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Character Analysis MVC3 Part 4

Updated on February 1, 2011
Dante and Deadpool pull out all the stops when it comes to their gear in both aesthetics and weaponry.
Dante and Deadpool pull out all the stops when it comes to their gear in both aesthetics and weaponry.

Swords and Guns For Hire

One of the best moments watching the Episode 1 Trailer was the duel between this lethal pair. Blazing guns and clashing swords inside a dive bar, these two exemplify what I want in my MVC3 Team. if Hayato gets released in the next three weeks, then my old team of Hayato, Cap, and Wolverine(Team MvC2) will be played alongside Deadpool, Dante, and Taskmaster(Team Swords and Guns For Hire).

Dante - Many millennia ago, the world was ruled by demons. However one of the strongest of their number was the Legendary Dark Knight Sparda. He fought against his brethren and freed mankind, allowing them to rule. Shortly after, Sparda faded from history. Many believe this was a story to tell frighten unruly children. But for those who know Dante, this legend is truth for you see, Dante is a son of Sparda. Along with his older twin, Vergil, these two are living remnants of the ancient demon swordsman himself.

- Power: 7/10
- Defense: 4/10
- Speed: 5/10
- Range 9/10

This character can seamlessly blend melee with range. For he who would master Dante's movesets, you can strike your opponent from anywhere on the screen. Due to the fact, Dante has 40+ special moves as he bears his entire arsenal from Devil May Cry 3, it would be easier to list by weapon (These are listed as they would be in DMC3).

+ Rebellion(Dante's main sword) - Million Stabs, Stinger
+ Cerberus(Tri-section Nunchaku) - Revolver, Crystal, Million Carats
+ Agni & Rudra (Twin Swords) - Jet Stream, Sky Dance, Twister
+ Nevan (Demon Guitar/Scythe) - Jam Session, Distortion(Electric Orb instead of Bats)
+ Beowulf (Powerful Gauntlets and Boots) - Killer Bee, The Hammer, Volcano

+ Ebony & Ivory(Dante's main handguns) - Rain Storm, Rapid Fire, Wild Stomp
+ Shotgun(Enough said) - Fireworks,
+ Artemis(Demon Energy Gun) - Multilock, Sphere, Acid Rain
+ Spiral(High-powered sniper rifle) - (I haven't seen any, I don't know if it's in the game at all)
+ Kalina Ann(Multipurpose Rocket Launcher) - Hysteric, Grapple

+ Devil Trigger - Lv1 - Dante activates his Devil Trigger giving him increased power and speed.
+ "Keeping it Stylish!" - Lv1 - Dante unloads Ebony & Ivory while showing off the ways he holds his guns.
+ Stinger Finale - Lv3 - Dante brings his sword up and stabs it back-and-forth through the enemy a few times before one final stab where he shoots the enemy off his sword with demonic energy

Deadpool - A mentally unstable mercenary, not much of Deadpool's past was revealed. He was originally a villain to the New Mutants, but Deadpool's antics and his constant breaking of the fourth wall, gave him his own comic book series. When he was first created by Marvel, it was revealed that he was very similar to DC Comics' Deathstroke(aka Slade Wilson) in both costumes and superpowers. To make a joke out of the misunderstanding, Deadpool's real name is Wade Wilson.

- Power: 3/10
- Defense: 4/10
- Speed: 8/10
- Range: 8/10

Deadpool is the quintessential keepaway character with his guns and grenades, he can be on the other side of the screen and still do lots of damage.

+ "Have gun, will shoot!" - Deadpool fires off a few rounds from his guns. Has a low, middle, and an anti-air version.
+ "Pineapple Surprise!" - Deadpool jumps up and throws a grenade.
+ "Quick as the wind!" - Deadpool rushes down his opponent, sliding with both katanas in a cleave.

+ "Whoa Who!" - Lv1 - A hyper version of "Have gun, will shoot!"
+ "It's Crunch Time!" - Lv1 - Deadpool cuts forward with his katana. If he hits, he slashes the opponent through back-and-forth before finishing with an X Slash.
+ "Oop-Boop-A-Doop!" - Lv3 - Deadpool spins around comically with an aura of floating hearts. If the enemy attacks, they are stunned. Deadpool grabs his Life Bar and hits the enemy with it. Then he goes his Hyper Meter and hits the enemy again. Before using it like an uppercut and the enemy falls to the ground.

That's it for now, next issue of Character Analysis we look at the only two of the original ten to be left out of the first Episode trailer: Felicia and Captain America.


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    • profile image

      Jay 6 years ago

      I beg to differ..

      Have you SEEn Zero take out a near full-health She Hulk? That's just insane!

    • pokermoneyclips profile image

      pokermoneyclips 6 years ago

      I've got to say I've been fairly disappointed with the roster of Marvel vs Capcom 3 compared to the second game. No Captain Commando and no Gambit has made me a bit upset. On the upside they did introduce Dante who, in my opinion, is by far the strongest character in the game.