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Clash Of Clans Top 5 Strategies / Tips

Updated on September 13, 2014

Clash Of Clans

Top 5 Clash of Clans Strategies

Like millions of other players, you've started playing Clash of Clans and it wasn't too long until you got addicted to it. I've put together here my top 5 tips to be successful and get a good head start. You might find it quite difficult if you start a little too fast. Let me explain further below.

Town Hall

1) Town Hall Upgrade

Ok so the most important tip I want to give you is that you don't want to upgrade your town hall too fast. Take all the time you need to max out your troops level & defense buildings level at each town hall level. That will give you a good head start on other players and you'll be able to keep up with the enemies.

This is especially true for Town Hall level 7, you really want to spend A LOT OF TIME maxing out your defense buildings & maxing out your troops level & spells and getting your walls to at least level 6 or ideally level 7, before you move onto TH level 8.

If you go too fast to TH level 8 you will find it terribly difficult as your loot will be cut to like 50% for Town Halls level 7 or below. And you will have a hard time looting higher levels, believe me. You will need more and more resources to upgrade and it won't be easy at first so really develop your buildings & troops on TH 7.

2) Rankings

As for the rankings you want to find a good spot to be at and stay there for as long as the loot is good for you. You might need to purposely go down some ranks if its too hard to find a good looting spot, that way it will keep your village progressing fast.

It is however a good idea to get to 1250 fast to get the extra 450 gems to add a 4th builder, that will tremendously help you. Otherwise find your spot and stay there until you build a very strong village, at which point you can ascend all the way if you wish.

Clash of Clans League Rankings


Wall Breakers

3) Defense Strategy

Ok so as you collect loot you will find that It will attract powerful enemies 2-3x your level who will steal your valuable resources and who will undoubtedly pulverize your village. Therefore you will need a good defense strategy. Of course you want good defense buildings & walls all over the place and so on but that will take a lot of time to develop. Until then there's several tips to minimize the damage & your lost.

a) When your online and your playing, and your shield is down, stay logged in as much as possible, don't switch apps and so forth, otherwise you may get attacked very quickly and loot incredible amount of resources fast. As long as your online you are shielded even though you don't have a shield.

b) Leave your Town Hall outside your village for easy destruction. That will attract weak players who only want to get the quick trophies but it will re enable your shield and protest your resources.

c) Before you log out fill up all your barracks with maximum wall breakers. Everything inside the barracks can be 100% reimbursed if cancelled and the enemy won't be able to loot those resources. The wall breakers are the most expansive troops /unit.

4) Offense Strategy

When It comes to Offense and your looting capability you want to find a good balance between the total cost of your attacks, the time to train them & the effectiveness of your troops.

I have been successful with 3 types of attacks:

a) The Quick & Cheap:

- 100-110 Barbs

- 50-60 Archers

- 1 Healer

- 10-15 Minions (optional) or more of the above

That will cost you between 20 to 40k Elixirs per attack considering your camps are between 180-220 units. They will train very fast. This strategy is most successful on lower level opponents. You are going to smaller loots, preferably around 150k-200k gold/elixir combined at a time or less if your still at the beginning but workout for yourself a good ratio. I would say you want a minimum 3X return. You will need to stick to lower rankings for this strategy.

b) Endurance

For this strategy you will need:

- 15-20 Giants

- 1 or 2 Healers

- 20-30 Archers

- Minions/Dragon/Mages for Power or 20/30 High Level Goblins to collect loot afterwards

- Optional: 2-4 Wall breakers

These attacks are longer to prepare and will cost you around 80k Elixir or so. You first take out any Anti-Air Defense and then heal your Giants. They will most likely survive all defenses but you need to deploy the rest of your guys at the right moment, not too early to be taken out and not too late to run out of time. Don't pick opponents that massive walls and very strong defense. Also use rage spell to boost your Giants as needed.

c) Massive Destruction

One of the most destructive strategies however most expensive and very long to prepare (around 45-60 mins each).

With this strategy you want to strike the opponents with the biggest stash of Gold & Elixir, minimum 400K and up to 600-700k if you can.

- You need 25-30 Maxed Out Balloons - Very important, you need that many to be effective!

- 20-25 Minions, To Bypass all walls and quickly collect the Loot.

- 5 Barbs & 10 Archers, to take out Heroes or Air Defense that are in the way.

- Max Level Healing Spells - Very important as well!

You want to take out any Air Defense that are easy to get to first and then deploy all your balloons in 2 big lumps or slightly spaced out so that you can heal them when they get close to the Air Defense. You must upgrade them to max level so they can take some damage. They will destroy all defense incredibly fast, its very effective but then its take a while to recharge.

I can take out much higher opponents with that tactic.


5) Gems

And last but not the least: Gems. Of course you would like to have some extra gems to help you in your long arduous quest but you don't want to go spending hundreds a month on that most likely.

The good news is that I found a free way of getting free gems fairly easily. It will give you about 1000 gems every 7-10 days or so. That's in addition to picking the trees & rocks in your village.

It's called "FreeMyApps":

You basically download apps on your mobile device or IPad / Tablet and get points for it. Once you have 3000 points you get a 10.00 USD Itunes code. Like I said above it take about 7-10 days to get that much and you'll be spending max 2-3 minutes a day on it. You Can also refer friends and more points which is an amazing feature.

Click Here To Get Started Now

You can also wait long and redeem higher ITunes Cards. The first time you sign up you can get about 5-6$ within 10 minutes or so, there is no rewards program as good as that one!



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