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Character Analysis MVC3 Part 14

Updated on February 11, 2011
Zero copies other Megaman Characters as She-Hulk blends freelance with her Fantastic Four days.
Zero copies other Megaman Characters as She-Hulk blends freelance with her Fantastic Four days.

Welcome back to Character Analysis. Here we look at two newcomers to the MVC Series. Zero gets back from his recent appearance in Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom and She-Hulk the Beautiful Green Brawler.

Zero - He was originally created to by a Maverick, a rogue Reploid who wishes to cause chaos and mayhem. However he fought against the Maverick Virus that infected his system and became one of the best Maverick Hunters. Standing against the diabolical Sigma, Zero has aided Megaman in saving their world many times.

- Power: 2/10
- Defense: 6/10
- Speed: 7/10
- Range: 4/10

A melee character that maybe weak in his attacks, but every attack strings along 2-3 hits and can easily decimate the opponent Life Bar.

+ Hadangeki - Zero launches his green Z-Saber up, sending a crescent wave of green energy.
+ Ryuenjin - Zero does a flaming uppercut with his sword.
+ Sentsuizan - In the air, Zero does a quick diagonal dive with his Z-Saber.
+ Raikousen - In the air, Zero streaks forward leaving a trail of lightning behind him. Direction is controlled by player input.

+ Rekkoha - Lv1- Zero charges his blast and throws it down to the ground, sending a big pillar of energy down on the enemy.
+ Sougenmu - Lv1 - Zero duplicates himself with a shadow version, doing double damage while the duplicate is active. Lasts for a couple seconds.
+ Shouryuudan - Lv3 - Zero pulls the big sword from his back and with a quick spin, launches a large wave of yellow energy at the opponent.

She-Hulk - Jennifer Susan Walters born to a Los Angeles County Sheriff William Walters and Elaine(Banner) Walters, she was a small and somewhat shy girl. She was an adult when her father was killed by a crime lord and she was left seriously wounded. Her cousin, Bruce Banner, was visiting her town when she needed a blood transfusion to save her life. Bruce was the only applicable donor and volunteered. With the radioactive blood inside her, Jennifer transformed into She-Hulk, weaker but more intelligent than the Hulk. Though she has joined many superhero teams, she is also still a defense attorney working for justice.

- Power: 7/10
- Defense: 5/10
- Speed: 6/10
- Range: 1/10

She-Hulk doesn't do as much damage as Hulk, but compensates for speed and gap closing combos. No ranged abilities make her a pure melee character who's also good at grappling.

+ Heavy Strike - She-Hulk will jump back, kick off the side of the screen and land with a striking blow. Which attack button you use changes what her attack is going to be.
+ Somersault Kick - She-Hulk backflips, kicking up with both legs, flipping completely around.
+ Runner's Start - She-Hulk dashes forward.
+ Clothsline - During Runner's Start, She-Hulk delivers an attack.

+ She-Hulk Rampage - Lv1 - She-Hulk delivers a double kick, jumps up to do a chest slam, then backflips, kicks off the screen to deliver an overhead back press.
+ Around the World - Lv1 - She-Hulk grabs the opponent whirls him/her around before sending them smacking into the other side of the screen.
+ Sunday Driver - Lv3 - She looks behind her to see a car coming toward her, pushing the opponent down to the ground, she stops the speeding car, and heaves it over herself. The car lands on the enemy and explodes.

Next time, two ladies enter the ring, the Queen of the Elements Versus the CIA Double Agent. Storm and C. Viper!


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