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Chunk of Isolation Minecraft Survival Map

Updated on October 18, 2011
Chunk of Isolation, a post - apocalyptic minecraft survival map.
Chunk of Isolation, a post - apocalyptic minecraft survival map.

Chunk of Isolation has a simple premise, you are marooned on a floating chunk of once civilized land. You were going about your daily business, paying your taxes before taking off on a fishing trip for the weekend when suddenly a cataclysmic event wrenched the chunk you happened to be standing on away from the rest of the world and left you standing amidst the ruins of a once bustling civilization. The aim of this minecraft survival map is to survive using the ruins of the world you once knew and to rebuild it to its former glory.

At first this map seems difficult to survive in. It spawns an incredible number of hostile mobs, making playing on 'Hard' difficulty setting almost impossible. At the same time, it spawns no friendly food mobs at all. There are ruins everywhere, but with just one tree placed off the edge of the map, you're forced to try to find a way to gather that wood and plant new trees before anything else happens.

There's a pre-built little wheat farm as well, but the force of the event has cleaved it in twain and the water from the irrigation system pours down the side of the chunk day and night. Much of the fencing has been destroyed, a problem that certainly needs to be rectified if you don't want your wheat being trampled by the 5000 zombies and creepers that show up on the very first night.

Isolation breeds hostile mobs!
Isolation breeds hostile mobs!

Chunk of Isolation isn't a puzzle map in any sense, but you will need to keep your wits about you in order to find the items you need to survive. An adventurous spirit, even on a relatively small chunk of sand (it's all sand because the force of the blast apparently caused instant desertification across much of the map) is essential, and there are quite a few treasures to be found if you know where to look.

If Minecraft is about imposing man made order on the chaos of nature (and it almost certainly is) then this is going to be enjoyable for many players who enjoy post apocalyptic survival scenarios. Think about it, could you survive if you had to do so only with the items currently in your inventory? And could you rebuild society, or at the very least, get the trains running on time again? That is your challenge in this pure minecraft survival map.

Download Chunk of Isolation Minecraft Survival Map


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