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Character Analysis MVC3 Part 9

Updated on February 3, 2011
Viewtiful Joe comes in with all colors whereas Dormammu is more of the warm colored persuasion
Viewtiful Joe comes in with all colors whereas Dormammu is more of the warm colored persuasion

On this portion of Character Analysis, we examine two newcomers with VERY different parts of view: Viewtiful Joe and Dormammu.

Viewtiful Joe - Joe, a movie buff, and his girlfriend Sylvia, are watching a movie starring the aging Captain Blue, who is defeated by the movie's villain and reaches into the real world and abducts Sylvia. Joe is then taken into Movieland by Blue's mecha. Needing to rescue Sylvia and stop the evil organization Jadow, Captain Blue entrusts Joe with a V-Watch that allows him to turn into a superhero of his very own. Upon rescuing Sylvia, she too is given a V-Watch to help Joe fight the evils of Movieland.

- Power: 2/10
- Defense: 3/10
- Speed: 7/10
- Range: 2/10

Like Amaterasu, Joe has a small hit box and is light on his feet. He is capable of rapid combos, but has to be very close to do them.

+ Voomerang - Joe throws a large four-bladed shuriken that he can charge for a second or two in order to make it light on fire. When charged, it also returns to Joe, doing more damage.
+ V-Bomb - Joe will spawn a comically-looking pink bomb with a huge V imprinted on it. Punching it sends it forward, but be careful for the explosion can hurt Joe, too.
+ Red Hot Kick - In the air, Joe kicks diagonally to the ground with his legs on fire.

+ SLOWWWW! - Lv1 - The screen turns into a filmstrip as Joe pokes his hands at the opponent. If it hits, it does small damage and causes Slow ailment for a few seconds.
+ Fast Forward Combo - Lv1 - The screen turns into a filmstrip as Joe is lit on fire and hits the enemy about 20 times in fast forward before uppercutting the enemy into the air.
+ X-Cannon - Lv1 - Joe summons a ridiculously cartoon cannon resting on his shoulder. Sylvia can be seen piloting the cannon. He shots a large blue shot of energy. Comes in Ground and Air Versions.

Dormammu - After being exiled from his home dimension for slaying his progenitor, Dormammu. the most evil of the Faltines (higher-dimensional mystic energy beings), found himself in the Dark Dimension. Imprisoning a countless horde of Mindless Ones, he assumed control of that dimension as its sole deity. He wants to control and dominate all life and afterlife, subjecting them to eternal torture with him as their god. However Dr. Strange fought Dormammu and after a truce to re-seal the Mindless Ones into their prison, Dormammu was forced into a binding vow preventing him from entering into Earth Realm. Though he accepted, Dormammu has time and again found loopholes in attempts to conquer us all.

- Power: 6/10
- Defense: 5/10
- Speed: 3/10
- Range: 8/10

A keepaway ranged character who has several abilities for keeping an enemy at a distance.

+ Fire Glyph - Dormammu places a fire spot on the ground that burns enemies who crosses it.
+ Shadow Shard - Dormammu throws a small shadow shard that knocks the enemy back. They still go some distance if they block.
+ Shadow Pillar - Raising his hand, a pillar of shadow energy shoots up, knocking them straight into the air.
+ Shadow Void - Crossing his arms, a black hole is summoned at the enemy's current position dealing modest damage.
+ Dark Spell: Destruction - Dormammu raises his right hand, emblazing it in dark red energy.
+ Dark Spell: Creation - Dormammu raises his left hand, emblazing it in bright blue energy.

This subsection is dedicated to the effects of the Dark Spells:
+ If Released:
- Destruction: Dormammu creates a large explosion in front of him doing massive damage.
- Creation: the entire ground flares. If hit, the enemy can't jump for a few seconds.
- Both: Dormammu rains a meteor storm from the sky.

+ Chaotic Flame - Lv1 - He creates an orb of flame that spread out in front of him like flamethrower.
+ Floating Bomb - Lv1 - He creates a large orb of flame that floats slowly towards the enemy.
+ Dimensional Bubble Burst - Lv3 - Dormammu unleashes a wide dark field that sucks the opponent inside, forming an orb. As the camera pans back from the darkness, Dormammu has shrunk the orb holding it in his three fingers. Then he crushes the bubble and the enemy inside before returning to normal size.

Next time on Character Analysis, we look at a returning woman who's into robots where the other new challenger loves to tear them apart: Tron Bonne and X-23!


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