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Choosing the Right Inline Skates

Updated on April 29, 2012

K2 Inline Skates

Choosing The Right Inline Skates: How To?

Inline skating is a perfect way to get the entire family fit and healthy. But aside from providing a great workout that really burns calories, it’s also tons of fun! Adults and children alike will love the freedom and excitement of inline skating, which eliminates the “boredom” factor that keeps many people from exercising as often as they should. But before you grab the cheapest inline skates you can find, it’s important to know what to look for. In order to make an informed decision when you go shopping, make sure you follow these 7 steps:

Step #1

The most important factor in choosing inline skates is deciding how you’re going to be using them. To the untrained eye they may all look alike, but there are actually many different types of inline skates, all with specific purposes in mind. For example, some of the most common types of skates include speed, aggressive, hockey, fitness and recreational. Each type is specially designed to provide the best support for that kind of inline skating.

Step #2

Wheel size is also another important factor when choosing inline skates. If you want speed, go with larger wheels, or if you prefer superior maneuverability, go smaller. You’ll also want to consider wheel hardness because softer wheels are more appropriate for winter riding while harder wheels are better suited to summer skating.

Step #3

The type of boot your inline skates have will determine how much support they offer or how comfortable they are. Hard shell boots will provide superior support for your ankles, which is especially important if you’re a more aggressive skater. Meanwhile soft shell boots are more comfortable but they provide less support.

Step #4

When it comes to inline skate closures, mostly this comes down to personal preference. Typically you will find either buckles or laces, although some skates do have a combination of both.

Step #5

Always take the time to examine the frame of any inline skates that you are considering purchasing. This is the part that connects the wheels to the boot of the inline skates. Ideally you want to go with inline skates that have a stable frame that attaches securely. Avoid any that look flimsy. You’ll also want to check the alignment of the wheels within the frame because misaligned wheels will affect their performance.

Step #6

You also want to look at the brake, which is located on the heel of one skate. Make sure that you choose a model that allows you to relocate the brake to either skate so that you can move it to your dominant foot if needed.

Step #7

Finally, try them on! Make sure you’re wearing the same kind of socks you plan on using while skating. It’s also better to go shopping in the afternoon because your feet swell slightly over the course of the day. Make sure that they are a snug fit, but don’t crowd your toes, otherwise you’re going to be miserable (and sore) when you skate!

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