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CityVille Cheats and Tricks

Updated on May 17, 2011

CityVille Cheats and Tricks, Intro

 It looks like Zynga has another hit Facebook game on their hands and its called CityVille. This game has been out for a little over 2 months and is already being called by many the next FarmVille. Their are over 26 million players active as of this writing and more and more are starting every day.

The best way to describe CityVille is a combination of SimCity and Monopoly. The object of the game is simple, make as much money as you can. You are a city developer and start with a plot of land. You can build schools, shops, restaurants and just about anything else you would find in a city.

As with all Zynga games on Facebook CityVille is also about interacting with friends. Players can help each other, trade resources and even set up franchises in a friends city. There are tons of game options and the more you play the more your city will grow. This is part of what makes the game so addicting.

The game is very easy to play and get started and if you have played any Zynga game before you will have no problem jumping right in. There is also a tutorial when you first get started and you can even visit a level 20 computer players city (It is worth your while to visit).

Everyone starts out with 7000 coins, 5 city bucks and yur energy at 12 (Max.). Now your ready to begin building the city of your dreams.  

CityVille Gameplay

CityVille Cheats and Tricks, How To Make Most Coins and Gold

In CityVille, making money, coins or cash is done in many ways such as growing goods, businesses or helping out friends.

Seems simple enough but not really, there is more to it then that. People are struggling to get money to build community buildings to keep their population happy. And when your people are unhappy, you will struggle to level up. So how can you get more money? I would recommend that you start off the day by helping out your neighbors. That itself will make you a nice chunk of change in very little time but that is just the start. That money alone will not be enough to make your city thrive. Knowing what crops to grow at the right time is essential, alot like FarmVille. You will need to plan ahead. For example, you don't want to grow a good that takes 2 hours to mature and you go away for 4 hours.

You will only end up wasting your time and money as the crops will expire and become useless! It is also important to buy wisely. Only buy community buildings that you need. Instead, spend on decorations as they increase production and rewards. The main goal here is to balance making money and keeping your people happy.

As you go through the levels, making money gets easier in the higher levels. Still it is important to keep an eye on your budget and plan ahead, the buildings that will keep your people happy will also be much more expensive now. Make sure you have a good balance of businesses in your city versus your crop production to help maximize your earnings.

All in all, mastering CityVille is about using the right strategies and techniques to expand your city efficiently. Even someone who checks their account once a day could level up faster than someone who sits in front of their computer for 10 hours a day with good planning and the right strategy in place.

If your having trouble getting started with your own city or just want to have the edge you should check out CityVille Cheats and Tricks. This is a great guide that will legally teach you how to jump ahead of all your friends and build your dream city without illegal hacks or cheats that will only get you banned from the game and possibly Facebook.

Good CityVille Video

CityVille Cheats and Tricks, Bulding Businesses

 One of the key elements in CityVille is to build businesses so you can make more money. This is done fairly easily but you do want to get the most for your time and money spent. When you first start you will want to vary the types of business you build. Each one will give you different profits as well as collection items. Once you have a busy city and are a few levels in you  can start really concentrating on the money makers.

One of the best money makers in CityVille is the coffee shop. A lot like real life, the coffee shop is one of the most popular and profitable businesses you can have. A good way to make money quick is to build as many coffee shops as possible. Just make sure to have enough crops to supply your coffee shops and the money will constantly be rolling in.

Another tip is to build your businesses next to decorations. This will bring you more customers as well as earn you some bonuses depending on the decoration. Also remember all businesses must be touching a road or they will not work. Try to keep you higher earning businesses closer to the main population to get maximum traffic.

With good planning and use of resources your city will be earning you big money in no time.

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