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Enjoy July 4th With Games That Make You Feel Like A Real American

Updated on July 4, 2014

Happy Fourth of July! Some of you may be chowing down on delicious BBQ or setting your homes (or yourselves) ablaze with fireworks but that's not the only way to celebrate America's birthday. Once you're tuckered out from all of your patriotic fun, cap off the festivities with some games that perfectly exemplify what it means to be an American.

Assassin's Creed III

Every real American needs to know their history and Assassin's Creed III puts you at the center of practically every major event of the American Revolution. As Connor, you'll strategize with George Washington at Valley Forge, join Paul Revere in his fateful ride to warn the Colonial militia of the Red Coat approach, and help lead the charge during the battles of Lexington and Concord. You're even blamed for instigating the Boston Massacre. Sure, the plot borders on absurdity with Connor's historical omnipresence but what better way to celebrate the Fourth than experiencing it's origin.


The World Cup may have captured the attention of the rest of the world, but Americans know what the real football is. The Madden games capture the thrill of America's most popular sport and unlike that cheap imitation known as soccer, it's exciting and players actually score once in a while. Who cares if our football barely requires the actual use of feet?

Call of Duty Series

Call of Duty prides itself on being the bombastic and over-the-top thrill ride of an American summer blockbuster. Villains are typically some overly-foreign dude, the cliché and convoluted narratives usually boil down to "only the U.S. can save the day", and they feature as many explosions as your local fireworks show - and with significantly reduced risk of burn injuries. Whether you're battling Nazi's in the WWII-era games or facing contemporary threats in the Modern Warfare series, you can't go wrong if you're looking for aggressively stupid, but undeniably enjoyable Fourth of July fun.

Captain America: Super Soldier

C'mon, it's Captain America. No one bleeds red, white, and blue more than this guy so there's no excuse to not play his game today. Super Soldier is an exceptionally competent action game, which is admirable since it carries the negative stigma of being a movie-licensed title. Heck, the stylish action in this game even impressed Chris Evans himself and inspired many of the action sequences in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. If the real-life Cap gives his star-spangled seal of approval, why shouldn't you?

WWE 2K14

Vince McMahon will tell you himself that nothing captures the spirit of Americana better than good ol' fashioned wrass-er-sports entertainment. WWE has seen more than its fair share of patriots over the years and 2K14 allows you to step into their boots. Represent hustle, loyalty, and respect with 15-time world champ and pseudo marine, John Cena. If that's not patriotic enough for you, try stepping into the squared circle as the greatest American hero of all time: The Immortal Hulk Hogan.

What games will you be playing on this Fourth of July?


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    • Janus Joshua profile image

      Janus Joshua Angeles 

      4 years ago from Philippines

      I'm not an american but this games are great!


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