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Very Cheap Webkinz Stuffed Animals Caring Valley Toys Buy Online

Updated on May 16, 2011


Webkinz pets are not only very adorable but they are very special plush animals. Each pet includes a secret code. By entering this code online at the Webkinz website you are able to adopt a virtual version of your pet!

With no email, name, phone number or address to enter, there is no need to worry about any private information being subject to the web as the code is all you need! Enter the code on the website and your child is entering a world of animal amazement!

Hard to Find, Limited Edition

Webkinz World

In Webkinz World your child can feed and care for their virtual Webkinz pets, decorate rooms for their pets, play games and work for money to buy food and clothing for your pet!

Webkinz World is a place of not only fun but learning. By entering Webkinz World your child can learn the concept of money. By earning KinzCash, your child learns how to save and spend money. Your child is aided in obtaining skills for typing, spelling and addition.

Webkinz World also helps to teach logic with responsibility, caring for a pet, and getting along with others.

Webkinz Endangered Species Line is of Limited Quantity. These plush and beautiful animals are so life-like it's hard to resist them.

As the other animals available, these animals come with a secret code to make them a virtual Pet too!

Adopt your very own Webkinz Endangered Signature pet today.They would love to call your home their own.

The Caring Valley

Caring Valley is an area on the Webkinz World site that is not only fun but teaching your child the lesson of giving.

After purchasing a specially-tagged Webkinz Caring Valley pet, your child activate the bonus Feature Code to plant 4 virtual saplings.

Your child will then travel to different areas that have different needs. Such as medical or educational. Each section has information on different child-focused charities. Your child can pick where they want to plant their saplings.

What is amazing is that Webkinz / Ganz will donate $1,000,000 to the child-focused charities. And your child helps decide by planting their saplings! Where the saplings were planted will be considered when making the donations.

There are so many options of animals with Webkinz that it is easy to find one that appeals to you or your child.

Cats, dogs, endangered species, sea animals, or animals that fly the choice is endless!

Webkinz Foundation

If Webkinz Pets weren't appealing enough, Webkinz donates monies to help the children!

Webkinz Foundation was created in 2007 to develop programs and donate funds to programs that benefit children. Here are just a few organizations Webkinz has helped in 2010:

  • Nellie’s Shelter for Women and Children
  • UNICEF Canada
  • St. Bernard Project
  • Dignitas International
  • Red Door Family Shelter

Customer Review

"The bag came quickly and is cuter in real life than in the picture, because you can't really make out the sparkles in the picture. I got it for my niece to go with the Himalayan cat. The cat fits great and looks perfect in the carrier."

K. Martinez (Amazon Customer)

Webkinz Carriers

You've decided on your pet, good, but don't forget the carrier!

Webkinz Carriers are stylish, fun and a must-have for your child and their pet!

Carriers come with a Feature Code that unlocks a unique, chic Webkinz World wardrobe of your choice!

Webkinz Clothing

What is more fun than dressing up your pet? Well, Webkinz Pets have clothing!

The clothing line is durable, well made and stylish. Each item comes with a unique code for the website and are perfect for any occasion!

Webkinz Pets are well-made, durable and realistic in look and feel.

Whether you are looking for a virtual pet or just one to snuggle- The softness and real looking animals make them an irresistible pet to own.

What child would not love to own one or one hundred of these gorgeously cute animals!

Enjoy them for they are truly special.

Adopt a pet for your home and begin your collection today!


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