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God of War 3 - Challenge of Olympus Walkthrough

Updated on July 15, 2011

The following is a walkthrough to the Challenge of Olympus in God of War 3. I just recently finished the God of War story and dove right into the Challenges of Olympus. Most of them were a bit easier than expected so, I was able to finish all of the challenges in one sitting. But, needless to say, there were a couple that really tested my ''Smash the Controller" restraint. I will list them In the order they appear in the game(which is no order at all). I'll tell you what kind of enemies, and how many, you will be up against, and the best strategy for defeating each challenge. So, without further ado.

--Challenge 1: Population Control--

Objective: Don't allow there to be more than 50 enemies at the same time. Kill them before too many spawn.

Enemies: Dead Army Infantry

In the first challenge of Olympus, you must keep the total number of enemies on screen below 50 at all times. The only weapon in your arsenal is the Namean Cestus, which are the very powerful hand weapons you acquired after killing one of your siblings(trying to leave spoilers out, just in case). Now, this challenge can be completed more than one way but the easiest way is to just keep doing the Square, Square, Square combo over and over again. The first 20 seconds or so is rather easy, there aren't many enemies spawning so try to focus on smaller packs and let them build up around you. After about 30 seconds they start to spawn up everywhere and the packs start to get a lot bigger.

Don't stop pushing square! From the time this challenge starts to the time it is finished you should be pushing square. Your going to have times when you only hit two or three enemies with the entire three strike combo, but that's okay. Just get more with the next one. The reason for this is you are a lot less likely to take an enemy strike in the middle of your combo then you are if your running to get a good position. And one enemy strike can lead to more. Which leads to seconds being wasted, which ultimately leads to failure. If you see that your not going to hit many enemies with the next combo, use it to reposition yourself for a killer blow the next time around. Go after the huge packs that are everywhere and you should complete this challenge with ease.

--Challenge 2: Bare Hands--

Objective: Before the time runs out, kill all the enemies without using any weapons

Enemies: Dead Army Infantry, Hammer Guards, Cyclops

I would definitely rank this challenge as one of the toughest, if not the toughest, of the seven. You face two of the big Hammer Guards that you've seen many times before, One Cyclops, and an endless amount of Dead Army Infantry which will have to suffice as your only weapon. The only way to complete this challenge is to grab the dead army infantry and use them to run into the other enemies.

Ideally, you want you use these infantry soldiers to push each guard back until he falls off the side of the platform. When the challenge begins run to Kratos' two o'clock and grab the spawning Infantry just to the right of the spawning Hammer Guard.try to run him into the guard on the right(previously mentioned Hammer Guard) to push him back. As soon as you throw the guard in your hands, grab another one and start running with him. Run circles around the Hammer Guard or run straight into him(if you can, where Kratos is running straight into the guard and not moving). You have to hit him 3 times to get him to step back. If you can catch him right when he spawns and get him to step back three, or maybe four, time he will fall off. But, you have to keep an eye out for the other one, and the many infantry soldiers.


Do not press circle when the icon appears over any of the enemies head. The infantry are the only enemies you want to grab in this challenge. The animations for killing the Hammer Guards and Cyclops are each too long and waste valuable time.Also, if you are too close to a Hammer Guard when trying to grab an Infantry Soldier Kratos will try to grab the Hammer Guard(even if your looking directly at the Infantry Soldier). I don't know why this is, and it can get extremely aggravating, but for some reason he would rather turn around and fail at grabbing a Hammer Guard, than grab the soldier. So try to maintain a distance before pressing circle.

If you are able to knock one of the Hammer Guards off the platform, immediately start running into the next Hammer Guard with the infantry. You will not need to knock him off. Only, hit him over and over until he dies.Same goes with the Cyclops, you need at least 25 seconds to kill the cyclops and the remaining Infantry Guards before time runs out. Remember not to press circle when it appears over the Cyclops' head. Once the cyclops is dead, immediately grab all infantry you can find and rip them apart with triangle. There shouldn't be any more than three remaining but you have to do this as fast as you can.


The cyclops is easier to steadily run into with the infantry guards. If you get a chance and he's close to the edge by all means try to keep running into it until it falls off.

If your having trouble even knocking off the first Hammer Guard, like I had many times. You can also complete this challenge by killing all three big enemies. This is how I completed it for the first time. From the start of the challenge, I immediately picked up an Infantry Soldier and began running into the Hammer Guards, hitting each multiple times with the same Infantry Soldier. Then would pick up another and repeat. When the cyclops arrived, I still had both Hammer Guards to contend with but more targets when running with my human shield. Just keep picking them up and running into the big guys. Eventually, they will all die and you will complete this very tough challenge.

