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Character Analysis MVC3 Part 1

Updated on February 4, 2012
Ryu and Wolverine's fashions have stood the test of time
Ryu and Wolverine's fashions have stood the test of time

Welcome to Character Analysis

Character Analysis is where I will present the facts about the character in the article. Since Marvel Versus Capcom 3's release is less than a month away. Everyday, I will release a new Character Analysis about one Capcom and one Marvel character starting with the original ten, working our way up to the newest released pair.

Ryu - One of the original street fighters, he has been in every Street Fighter game since the first game which appeared in 1987. Seeking to improve his strength, Ryu is constantly searching for worthy opponents to fight. This reason makes him a strong warrior, but also vulnerable to the dark power he carries inside.

A MvC Veteran, Ryu returns with all his classic moves. All Stats below are by my own opinion not necessarily the real values.
- Power: 6/10
- Defense: 5/10
- Speed: 5/10
- Range: 3/10

A slightly above average character with a couple of ranged moves.

+ Hadouken - Ryu shoots a blue fireball toward his opponent
+ Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku - A Spinning Tornado kick that closes the gap while doing damage.
+ Shoryuken - A rising uppercut that is one of the quickest Anti-Air moves in the game.

+ Shinkuu Hadouken - Lv1 - Ryu focuses the power of Hadouken and unleashing it into a powerful beam
+ Shinkuu Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku - Lv1 - Ryu spins around, doing great damage to nearby opponents.
+ Shin Shoryuken - Lv3 - Ryu punches the opponent before delivering a very strong Shoryuken to the chin.

Wolverine - his real name, James Howlett, has been lost from memory after the process of fusing the rare indestructible element Adamantium to his entire skeletal structure was successful. Giving this fast healing mutant, the metal claws that made Wolverine an icon in the comic book fandom. Using the preferred name, Logan, he searches his clues of his past as well as doing his part as an X-Man.

Another MvC Veteran, Wolverine returns with all his classic moves as well. All Stats below are by my own opinion not necessarily the real values.
- Power: 7/10
- Defense: 3/10
- Speed: 6/10
- Range: 1/10

A pure melee character, Wolverine requires his moves to close the gap to fight his enemies.

+ Beserker Slash - Wolverine slashes and even moving through the opponent.
+ Beserker Barrage - Wolverine claws his opponent in a straight line in front of him.
+ Drill Claw - Wolverine drills through the air in the direction the players wants him to.
+ Tornado Claw - Wolverine spin jumps in the air, stretching out his claws while doing so.

+ Beserker Charge - Lv1 - Wolverine gains a speed boost for a short amount of time.
+ Beserker Barrage X - Lv1 - Wolverine unleashes an even more devastating version of Beserker Barrage.
+ Fatal Claw - Lv1 - Wolverine jumps in the air, crossing his claws before releasing a wave of energy hitting the opponent in a short range.
+ Weapon X - Lv3 - Wolverine clanks his claws before dashing forward in a beautiful kata of claw strikes before ending it with a cross slash of all six claws forming a X with the enemy at the center.

I'll be using the order in which they were introduced in the Episode 1 Trailer. Tomorrow's Issue is: Morrigan and Iron Man


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