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Character Analysis MVC3 Part 18

Updated on February 22, 2011

On this final edition of MVC3 Character Analysis, we look at the last two contenders to appear in the final retail build: Hsien-Ko and Sentinel.

Hsien-Ko - She and her twin sister, Mei-Ling, lived with their mother in a small Chinese village. When their village fell under attack and their mother was slain by a powerful demon, the sisters used a forbidden technique to save their mother from the dark. However the twins became a Jiangshi(a type of Chinese Zombie) in the process. Mei-Ling became the ward paper affixed to Hsien-Ko's hat, which allows Hsien-Ko to fully control her powers, so they have to fight as one to use their abilities. They embark on their journey to fight for their mother's soul.

- Power: 7/10
- Defense: 5/10
- Speed: 3/10
- Range: 2/10

Though she does have several ranged abilities, most are slow and easy to block. The one thing Hsien-Ko has that no one else does is Phantom Reverb.

+ Dark Artillery - Hsien-Ko throws a random item from her sleeve.
+ Cyclone Blade Dance - She swings from a chain back-and-forth one rotation while blades from her sleeves spin.
+ Spectral Slicer - Hsien-Ko throws the enemy into the air as she gets on her back and spins like a top, the enemy lands on her weapons.
+ Phantom Reverb - She creates a small space shield that hovers forward. Any of the enemy's projectiles that hit it get sent right back at them.

+ Sisters Unite - Lv1 - Mei-Ling removes herself from Hsien-Ko's hat and stands by her sister. This bathes Hsien-Ko in a golden aura doing enhanced damage.
+ Demonic Cuisinard - Lv1 - She puts her sleeves together, stabbing a sword into the ground. Six swords rise in succession toward the enemy.
+ Tenraiha - Lv1 - Hsien-Ko pulls her sleeve high as a massive weight drops down, Ten spike balls drop down on the enemy shortly after.

Sentinel - In response to the "Mutant Problem", several individuals got together for the sake of humanity and worked on a means to protect the common man from their mutant brethen. A scientist named Bolivar Trask designed the first generation of robotic guardians known as Sentinels. Over the years, there have been many different models and variations of Sentinel. It is unclear what Mark this Sentinel is.

- Power: 8/10
- Defense: 6/10
- Speed: 1/10
- Range: 4/10

The slowest and biggest character in the game, Sentinel compensates for his slow speed with keepaway moves, long reach, and flight.

+ Rocket Punch - Sentinel shoots his fist forward and retracts. Comes in Low, Ground, and Air Versions.
+ Sentinel Force(Melee) - Sentinel summons 3 flying Sentinel Fists that fly low and toward the enemy.
+ Sentinel Force(Bombs) - Sentinel summons 3 flying Sentinel Fists that fly high drop bombs as they pass.
+ Neutralizer Beam - Sentinel squat down, opens his mouth, and fires a beam.

+ Plasma Ball - Lv1 - Sentinels puts his arms forward and creates a large yellow sphere that inflicts massive damage at melee range.
+ Hyper Sentinel Force - Lv1 - Sentinel points forward, unleashing 3 waves of 3 Sentinel Fists charging forward.
+ Sentinel Fleet - Lv1 - Sentinel energizes the top half of his body, creating an energy triangle which he flies forward with, accompanied by several tiny Sentinels with the same triangle.

That's it for MVC3 Character Analysis. I will be creating more MVC3-related articles soon as well as others.


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