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Chessmaster Computer Chess Finally a Great Computer Chess Game

Updated on June 11, 2009

Chessmaster a great chess game has come out with a new release called "Chessmaster: The Art of Learning Grandmaster Edition." Now this new release is a great game to learn chess from. However, if you have the 10th edition of Chessmaster you might not notice any major differences in this game. I can tell you that the game has many pluses, with very few negatives that I could find.

Now one of the major pluses that I found about this game is that for me as a never playing chess before can understand the concepts presented in this game. The instruction in the game is very straightforward and will help you learn at your own pace. If you do not even know what the pieces look like the game will show you. The learning portion of the game will even show you on the board how each piece moves. So if you did not know that the knight moves in L shaped movements then you will learn that here.

The second big plus that I found while playing this Chessmaster game is that you are able to play against players on the computer that are generated by the computer. Now they are supposedly rated fairly, but I know that some of the players that are rated really high will make a mistake that people just starting chess know better than to make. However, some of the lower ranked players will be playing like they are the chessmaster.

Now for the negative that I found about this game is that my husband has Chessmaster the 10th edition and we both found it really hard to find any changes between the two games. You will probably notice a few changes, but they are very minor and not very noticeable. So in that respect the game is probably not worth the upgrade if you already own the 10th edition. The teaching all appears to be the same so it is not that hard to figure out the game, but some of the boards in the play area are different. This can be nice, but at the same time is not really worth the cost in price.

"Chessmaster: The Art of Learning Grandmaster Edition" is a very nice game for the beginner or people who have a limited chess knowledge base. The teaching sections in the game are the best that I have ever seen and keeps the learning entertaining for anyone to learn off of. The downside is if you already have the 10th edition you might not want to upgrade because of the similar game play.


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