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Chocolate Mod | Nandonalt's Minecraft Cooking Mods

Updated on February 21, 2011
For more Minecraft mod reviews, visit:
For more Minecraft mod reviews, visit: | Source

Some Minecrafters like to mine. Others like to build. Still others like to gather the necessary resources to bake bread and cakes and are probably very disappointed when they run out of the few recipes included in the base game.

This, my friends, is where Nandonalt, modder extraordinaire can be a changing day in your life. (In my opinion if you're not crow barring Dr Phil quotes into text, then you're not really living.) Nandonalt has created many cooking mods. The one we'll be looking at today is the tastiest and, in my opinion, most important cooking mod of all time, the Chocolate Mod.

There's also a Chocolate mod. The chocolate mod adds a new type of tree... the cocoa tree! Harvest cocoa beans to make delicious chocolate bars. Of course, being a Nandonalt mod, the process is not what one might call simple.

Let me break it down. To make a block of chocolate, you'll need to collect cocoa fruit. Each of these fruits turns into 2 chocolate dust when put in the crafting window.

You can make chocolate milk by crafting three pieces of cocoa dust, one piece of sugar and one bowl of milk. If you smelt your chocolate milk, you'll get hot chocolate, which can then be poured into a chocolate bar mold (crafted using three cobblestone and two smoothstone). Eating a chocolate bar will restore four hearts.

(One should note at this point that there is another mod called PlasticCraft, which makes wrappers for various items. Using PlasticCraft, you can make wrappers for your chocolate bars. I'm not sure this improves them any way other than aesthetically, but aesthetics play a significant role in the human condition, so let us not dismiss them too lightly.)

I'll do a more in depth feature on PlasticCraft at a later date, at this stage, all you really need to know is that there is a mod out there that will allow you to build plastic bottles, plastic buckets and shovels and Jello, or as the British would call it, Jelly.

But wait, there's more! Now that you have chocolate, you also have the potential for chocolate cake. Seriously. To make your chocolate cake, take three bushels of wheat, two units of sugar, an egg, two balls of chocolate (crafted from a bowl of chocolate milk) and one bucket of milk. Toss the ingredients into your favorite crafting grid at 120 degrees for a milisecond et voila, delicious floral decorated chocolate gateau.

Download Nandonalt's Chocolate Mod!


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