--Challenge 3: Get Stoned--

Objective: Allow the Gorgans to turn you to stone 10 times without dying.

Enemies: Prawns(the very slow, very weak guys), Gorgons(of course), Hell Bats, Demon Leapers(fast guys with big sticks), Cyclops.

This challenge is the hardest of the seven, and definitely the one I'm dreading having to beat again(to write this walkthrough). You have to to exactly what the objective tells you, get turned to stone three times. But after every two or three times being turned to stone, more enemies pop up. The enemies can all be killed but a new enemy of the same type will immediately spawn so fighting is pointless. Your main mission will be to avoid all enemies, while allowing the Gorgans to freeze you at the perfect time.


Don't ever get frozen when your not intending on it. Constantly move around and stay out of the green until everything is perfect.


Stay grounded. Only jump when you have too and be sure to make use of Hermes' boots while in the air. You have a very good possibility of getting frozen in mid-air and breaking upon falling.


It is surprisingly a lot harder to get frozen when your actually trying to. Sometimes, I would sit still directly in front of the beam for the entire time and not get frozen. An easier way to freeze yourself is to press L1 anytime while looking directly at the green beam to parry the attack, you will then be given a button to press. Just press the wrong button and you will automatically be frozen.

I will break this challenge up into rounds.

Round 1: 0-2 times frozen

The first round of this God of War Challenge involves only one Gorgon and four prawns. The prawns are very slow and can't really do much to hurt you so just stay away from them and allow the Gorgon to freeze you twice. Be ready to shake L3 as soon as you are frozen to avoid being broken by the Gorgon or a luck Prawn.

Round 2: 3-4 times frozen

Now comes the introduction of Hell Bats into the mix. They have a few attacks, but the main one they do is a straight down bomb like attack which hurts you to a degree. I have found that you are not very likely to be broken if you are frozen and get hit by this bomb attack. Sometimes it will happen, but more often than not you are safe from being killed if you are frozen and the Hell Bat bombs you.

Continue to stay away from the enemies and let the gorgon freeze you again. Using the tip when necessary to get frozen fast. When you kill a prawn you are awarded with one orb of health, so if you take some damage during this round. Be sure to fill back up before reaching four times frozen.

Round 3: 5-7 times frozen

After you break yourself free from your fourth time being turned to stone, things start to get really interesting with the introduction of two Demon Leapers and one more Gorgon. You have around a ten second window before they come, if you can get frozen again real fast I suggest you do it. The Demon Leapers are one of the hardest and fastest enemies in the game, and they won't prove to be any different here. You want to stay away from these guys at all costs. Don't jump around like it's tempting to do, but utilize your evade tactic with R3 and stay as far from these two guys as possible.

Be very careful about when to let the Gorgons freeze you and the tip above is crucial here. As you need to get frozen and unfrozen as fast as possible.But, If the Demon Leapers are anywhere near the green beam being shot at you, they should be slowed down a considerable degree and then partially frozen. If you can let them get frozen as well, you will have a perfect amount of time to break from your stone prison.


DO NOT FORGET ABOUT THE PRAWNS! They only give you one orb of health, but it is very crucial to go into the next round with a full bar. I wouldn't let my health drop below halfway during this round before ignoring all else and killing a few prawns.

The bottom line from four times frozen on is to get frozen and unfrozen as fast as possible. You will have to take chances, but the faster you can reach ten the less commotion will be going on. And keep your health top notch!!

Round 4: 8-10 times frozen "Two Cyclops', Are you f'n serious"


You can grab on to the Prawns or the Hell Bats to start an animation. During these animations you cannot be hurt, use this to your advantage and grab onto one of these enemies if there is nowhere to go. Just be ready to roll as soon as the animation is over.

If you are able to make it this far, the really fun part comes with the introduction of two Cyclops' into the scenario. The Prawns are now your best friend, but are very few and far between. Right after your seventh time frozen, try very hard to get frozen and unfrozen an eighth time before the Cyclops' arrive. R3 cannot be stressed enough here, you have to move like a god. Stay away from everything. Just roll to the nearest clear area, grabbing and killing all Prawns that give you the chance.

As soon as you see a green beam, make the choice as to weather or not it is the right time, and strike. You have to make the decision based on all that is going on around you. But, definitely use the tip above about making yourself freeze quicker, and be ready to shake L3 like you never have before. Just be careful not to break it.

--Challenge 3: El Matador - Ole--

Objective: Don't get stoned by the Matador. Don't get piled on by the Enemies.

Enemies: Matadors and Dead Army Infantry

This God of War 3 challenge room consists of what I would call three different rounds. In each you will face an increasing number of Minotaurs and/or Dead Army Infantry.

