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Chess Strategy Three Points to Consider

Updated on July 6, 2009

Chess strategy is one of the most challenging aspects for the players of chess. Now you might not realize how much of chess is actually strategy that can make you think more in depth about each move. Instead chess strategy will make you take into consideration the moves that each one of your moves can create. For instance if you move your knight to a different square it could affect how your opponent is going to make his next move. So that is just one of the many aspects that you will want to consider in your chess strategy before you make your moves. Here are the three main areas that you will want to consider when you are working on your own chess strategy options and that is the opening, mid-game, and the end game.

Opening Chess Strategy

While for many players they will say that the opening is where games are won or lost depending on your opening chess strategy this could be true. Some players will like to go out and basically battle and trade pieces off right off the bat, but some of the grandmasters will follow what is called book openings. In the book openings for the most part your opening strategy is already determined for you which is somewhat nice depending on which color you are playing. Now if you are just starting to learn about chess strategy you will want to ensure that you do study some of the openings of the grandmasters so that you can learn about the various openings.

When you are learning about opening chess strategy you will notice that you will be able to have a wide variety of moves available to you. in the opening. I know that normally you will want to try to wrestle away control of the center of the board from your opponent. Remember that in most of your chess games that whoever controls the center of the board will have a better mid game strategy when they reach this point. Not only that if you control the middle of the board you will be able to launch an attack on the opposite side of the board that your king is on.

If you are unable to study some of the grandmasters games for the opening chess strategy that can help you out then I would recommend getting some of the opening chess books that can help you out tremendously by showing you the openings. Even if they do not have a game that is with them to the end you will be able to study the end of that opening to see where the weaknesses are going to be and where the strengths are present so you can pick it apart when someone decides to use that opening chess strategy against you.

Chess Mid Game Strategy

The middle game of your chess strategy is what you are going to concentrate on quite a bit as well. For some people this will mean a ton of studying of various patterns that are commonly found. Which studying these patterns will definitely make it a little bit easier for you with your own chess strategy, but it does take some time to recognize them. Now for perfecting your chess strategy in the middle game I would have to recommend that you will want to study some of the tactics books that are available and by trail and error while playing games.

One of the pieces that you will want to keep in mind while working on your chess middle game strategy is the queen. Now you will want to be very conscious as to where your queen is located on the board as well as your opponents queen. You might be thinking that the queen is a very powerful piece why should I worry about where she is located. Well you will want to make sure that you know where she is so that you do not get her trapped to a corner or just one side of the board because if you move her she gets taken without a piece in return.

Then you will want to keep track of the bishops. Some people while they are doing their chess strategy like to place the bishop in the pawn line which can make it very easy to lose track of. If you do lose track of the bishop for this reason it could easily mean the difference between winning or losing a game. Which if this mistake costs you a game I can assure you that it is not one that you will be making again.

Chess Strategy for the EndGame

Chess strategy if done properly will lead to a successful endgame. You might think that if you are behind that you will not be able to make up the difference while you are studying chess strategy. Now if your chess strategy has played out properly by the time you reach this point you will be ready to mate your opponents king quickly and without mercy! Now to have a successful endgame chess strategy though you will need to remember that the first two strategies need to be studied as well. Learning the end game chess strategy first will help you learn some chess strategy at first, but you will want to learn the other two chess strategies as well. Remember that the key in any of your chess strategies is to get yourself into the proper position to mate your opponent.

Chess Strategy for the Endgame from Amazon

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    • Anthea Carson profile image

      Anthea Carson 

      8 years ago from Colorado Springs

      Great tips!


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