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Character Sketch of my Avatar in Destiny 2

Updated on July 13, 2018
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I write classic "good vs. evil" creative writing pieces with smart twists inspired by vintage action cinema, gaming, and heavy metal.

Hunter - ArcStrider


Name: Ivan "Rambo" Fedorovich

Rank: Sergeant

Branch of Service: 89th Motorized Division of the Russian Federal Armed Forces

Backstory: Fought through both Chechen campaigns and conducted anti-insurgency operations in Georgia towards late 2006, Sergeant Fedorovich earned his nickname through his skill with light machine guns and assault rifles as well as his recklessness in battle. Sporting an AK74 as a carry-weapon through his time in the North Caucasus with cross-training in melee combat and martial arts.

As space travel came into fruition and Russia obviously, wanted to capitalise on it; greenlighting a "space force." In fear of aging and not being of service to his country, Ivan Fedorovich was the first volunteer for the "KIBERSOLDAT" program; total body prosthesis minus the brain to preserve experiences, knowledge, and humanity of the subject. The project was a mixed success with only a handful of soldiers currently active. Others had to be disposed of due to most of them spiraling out of control; most notably the killing spree in Omsk.

Ascent To Guardian Status: Ivan Fedorovich's ascent was through combat operations; joint tasks with Spetsnaz Gruppa A teams combatting scenarios to avert world-ending crises akin to the Cold War's MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction.) Russia's aggressive approach to interstellar diplomacy has made them many enemies; most of their schemes stopped by the army's elite.

Guardianship was awarded to Fedorovich also to represent Russia on interstellar military summits; ready to mobilise and lead operations if need be.

SPETSNAZ Gruppa A/Alpha

Becoming the ArcStrider

Upon losing his light, Ivan fell back on his combat experience and training to stay alive; combining his month in Chechen insurgent captivity; still in human form during the 2nd campaign and passing Spetsnaz FSB VYMPEL selection in his cybernetic form.

The vintage soldier's skill with martial arts and will to go on has determined his path as an ArcStrider; overcharging his cybernetic interior to fry his enemies and supercharge objects. Ivan favored speed, aggression, and agility as he believed that even stronger, more durable enemies would fall from the rapid hits while not catching him to hit back; moving fast enough to make the enemy believe he was attacked by more than one soldier.


As Sergeant Fedorovich fights through the world of Destiny 2, his determination to beat the Red Legion is fuelled by patriotism and devotion to his country and duty; not even noticing the foes he fights; any foe is the same to him. They all feel pain.

He believes that a Russian soldier must do all he can to complete his mission and help those in need, expecting nothing in return thus, his skillset rises with every battle as he becomes a professional with any weapon and a pilot of any vehicle. Increasing his lethality with centuries-old techniques that still work.

© 2018 Jake Clawson


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