Round 1:

The mission begins with one Minotaur popping out of the ground. Use the square, square, triangle combo to keep knocking him back, and either knock him off or kill him, it doesn't matter.

Next, comes four infantry soldiers. The soldiers try their best to grab you so keep your distance. Kill these four with ease and immediately get ready for two more more Minotaurs

Round 2:

Immediately start hitting the Minotaur on the right as soon as he starts emerging with a square, square, triangle combo. It should only take two of these to make the circle pop up above his head. If done fast enough, You should be able to make the circle pop up and grab him before the other one is able to gore you. You muse grab him as soon as you see circle. Complete the animation and kill this minotaur. Next, start bombarding the remaining minotaur with the combo, kill him or knock him off, it doesn't matter. But you try to keep him towards the top of the arena so as soon as you kill him you can start to hit the infantry that emerges.

As soon as you kill the minotaur, start a square, square, triangle combo and try to hit the emerging infantry as soon as they come out the ground with the triangle strike. This may take a few tries but you will see what I mean. Then start hitting the remaining infantry with the same combo, and use the L1+Square spinning move when things get to close. Don't forget you have Hermes' boots if you need to jump up and jet out. After killing all infantry, start the square, square, triangle combo and once again try to make the triangle part land where the new enemies will emerge.

Round 3:

This next round only has one part, but consists of 3 Minotaurs and about 20 infantry soldiers. Being able to time your square, square, triangle combo just right to hit a good bit of the infantry men at the very beginning is crucial. The greatest advantage, however, in this round is that picking up and running with the infantry damages the Minotaurs greatly and knocks them back a few feet. If done right you can easily knock them off of the side but that isn't really necessary, just keep picking up and running into everything that moves until nothing is moving.

--Challenge 5: Knockout--

Objective: Score 1000 points by knocking enemies out of the arena. Sentry = 15 points, Minotaur = 30 points, Wrath = 60 points.

Enemies: Cyclops, Minotaur, Dead Army Infantry, Wrath

This next Challenge of Olympus is one of the simpler of the lot. A mountable Cyclops spawns at the very beginning. You must hurt him until you can climb on, then control him and use him to knock off all enemies you can. All in one minutes time.

The main factor in this challenge of Olympus is time. You must begin to hit the Cyclops as soon as he starts coming out of the ground. Beat on it as fast as you can until the circle appears above his head and mount him. Now just make a circle around the platform pressing square repeatedly until you knock enough enemies off. You will be able to get a feel for the right patterns to use to score the most points. And will beat this challenge in no time. Just be sure to save as much time as possible when attempting to beat the Cyclops into submission.

--Challenge 6: Hades' Kids--

Objective: They don't spawn, they multiply. Get 5 cyclops to spawn.

Enemies: Cyclops

This challenge room is also not that hard compared to the rest of God of War 3. I expected it to be tougher than it was. With every Cyclops that you kill, two more spawn. So you must kill a total of 4 Cyclops in order to beat this challenge. They don't have many moves, but the moves they do have will hurt you very badly. Try to focus on one cyclops each time, using him to sort of shield you from the rest of them. As soon as more come, pick one out on either end(never the middle Cyclops) and start attacking. The square, square, triangle combo is very effective here as it stuns the cyclops knocking him back a few feet. If done correctly, you may be able to knock a few of them off the edge.


Be very weary of when the Cyclops' attack. They have the tendency of knocking you very far and can knock you straight of the map with one blow.

This Challenge shouldn't take long, just use the right moves and you will finish it in no time.

--Challenge 7: Simply Smashing--

Objecting: Destroy all the urns before time runs out.

Enemies: Evil Urns

This last challenge of Olympus is short, easy, and quite challenging. You can't die, per se, but you only have 20 seconds to destroy a platform full of urns. The best way to go about this is to use the basic square strike and nothing more. Don't try to destroy all of the urns in the middle when the time begins, but destroy all the urns directly in front of you, and then work your way around in a circle quickly lashing all Evil Urns in your path.


Don't push square too fast, time it to where you only do your quick lash when you push square. You don't want to start a combo, as this wastes precious time.

You are now finished with all of the Challenges of Olympus for God of War 3 on the Playstation 3 Computer Entertainment System.You will receive an "up to the challenge" trophy and unlock the challenge arena. Which allows you to customize and endless array of enemies.


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      For the Minotaur one, I stand on the edge and jump right before they hit me, they will fall off and die. I use the blade of Olympus in the last round and finish it.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Easier way for el matadore, just simply jump and glide off the arena and back on a other part, the ol' bulls and zombs just run off the edge - Presto...Only a couple straglers remain, but they should be easy pickings


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