragefire Chasm you will see a hut to your left. You will find Kor'jus, mushroom vendor, inside that hut. He sells Violet Morel and Scarlet Polypore.

Then travel to Uldam. Innkeeper Kazemde in Ramkahen sells Simmered Squid, Hardtack, Grilled Shark, Sliced Raw Billfish, Buttery Wheat Roll, and Pine Nut Bread. (Alliance are also able to buy from this NPC.)

Next head to Dragonmaw Port in Twilight Highlands. You will find Lizzy "Lemons", food and drink vendor. She sells Gilnean White, Highland Pomegranate, Highland Sheep Cheese, Massive Turkey Leg, Roasted Beef, Smoked String Cheese, Sour Green Apple, Stewed Rabbit, and Tropical Sunfruit.

Friendly to both factions

Take the portal to Mount Hyjal. In the Nordrassil Inn you will find Innkeeper Sebelia. She sells Tasty Puffball.

While in Mount Hyjal travel to The Forge of Supplication. Here you will find Grunka who sells Rock-Hard Biscuit and Vile Purple Fungus. You will also find Edric Downing who sells Oily Giblets and Unidentifiable Meat Dish. (I have heard some people say these NPCs phase out after you finish the Twilight's Hammer Training quests. I have finished them, unless I missed something, and they are not phased out for me. This is the only place to get the Unidentifiable Meat Dish. You can get the Rock-Hard Biscuit, Vile Purple Fungus, and Murky Water from Zungam in Zul'Aman.)

A Word About The Foods You Cook

All of the recipes, except for one, are sold by the Sous Chef NPC (or the NPC that sells cooking supplies in Darnassus and Thunderbluff) that stands by the NPC that gives the daily cooking quests. The recipes cost chef's awards that you get from doing the daily cooking quests. If you do not have the cooking profession you will have to find someone to cook the foods for you, take up cooking, or buy them off the auction house. Fifteen of the foods have fish for the ingredient, so it is helpful to have the fishing profession too.

The recipe for Blackened Surprise is not sold by the Sous Chef. It is trained by cooking trainers at cooking level 425.

To cook the Fortune Cookie you need a fortune card that is made by inscriptionists. If you are not an inscriptionist or do not know one you will have to buy one off the auction house. Depending on your realm it may be cheaper to buy the Fortune Cookie itself off the auction house.

For the Chocolate Cookie you will need cocoa beans. You get these from the Sous Chef that sells the recipes. He sells "Bag of Imported Supplies" that contain lots of cocoa beans. He also sells a "Crate of Tasty Meat". Each crate contains a couple of different meats used in the recipes and a gray item.

Hopefully this guide has helped you get the Cataclysmically Delicious achievement in a short amount of time!


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